If You Parked a Purple Scion by 13th and I St, NW – A Reader Knows Who Hit Your Car

“Dear PoPville,

Today at around lunch (12:15 ish) I saw an International Limousine Service van back into a car at 13&I NW (This is the corner of Franklin Park, the corner with the greek restaurant). It was a purple box-type car (like the Scion, but I don’t know for sure that it was a Scion). If this is your car, let me know and I’ll give you all the driver’s information that I took down, because he sure didn’t leave it.

I’ve already called to leave a message with the guy’s manager. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have called at all because it wasn’t a very hard hit and might not have even left a scratch. But the driver just had to flick me off when he realized I saw him hit the car. Nail in your coffin, dude. If only I’d gotten a picture of him doing it — hell of a day to leave my phone at the office.”

If this is your car please email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail.com

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  • Why didn’t you call the police?

    • Police don’t give a damn about hit/skips in this town. Ever walked into an MPD station with a witness report, photographs of damage and mirror damage to the offending car, the location of the incident, and the location of the offending vehicle and been told there’s nothing they “could” do? Try that and tell me you have any faith in the fat lazy slobs that hide behind badges in this piece of trash we call a world capital.

      • good point.

      • Yup, last time I called the copes because someone backed into my car (then stayed there so that when I found it the car was still smooshed into my bumper) they said if nobody was hurt they couldn’t send anyone.

        • Kind of like when I called the other day to report that a group of 7 and 8 year old kids were in our alley throwing firecrackers AT EACH OTHER. I called, they asked if anyone was in danger. I repeated that they were throwing firecracker AT each other. They asked if anyone was hurt. “Not Yet.” No police ever showed up, even though there was an officer parked half a block away texting.

          • you never did that as a kid i take it? glad the cops didn’t respond to that when there are actual problems out in the city.

      • This is just not in DC. It’s just about any large jurisdiction. If your in an accident and no one is injured they won’t dispatch a cop. Continue to live in your small world.

    • I saw a car sideswipe another car in barracks row and told a cop that was sitting one block away. I even pointed out the swiper who had parked on that same block. He did nothing.

  • I hope you left a note on the car letting them know you witnessed it and that you have the driver’s information. You might have a better chance of getting a hold of the owner, rather than trying to track him down on PoP…

    • Agreed, go put a note on the car with your number and saying you saw who hit you and to call them. My cars have been the receiving end of hit-and-runs too many times.

      On a side note I once had someone side-swipe my car and take off twice within a 3 day period! One of the times they left a note that stated “Sorry about the damage, please call me @ x”. The phone number was fake as I just got a busy signal. Nice…

      • (I’m the one who saw this happen.) The van driver stayed parked there while I was taking down his information (I assume he was waiting to pick someone up, so no telling how long he’d be there), so he would’ve just taken the note back off. Also, I didn’t really feel comfortable going back over near his van. I unfortunately don’t have the luxury of a job where I can jump out whenever I want, or I’d have gone back much later and left a note.

        • If you have the scion’s plate number, you can give it to the police and ask that they track down the guy and give them your info. Despite all the odds, I was once contacted by the cops after some guy was caught cutting through my soft-top convertible. . . Just a thought. . .

        • still worth leaving a note… even if the jerk takes it away… why not?!?

          • ummmm… because then the jerk who flicked her off AND ran into a parked car would have her phone number?

            I wouldn’t leave my contact info randomly on some car if i thought some jerkface was going to take it and then start harassing me!

  • Have the owner of the car that was hit file a police report and give all of the information to his insurance company. The insurance company will do the detective work and file a claim with the hit and run guy’s insurance. This is what happened to me last summer. Someone ran into me while I was a stop light (with two kids in the back seat), then he pulled off and drove away. I got his license plate #, filed a police report, and called my insurance company. They found the guy and his insurance company, who ended up paying for the damage and a rental. I assume the guy got some sort of insurance penalty, at least, for leaving…his insurance company was very interested in those particular details. Good luck!

    • Always insist on filing a police report. If nothing else, it helps statistically. It also really only takes them few minutes to write up.

  • Thanks for good citizens in the district to counter act the bad. Now all we need is someone to fix the potholes: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2360283/Ron-Chane-aka-Pothole-Robin-Hood-steals-asphalt-Jackson-city-fix-crumbling-roads.html

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