Right Proper Brew Pub Applies for Liquor License in Shaw

624 T Street, NW

Back in March we learned the Right Proper Brew Pub has leased the space next to the Howard Theatre in Shaw. At that time they were still fundraising and explained:

We want to create a neighborhood gathering place that makes and serves well-priced delicious food and amazing fresh beer; we want to help our neighborhood thrive by investing in the community and its residents; and we want to anchor Washington, DC on the map as a destination for craft beer.

The liquor license application says:

Full Service Tavern with a Brew Pub serving Pub Fair and house made beer with a full service food menu in a family friendly environment.

The seating capacity is 115 with a total occupancy of 155. They hope to be open Monday through Sunday 11:30 am – 1:00 am.

And the copper window borders are looking sweet:


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  • I’m sorry, but are they crazy? That copper will be stolen three times before the place even opens.

    • Every time I walk past the old Frazier funeral home condo I’m surprised that the copper hasn’t been stolen.

    • That would probably be true, if it weren’t a fairly busy area. It’s pretty close to Florida Avenue, which has steady traffic any time of the day.

    • Hope you’re wrong – I’m loving the copper.

    • The Starbucks on Dupont Circle also added copper trim, as far as I know none has been stolen. But maybe more foot traffic there makes it harder?

    • Copper prices are down from 2011… Which is my non-scientific reference point. Not as much incentive to steal.

  • This area will be so hot. So many new places coming in this year.

  • justinbc

    “we want to anchor Washington, DC on the map as a destination for craft beer”

    There are already places that serve as the anchor(s) for DC. This place might be more like a porthole.

  • Very excited about this- great for my neighborhood and this block! Willing to sign any petitions they might have to assist with the liquor license approval process…

  • Hopefully they learn the right and proper way to spell “pub fare” before printing their menus…

    • Yep, that is an unfortunate typo. :-/

    • Oh my word, a typo on a notification they applied for a liquor license. Well gee, that just undermines the entire operation. I’m sure Thor’s typo will really make Nathan’s beer taste shitty.

      Thanks so much for your ever so constructive criticism. Personally, I just can’t tolerate any typos on menus, signs, or any other part of my life. I’m so glad you’ve alerted me to the typographical terrorism being perpetrated in Shaw. Please, oh please, keep up your diligent watchdogging. We are all so in your debt for your valuable service to the community. Certainly your keen editorial eye benefits Shaw and PoPville more than Right, Proper ever could.

    • I have to say I’m with Joanna, a place that can’t get the spelling right makes me wonder about their ability to get other details right. This is why google doesn’t hire people with bad grammar, even for jobs where they won’t be writing press releases.

  • I don’t care about the typo, but I do wonder about the person who has been posting strange vitriol since the typo was pointed out. I sure hope that’s not the owners… I worked in several restaurants with nasty egomaniacal owners, incapable of taking the slightest criticism. I fear I might recognize the signs…

    • No connection to the owners.

      -Signed, guy who doesn’t give a shit about typos and hates holier than thou trolls.

    • But maybe, just maybe, you pointed out stupid shit, like Joanna has, and they didn’t have time for bullshit.

    • Agreed, the vitriol is way out of proportion for the comment about the typo (which didn’t strike me as bitchy at all, just pointing it out). And if it is the owners posting here, maybe they should thank Joanna for pointing it out now rather than after they go to the expense of printing up menus, advertising, etc.

  • if a typo keeps the anal retentive types out, excellent!
    i have faith that they won’t mess around with this place, and i bet it will be hard to get a seat.

    i hope it opens soon.

  • As someone who gave to their crowdfunding on indiegogo, I really want this to open soon. I want my free beer and to look at my name on a plaque. Life is about the little things.

  • Why would they want to steal copper when there is a bountiful plethora of gentrifiers to feed upon.

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