Red Hen Launching “Saturday Night Special” in Bloomingdale

1st and Seaton Pl, NW

From an email:

“The Red Hen is launching a “Saturday Night Special” this Saturday (June 15th) and every Saturday going forward. From 9:30PM-11:00PM, guests can choose a crostini AND a pasta from the menu, and enjoy a glass of wine along with their dishes for $22 (plus tax and gratuity).”

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  • Hmmm…I’ve always tried to avoid “Saturday Night Specials” in DC.

  • Shhh! No more Red Hen publicity! Let’s keep it a neighborhood secret!

    • yeah right. this isn’t even meant to be a neighborhood joint. they have valet parking.

      • lol +1

        Of the 10 times I have been by there or called for reservations (live two blocks away) I have only be able to get in 3 times without having to be on a 3 hour wait list. Once I got in as nice as it is, I get a spoon full sized entree and find myself hungry an hour later.

        Lovely place, good job, but not meant to feed the Bloomingdale folks full time. I guess we have to keep walking to Shaw’s Tavern and Beau Thai until the Firehouse opens! : )

        • Then why do you keep going back if you’re not happy with the portions? Sounds like you’d be better off at Chipotle.

        • justinbc

          Being hungry an hour later means that 1) your metabolism is functioning properly, and 2) the portion size was probably correct. You’re not supposed to feel like a bloated sow after a meal, it’s unhealthy.

        • My experience was very different. We could have waited a while, but instead just waited at the bar, and a couple spots opened up in about 20 minutes. I’m not sure why groups of 3 or less don’t always go the bar route. Service is more efficient, the menu is the same, and it’s a nice place to sit. I thought the portions were just right, and the prices reflected that (14-16 for a pasta and 19-23 for a main vs. 16-20 for pasta and 23-32 for a main, the latter being the price point for most other restaurants of its ilk).

        • Whats wrong with Boundary Stone, Aroi Thai, and Rustik?

          • I was the OP above. Nothing wrong with those places. In fact I go to them all more than once a week, I can get in to them most all the time, the prices are reasonable, the food very good, and I never leave hungry, normal sized meals.

            Red Hen, hard to get in and tiny portions, expensive prices, just saying. I don’t hate it, ain’t trying to burn it down,

    • justinbc

      When you issue a press release as a restaurant before you even open you’ve eschewed any claim to being a secret.

  • Should be called HIPSTER Night Special.

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