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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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    • Rave: 3 more full work days until my two-week vacation.
      Rave: ordered a “Death by Chocolate” cake for various celebrations this weekend.
      Rave: It’s gorgeous outisde.
      Rant: I am inside.
      Question #1: Decent sushi near Takoma/Brightwood. Does it exist?
      Question #2: Is it just me, or is everyone really effing lazy with mowing their lawns so far this year? It’s not even hot yet, people.

    Rave: Yoga
    Rant: No idea where to get my nails done in Dupont/Columbia Heights/U Street/Admo area? I’m in a wedding on Saturday and have to get a mani/pedi for the first time in DC tomorrow. I’m trying out the gel nails. Any suggestions??

    • Pie Nails at 14th and P NW, right next to Whole Foods.

    • Rant: Haven’t done yoga in weeks. I love the Yards Park sessions but lately they’re either rained out or I have something else going on. Hoping Monday will be nice so I can get one in before going out of town next week.

    • I go to Enchanted Nails on 18th in between Kalorama and Wyoming. They do gel, and one of the lines they use has the gel with matching regular color for your toes. Plus they serve champagne and wine, and usually have an assortment of sweets.

      • +1–Enchanted is awesome! Their prices are a bit higher on the weekends than they are during the week, so I usually go during the week when it’s way less crowded and a little cheaper, but the weekend prices are still lower than where I used to go when I lived in the suburbs.

    • I like Revo Nails in MtP.

    • skj84

      I like Mimosa Salon in Dupont. Plus they give you champagne!

    • epric002

      Got a pedi last week from Mai at V Nails & Spa. I’d go back.

    • Qwest! On 18th, a block or so south of U/Florida. They’re great!

      • I stopped going to Qwest when I sat down in the chair and saw cockroaches running from under the chairs.

    • Pleasant Nail Spa in Mt P – clean, friendly and they do great work. 4.5 stars on Yelp.

      Revo, across the street, has given me crappy manicures and one too many cuts when doing pedicures.

  • Rant: A lot of violence to start us off this summer. Here is hoping things calm down.

    • Unfortunately, it’s very momentum based, IMHO. Low violence begets low violence. Violence begets even more violence, as it’s seen as an acceptable reaction. That’s why it’s so important to squash it from the very beginning and not let it generate momentum. Crack down on the little quality-of-life issues and idiots will think twice about escalating the crimes.

  • Rave: That picture! Fresh strawberries are my absolute favorite food in the world.

    Rant: Strawberry season is so short 🙁 Such fragile little berries.

    Rave: Roasted strawberry gelato from Dolcezza.

    • Rave: Picked up a big container of organic cherries at the farmer’s market yesterday. Cherry season is even shorter!

    • Allison

      Eep! I love strawberries but I’m mildly allergic. I always have to calculate how many are worth eating for how long and how much I am going to be scratching my blushing cheeks for the rest of the day!

  • I live in north Petworth and am now nervous about leaving my house until the stabber is found. Last year a basher, this year a stabber. I really hope this doesn’t become an annual thing in the neighborhood.

    • Advice: get out and live. Just be extra alert and aware of sorroundings especially when it is night time.

  • Rave: Today is my Friday
    Rave: Good dinner with my old boss at Cava in Clarendon last night. Stopped by the farmers market beforehand and picked up a boozy pecan pie from Livin’ the Pie Life. Wow, was that delicious.

  • Rave: The awesome weather last nite for NOMA’s Summer Screen showing of “The Goonies!”
    Rant: How crowded the green got long before showtime.
    Rave: Good friends who got there early to stake out a spot.
    Rave: Despite the crowd, it was awesome to see a turn out like that. The area’s come a long way.
    Rant: I wish DC summers were like this all the time.

    • Yay for the Goonies! Perfect weather and lots of crowd reactions that made the movie even more fun!

    • It was super awesome weather! On the way home from the movie my neighbor and I were marveling at how normally it would already be grossly humid and hot by this time of year!

  • Rave: officially decided to move back to DC

    Rant: moving stress

    Double rant: job searching.

  • All right, your Princeliness… this “posting too quickly” thing has GOT to stop. I missed out on sharing at least a half dozen semi-helpful/ mildly snarky gems with the world yesterday, because I kept getting the “slow down” page, over and over. Didn’t matter if I did something else for 10 minutes. It’s a bug, friend. YOU HAVE BUGS.

    Please fix? Thank you!

    • epric002

      I got a weird “comment awaiting moderation” notice today. Had I never noticed this before, or is it new?

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Sorry about that. My spam software is on the fritz. That is also the reason some people get “you are posting too quickly” messages. It’s a tough situation where if I remove the software I have to deal with a lot of crap but obviously I don’t enjoy pissing off readers either 🙂 Hopefully we can find a new software that doesn’t have all the bugs. I do apologize.

      • I believe it comes up when you post a link in your comment. PoP personally approves all comments with links, in order to reject the spambots.

  • rant: my block is unzoned thus I can’t get a Residential Parking Permit in order to park in my hood. I can’t even park on the street in front b/c it’s a main evacuation route and parking is not permitted. I shouldn’t have to move my car every 2 hours in my own hood. Now I need to rent a spot. So annoyed!

    rant: they are still trying to sell the units in my building so everyday some realtor attempts to unlock my door.

    • We recently had our block zoned. One of the neighbors started a petition and you have to get something like 60% of the residents on the block to sign it. Within a few months, DDOT will put up signs and all the residents will receive guest parking passes and those who have a car registered in DC will get their resident parking pass.

      Does the Evacuation Route preclude you from doing the petition? You must be on a huge street, if you’re on an Evac Route. Mass Ave?

      • Does this process work for apartment buildings?

        • Yes, we are a rental apartment building. The guy organizing everything was another tenant in my building.

          I don’t own a car, but it’s nice to have the guest pass for my girlfriend when she comes to visit (she has VA plates).

  • Rave: Summer tenant from New Zealand is coming tomorrow! I’m a little wary about sharing my house with someone I’ve never met, but she seems cool and she’s so excited about coming to DC.

    Rant: She’ll be working at the Anacostia Community Museum… is Anacostia (or at least the area around the museum) safe enough for walking around during the day? I assume it would be, but I haven’t spent much time out there and it’s always had such a horrible reputation. I might see if she wants to check out the Lumen8 festival this weekend, even though it’s not in exactly the same neighborhood.

    • Yes, she’ll be fine. It’s safe during the day. Like many places, its rep is overblown.

    • Seriously, safe enough to walk around during the day? Anacostia has some great neighborhoods, cute houses and a strong middle class vibe in a lot of neighborhoods. Looking at the crime rates in Anacostia, they are just slightly higher than Columbia Heights. I am sure she will be fine.

    • jim_ed

      She’ll be fine. The museum is kind of tucked into a neighborhood, but on weekends there is a free shuttle between the museum and the metro. Also, some of the views up the hill there are spectacular.

      That being said, I would not recommend walking due north of the museum on Bruce up to Angier Pl. The chances of her experiencing violence are low unless she’s looking for trouble, but the area around Angier and Langston is one of the more violent in the area.

      • Thanks, this is exactly the sort of information I was looking for. The 90 buses pick up in front of our house, so I imagine she’d take one of them to Alabama & Ainger and then walk 10 minutes. Sounds like that’s not a great way to go though. I might advise her to take the bus from the Anancostia metro station that drops off right there, at least until she gets a better feel for the area. I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, “Does that poor girl know what she’s getting into, working in Anacostia?” I do think the reputation is very outdated/overblown, but everyone’s concern made me wonder if I should give her some sort of warning or advice on what streets to avoid.

  • skj84

    Rave: This beautiful weather! I can’t wait to get out of work and enjoy the day.

    Rant: Stayed out too late last night and I’m feeling it the morning.

    Rave: Going to Philly next week for the first time in 10 years. I’m really excited. Anyone suggestions for cool places to check out? I did all the touristy things as a kid, but really want to explore the area.

    • Northern Liberties is a funf yuppie area that’s being reclaimed from squalor, Fishtown is a little grunger — try the bars Under the El, Johnny Brenda’s or Frankford Hall. If you want “fine dining” at modest prices and tend to drink a lot google “top BYOB’s” and try to get reservations — I like Pumpkin and Couchon, Bistro 7’s not bad — and bring your own wine, which you sould buy in DC because Pennsylvania’s liquor laws suck. Next time I go up, I’m going to wander around Old City, down near market and 3rd. Havent; checked it out in detail, but looks cool.

  • epric002

    rant: having an informal offsite/working lunch today and my manager is totally overreacting. called me this morning to ask me to make copies. check. just called back to let me know he bought clipboards and pens, and to “check on how things are progressing”. dude, you asked me to make copies, not orchestrate a rocket launch, calm the eff down.
    rave: vacation starts saturday!!! 😀

    • Allison

      (*Headset static* crrhshrt) Mission control this is your boss. We are T minus 2 hours to informal offsite working lunch. (crrhsthrt) Do you copy? (crrhstrt) No, I mean literally do you copy?

    • Were you at Nando’s next to 18th Street Lounge? I felt sorry for that group that had their laptops and stuff all spread out, when they shoulda been focusing on the sauce procedures.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: 4-day workweek

    Rant?: How is it that only a small portion of PoP users have working avatars, but the majority don’t? I’ve cleared my cache, used different browsers and still nada, for me or other regular users. I miss being able to “see” PoP regulars via their rhino/hippo/flower/cat photos.

    • Emmaleigh504

      +1 to your rant. I can’t remember names as well as I can remember images. My image has been waiting for review for ages. I wonder if that means it’s too big.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: This hungry but full feeling all the time is making me insane.

    Rave: Changed Ashlee’s cat food and she has way more energy (to DEMAND to be brushed all the time). Geriatric cat food FTW!

  • Rave: Shake Shack opens Tuesday in Penn Quarter! It should be a rant, because I shouldn’t live that close to one.

    Rave: Starting to discuss moving back to Philly. Once my husband saw how much house we could buy – in good school districts with yards and all that, he was so depressed at how expensive it is to live here.

    Rant: It might take a while. He wants to get promotions before he asks for a transfer. I’m not confident my DC skills are marketable in the Philly area.

  • RAVE: got 4 tickets to the attend the Price Is Right when I head home to Southern California in August. Need to start planning our wacky tshirts.

    “How ’bout a newwwwwwwww caaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr?!?”

  • Rant: When people walk across my mat at the gym or yoga studio. I bring my own mat, I keep it clean and I don’t want your stinkin’ sneakers or feet walking across it.

    Rave: It’s such a petty rant – life is good.

  • Rave: Gorgeous weather – love low humidity!

    Rant: Slept through multiple alarms and was late to work- or my sneaky (sleep) self turned off alarms in the middle of the night…

    Rave: Got some good sleep :-D. Finally have a free night tonight to enjoy – any one know if there’s a “outside movie” calendar? – someone did that last year and it was awesome!

  • Discovered a cheap, delicious secret sushi spot right near Farragut. I’ve been working here for almost three years and never heard of this place! It’s, literally, next door to my office bldg. WTF.

    • I’m sure they’re very grateful that you’re not telling anyone about it.

      • They are busy enough as it is. I don’t want longer lines.

        I will say that it’s not directly on Farragut, it’s a few blocks away.

        I’ll let you use your Google-Fu to figure it out 🙂

    • Care to share? Sharing is caring

    • I am going to guess its the place above Washington Deli. Its strangely located and hard to find.

      I believe it is called Sushi Express.

  • Rave: Buddhafest this weekend. And beautiful weather, and giant sunflowers in my back yard, and a hummingbird coming to the feeder. And also – working from home.

    Rant-ish: Sore back – hoping advil and the tincture of time work their magic.

  • Rant: Boss just made a joke about his sex life. He claims he has a weird sense of humor but that was just…uncomfortable.

    Rant: Just not in a good mood today. I hate when things go wrong early in the day that just make it crap.

    Rave: Get to hang out with an old friend tonight that I haven’t seen in at least 5 years!

    Rant: Said friend is REALLY skinny while I have gained weight.

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