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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Bill Nye the Science Guy
    Rave: Bill Nye the Science Guy

  • RAVE: Sirius Satellite Radio!!! The Stern show really makes my morning commute on 395 awesome. This morning I was actually hoping for more traffic so that I could listen to more of the Seinfeld interview. Love him or hate him, the guy is great at interviews, and people love talking to him!

    • Is your commute really the best part of your life? Feel like we hear about it every day.

      • not at all. but not having had a car for 7 years and fearing a move to VA because of the commute makes it’s a big freaking deal right now. if you don’t like it, read other posts.

        • Hopefully the novelty will wear off soon. Of course then we’ll be just be seeing it as a rant instead.

          • this was more about really enjoying the stern show than the commute. just looking for ways to enjoy my mornings!

    • Hello, Hello! Stern is my therapy when I’m in the ride. If you wan to listen at work, there’s Sirius web app, or there is a certain site that plays the show for free as well. Bababooey to you

      • Thanks for the tip! Just logged into my account online – says it’s $3.50/mo. Is that right? Or is there another way to access it?

        • That’s right, it is extra. OR, you could go to piratestation.net from 6-11am to listen for free 🙂

  • Rave/Rant: Waiting on the SCOTUS ruling on DOMA.

    • Rave: Looks like the key provision of DOMA has been struck down and same sex married couples in states that allow marriage equality can receive federal benefits.

      Rave/ Rant: Waiting on Prop 8 decision

  • My little horse (the greyhound) pissed on the couch again while I was away, so much so that it seeped through underneath. Dogs will be dogs.

  • Rant: Between watching the TX Senate till 1:30 and walking my dogs at 5:30, I’m absolutely toast this morning. I don’t think any amount of caffeine is going to help today.
    Revel: When politicians have to pay for their BS shenanigans.

  • Posting anonymously for purposes of political anonymity…

    I stayed up all night last night watching the Texas senate. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! When Senator Van de Putte got up there and said “when does a woman have to raise her hand and speak to be recognized over her male colleages?” and the entire chamber erupted into total chaos and screaming she became my hero! If you haven’t watched the video of what happened, it’s a seriously inspiring moment. And horrifying, if you watch the way the presiding officer flouted the rules to achieve his own ends. I’ll never forget the sounds of thousands of screams of Texas women. Now that’s political power.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Sen Van de Putte, who came from her father’s funeral, was ignored by that asshole, male acting president (chariman?) when the whole point of the special session was legislating women’s bodies, she KILLED it with that question! So on point! Sadly, I doubt the conservatives got it at all.

      • …and Watson was correct to say that he had never yielded the floor to Estes in the first place. That was some pretty clear “screw the rules, we’re ramming this through” by both the Lt. Governor and the next guy that stepped up to the Presidents seat. The ruling that the filibuster wasn’t “germane” was pure, unabashed bullshit too.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yep. And when the gallery started yelling “Bullshit” I thought it was germane 🙂 I could not believe how they just did WTF they wanted, damn the rules that they all had copies of!

        • Ditto, on all points.

          I honestly don’t understand what the Texas GOP thinks it will achieve with this, considering the vast majority of GOP politicians are personally fine with abortion for their own family.

        • Omg yeah, I was shocked at the way the presiding officer seemed to completely flout the rules and do whatever he wanted. The most obvious was when he was read a note to a rule that point blank said he could not call another motion while stepping into the chair for the purposes of presiding over an appeal motion. They silenced the microphone and frantically tried to find a counter rule for like half an hour and when they came back his answer was… “according to secondary authority…” (that’s lawyer speak for NOT A RULE) “um… it would be circular… if I did that.” What!?

  • RANT: jet lag

    RAVE: Saw my best friend get married this past weekend (the cause of the jetlag)

    RANT: on pins and needles waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision today. Let’s hope the court is better on this round than the decisions released earlier in the week.

  • RAVE: DOMA struck down!!!
    We’ll see if I have any rants once the next decision comes through…

  • Rave: Wendy Davis and the fellow Democratic Representatives, Texans and people across the country who supported her
    Rant: Rep. Bill Zedler called the protestors “terrorists”
    Rave: SCOTUS ruling on DOMA
    Rant: SCOTUS ruling on VRA

  • Rave: So long, DOMA!
    Rave: SCOTUSblog
    Rave: Wendy Davis

    No rants today, just happy tears.

    • Emmaleigh504

      yay yay yay!

    • Straight marriages are disovling all over the place now!

      • Haha, I like to think of them going out like the Wicked Witch of the West; clawing at their face and screaming “I’m meeeeeellllllltiiiiiiiiiing!”

      • Ahahaha…no, just Brian Brown’s and Maggie Gallagher’s – they are being sucked intot he gay vortex now that they can finally come out and follow their hearts. How long can Marcus Bachmann hold out?

  • Yesssss!


  • Rant: 50ish gay guy here who can’t get a date much less find someone to marry.

  • RAVE: Got results of brain/head MRI yesterday – all clear! Such relief.
    RAVE: DOMA is unconstitutional!

  • Rave: Justice and Equality for all!
    Rant: Dog owners who turned a perfectly nice park into an unofficial dog park and let their nippy little rats run free and attack runners (Battery Kemble – just east of Chain Bridge Rd by AU)

  • Rave: Demo just started on my shitty kitchen. SO happy to finally get rid of crappy appliances and that vinyl floor that looks like it belongs on a school cafeteria floor.

    Rant: No idea how long it’s going to take. I’m not hiring a contractor to oversee everything so there’s a bit of a coordination task ahead of me, and life is otherwise pretty crazy these days.

    Rave/rant: I was asked to present at a panel at my professional association today. It’s an honor, but lord do I hate public speaking….

  • Rant: A supervisor who makes work processes far more complicated than they need to be and who won’t listen to the seven other people in the unit, all of whom find her methods incomprehensible.
    Rant: The evisceration of the Voting Rights Act.
    Rave: Wendy Davis.
    Rave: The end of DOMA!

  • RAVE: the end of DOMA!!!
    Rant: I totally can’t concentrate now.
    Rave: after 5 months off due to a stress injury on my femur I am running again! So, it was only 5 minutes, but I’ve gotta start small. I am stronger now than I was last year during marathon training.
    Rant: I need to survive a category five sh!t storm tomorrow to get to my 10 days of staycation.
    Rave: ten days of staycation!!!

  • REVEL MASSIVE REVEL: Caps are necessary, because REVEL. First, everyone on here posting about DOMA being struck down! What a great day!
    Rant: The end of the Kennedy opinion talks a lot about how the courts aren’t to decide whether the gays should fall under the “heightened scrutiny” rule, which is frustrating.
    Revel: Edie Windsor
    Revel: Wendy Davis
    Yeah, that’s right. I’m going to use THREE revels today. It’s a big, emotional day.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Stayed up too late watching the shenanigans in the Texas Senate.

    Rave: Now I understand why my dad likes to watch C-SPAN, that stuff is interesting and comical.

    Rant: SCOTUS

    Rave: SCOTUS

  • Major Revel: SCOTUS. And love, in general.

  • Rave: Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis is my hero. Stayed up too late watching the shenanigans in the Texas Senate & was so happy to see the restrictive law did not pass.
    And rave: prop8 & DOMA overturned 🙂 🙂
    And rave: Out on the Potomac this morning – I love rowing (and sailing) under bridges.

  • Rave: Didn’t realize how emotional DOMA was going to make me!
    Rant: WHY didn’t I take the morning off and partake in the Love fest?!
    Rave: DOMA is dead regardless of whether I was there or not 🙂 I want to cuddle up and sing, cry, kiss every pretty girl I see!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rant: Yeah, happy with SCOTUS today, but I’m upset about the VRA and class-action/etc-wrt-corporations (need to read more about them and the implications) rulings. I hope we collectively don’t forget about those and can carry over our enthusiasm to… jeez, I don’t even know. What do you do when the Supreme Court says “the South isn’t what it was 50 years ago”? *coughPaulaDeencough* Be vigilant and ready, I guess.

    • Sheesh. I’m so negative.
      Rave: Good things happening/not ALL bad things happening/a very VERY good thing happening! And people like Wendy Davis and the constituents who stood with her.

  • Rant: I’m always out of town when exciting stuff happens!
    Rave: Meeting my girlfriend in Seattle, where she is visiting her twin brother who is also gay. We did this same trip 5 years ago, shortly after we started dating, so it’s sort of like an anniversary trip. It also happens to be gay pride put there and I’m sure it’s going to be extra-celebratory!

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