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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Homeless Dude called me a N****r B***h because I wouldn’t give him my salad. HOW are we going to share a salad?! C’mon dude.Then while walking home, ANOTHER dude asks “what I taste like” -_-. Street harassment in DC is at an all time high, OVER IT!!!!

    Rave: I’m damn near immune to it at this point, neither interaction made me flinch.

    Rant: Why am I accustomed to this crap?

    • epric002

      oh my. was the 2nd dude homeless/crazy too or just disgusting & rude?

    • Wow that is f*ed up.

      I never understand street harassment. Yesterday a worker, construction? Pepco? walked by me and said “is that Janet Jackson?” I am white, like lightest foundation color white.

      That was just dumb, but what the first guy called you, that is terrible. And I’ve noticed that I’m not offended by it much anymore, more confused about why.

    • I know all about this. A few weeks ago I was out walking my dog when a drunk man grazed my butt. I was creeped out, but felt powerless that a, no one saw and b, didn’t have my phone to tell anyone.

      • He touched you! Unbelievable, these scum bags are so brazen ๐Ÿ™
        epric002 – Seemed like a standard creeper, didn’t seem to be dealing w/mental health issues other than being a douche.

        • epric002

          no excuse for the standard creepers. knock on wood, i haven’t encountered any lately. i can’t believe he touched you! i think i would have flipped my isht. totally unacceptable!

      • Ugh, I had a creeper grab my hand a few years ago. You have absolutely NO RIGHT to be touching me! Then there was also the creeper on the metro who squeezed in the seat next to me (even though there were LOTS of open seats) and started touching my thigh. NOT ACCEPTABLE!

        • that’s the reason i always
          sit in the outside seat on the metro. i don’t care if you think i’m rude, i’d rather not be molested.

          • Yep, same. I’ve had my thigh grabbed more than once on the bus/train and one man put his hand up my skirt while I was waiting for a bus. I’ve learned to loudly say something, which can sometimes result in people treating me like I’m crazy. So, the outside seat it is! (My typical bus line is very crowded when I get on/off anyway, so outside seats are usually the only ones open, which helps.)

    • shaybee

      I’ve just become accustomed to it too! My standard reaction is to roll my eyes and grumble when it happens every.day. So annoying.

    • A few weeks ago, I had a man say something to me in Spanish– I don’t know what it was, but the tone, and the leer, and the up-and-down look made it clear that it was pretty icky. I rolled my eyes, muttered “pig” and kept walking. Jackass took offense and followed me for two blocks, berating me in Spanish.

      About a block into this walk-of-verbal-asbuse, a young man fell into step next to me and said “I’m just going to walk here next to you til that guy forgets what he’s doing.” I thanked him, we walked side by side, angry harasser indeed forgot what he was doing and peeled off, and the nice young man asked if I was going to be ok, and then walked back in the other direction.

      Almost worth the harassment for the accompanying evidence of decent– nay, awesome– people.

      • YAY! for that guy who noticed a potential problem and more importantly, took a few minutes to do something about it.

      • Wow that is so awesome! I wish there were more men like this in DC. It’s gotten to the point where if I see even one man just standing/sitting around, I will cross the street so as not to have to deal with the inevitable leers/harassment. It’s pathetic that this is the “culture” we accept.

    • i used to get cat called all the time by these guys who lived on the corner of my block when i lived in NYC. i would just smile and say good morning in response every day even though it made my skin crawl. two months later, they saved my ass from being mugged when a guy on a bike followed me home from the subway and tried to attack me.

    • Scrillin

      Is this a DC thing, or an all-over thing?

      I never ever heard of this kind of harassment until I moved to DC, now it seems like every woman has a bunch of disgusting stories… makes me embarrassed to be a man. I wish it was legal to smack these dudes in the mouth.

      • epric002

        not just a DC thing, unfortunately.

      • It’s not just a DC thing, but, in my experience, it’s worse here than a lot of other places in the US. I’ve spent more time in DC than most anywhere else, so it’s possible that’s why it seems worse here to me, but it does seem worse.

      • From my experience, this occurs in most cities I have lived in or visited. The one thing I can be sure of is when I am walking down the street alone, the behavior is more likely to occur. Leering, cat calls and every once in a while, something frightening like touching or a body-bounce (had a guy deliberately bounce off of me as he was walking in my direction, I guess to press his chest into mine). Fortunately, there are a lot of good men out there who will come to your defense or shout back at the offender if they are around to see it happen. To those true gentlemen out there, thank you for the chivalry. It is always appreciated.

  • Revel: USA! USA! USA!

    • Woohoo! Now if we want to stand a chance in Brazil, we better keep on working…

      • There won’t be a Brazil to play in. The majority of the country is making it clear that spending billions on sports arenas but nothing on the working class won’t be acceptable any longer. Dissapearing whole neighborhoods to build parking lots, dropping homeless people off in the middle of nowhere to get them out of site, lowering wages and raising fares, etc is not what the people want. Here’s to hoping they succeed in shutting down the World Cup and Olympics! No more leisure on the backs of working people. In Brazil, In Turkey, In Greece or anywhere else.

        • “Nothign on the working class”?

          Have you heard of the bolsa familia?

          also this, from a NYTimes article

          “Today, however, Brazilโ€™s level of economic inequality is dropping at a faster rate than that of almost any other country. Between 2003 and 2009, the income of poor Brazilians has grown seven times as much as the income of rich Brazilians. Poverty has fallen during that time from 22 percent of the population to 7 percent.”

        • That may be what you want to happen but it’s not what is going to happen.

  • Rave: Hospice. They do good and important work.
    Rant: Friend needing hospice.

    • Yes indeed. Rave for hospice.

      • Yeah for shoutouts for hospice. I am a hospice volunteer and cherish what I do. It is a vital part of end life care, with patient comfort and peacefulness ALWAYS being top priority.

    • So sorry about your friend. And yes, hospice is awesome. They were wonderful with my grandpartents.

    • Rant: Sorry your friend is in Hospice.
      RAVE: Hospice was our salvation when my father was passing. He had a brief 5 month battle with cancer. Everyone (including his Mayo Clinic medical team) thought we were going to be lucky. We were not. The Hospice Center and nurses (he lived in AZ) truly were angels. The follow-up counseling my mother received for a year (for free) was invaluable. Hospice is truly amazing.

  • Rant: There were two men making music and singing with microphones and speakers at 10:45 last night at the leafy statue bench outside the Petworth Metro station. After wondering what to do and waving at them from my balcony to try to get them to stop, I called the police. Playing music outside with speakers is unacceptable at that time of night in a semi-residential area.
    Rave: The police came quickly, in 6 minutes.
    Rant: The bozos must seen me waving with my cell phone in my hand and caught on to the fact that I called the police. They packed up left before the police arrived.

  • Here is a question for all you POP smarty-pants….

    There is a famous picture of Marilyn Monroe looking at a Degas Sculpture the Little Dancer. There are several copies at several museums. Does anyone know for sure which one she was looking at in what museum? No guesses, just backed up facts please : )

  • Rave: The lack of humidity today. Looking forward to a rooftop HH to end this day.

    Rant: Negativity. I’ve been dealing with it a lot lately and I feel like it’s been rubbing off. Gotta fight it!

  • Rant: Over the past month, I’ve seen 10-15 car windows smashed in on my street in Columbia Heights. I’m sure the owners are filing a report with the police, but it seems that it hasn’t stopped the frequency. Any advice?

    • Any idea whether people are leaving things in their cars, or whether itโ€™s just window-smashing for no apparent reason? If itโ€™s the former, you can try to get people to take everything with them (or put it in the trunk). If itโ€™s the latter, not sure what you can do beyond suggesting increased police patrols. Have you contacted your ANC Single-Member District rep and/or the officers who head your PSA (Police Service Area)?

    • gotryit

      It’s a hard thing to fight back against, other than the obvious.
      Rant: when discussing this and package thieves on the neighborhood email list, some lovely person questioned why we were “playing cloak and dagger” and should instead just get a PO box. I can’t think of a civil way to respond.

      • austindc

        Lol! I think that person was talking to me after I vomited out a whole story about having a package stolen. I’m not worried because:

        A. My cloak and dagger games are the best, and you are all invited to join. I have thirteen fake mustaches, each with its own fake identity. My favorite is code-named “Viper” and he is torn between his duty to the mission and his love of a Russian spy named Svetlokiva, who it turns out is also one of my fake identities. Twist!
        B. I have only had one package stolen ever, and it was a pie, and it was recovered intact, so there is no evidence for why I should pay for a PO box that is large enough to accommodate a pie.
        C. I have never met this person, so I don’t think she is in any position to give me advice about anything. Unless she is one of my fake identities, in which case she knows more about me than I do.

        Anyway, there is no civil response. I have to have a zinger, like “maybe you get a PO Box and I’ll mail you some manners and require a signature so I make sure you received them, but I won’t splurge on overnight delivery!” It’s a work in progress.

        • “Maybe instead of ignoring petty crime you can join us in doing something about it”?

          Gah, nothing civil. But I’m with you Austin.

    • This is the exact reason that I haven’t owned a car for many years now. My car was totalled by a group of kids wielding baseball bats who smashed up lines of cars on several streets right below Meridean Hill Park. This kind of behavior crops up periodically, and the police can’t seem to stay ahead of it. They even think that the kids are coming in from other areas of the city for a night of fun.

  • Rant: Just not feeling it today. Door closed, music in, going to get through the day and then head out to the barn and enjoy the breeze and the horses.

    Rant: Bug bites worse. Thinking I have to take Benadryl but even the anti-drowsy stuff knocks me out (plus on top of jetlag I’m not sure it’s a great idea).

    Rant: Couldn’t sleep last night – exhausted all day (jet lag) and then wide awake until 2AM.

    Rave: US beats Honduras.

    Rave: Earl Grey tea with milk.

    • You are of course welcome on this board, but wondering if you live in DC (if so, what neighborhood)? I read your posts from around the world and now read you are at home waiting to “head out to the barn and enjoy the breeze and the horses”…

      • I’m guessing lives in DC, travels a lot for work, has a hobby of horses and therefore often goes to one of the horse barns in the DC area.

      • Anon below got it dead on – Live in DC, work in DC in international development (as does my husband) and therefore travel for work, and ride horses out near Silver Spring three days a week (After work – commuting via metro and zipcar).
        Thanks for the welcome though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Any idea whether people are leaving things in their cars, or whether it’s just window-smashing for no apparent reason? If it’s the former, you can try to get people to take everything with them (or put it in the trunk). If it’s the latter, not sure what you can do beyond suggesting increased police patrols. Have you contacted your ANC Single-Member District rep and/or the officers who head your PSA (Police Service Area)?

  • Homeless salad-jackers. That might be a sign of progress.

  • Rant: my thoughts to those involved in the car accident near Union station, I passed it on my way to work and it looked like it was pretty bad for the pedestrians involved
    Rave: I have been able to use my back yard regularly for the first time since I had it sprayed to fight mosquitoes.
    Rant about the Rave: cost me $500

    • Which company did you use for the mosquito-spraying? I was meaning to dig up previous threads about mosquitoes for ideas.

      • mosquitosquad…they apparently do it based on your lot size…

      • I’ve had success with the EcoSmart mosquito yard spray at home depot. It’s as easy as connecting it to the hose and spraying down the yard, deck, trees, shrubs, fence, etc. It’s safe for animals and smells like mint. I think it only lasts a few weeks.

        • epric002

          we used biospot yard and garden spray (same hose concept) that has worked very well. also safe for animals.

  • Rave: Parking (oddly). It finally occurred to me that I can park on the restricted blocks of The Girl’s neighborhood because (duh!) Mt. Pleasant and Adams-Morgan are both in Zone 1 (although she often leaves her parking space open for me — is there any more loving sacrifice an Adams-Morgan girl could make?). And I found a block only a modest trek from my office where the meter maids never go, meaning I don’t have to dash out and drive around The Atlas District looking for a new spot every couple of hours to avoid a ticket.. And it’s close to Union Market, in case I need to bring home some yuppie chow for dinner.

    • rant: people on my street parking like assholes (taking up 1.5 parallel parking spots) instead of parking close other cars and leaving room for the rest of us.

      • Also, cars at the front or back of the parking zone leaving half a car length between them and the sign marking the parking zone. Even if your car fits there when you get there, you should leave maximum room for cars as they come and go.

      • Or you know, people parking closely to cars, those cars leave and are replaced by smaller cars in the vacated spots thereby making more room between cars. No, best to assume that everybody is a jerk.

        • +1. This is common. It’s not because they’re trying to screw everyone else. Though, the people who park a little behind or a little in front of a parking sign, not leaving enough room for someone else to park there definitely could have controlled that and thus are parking like jerks.

        • i was the person who ranted about my neighbors parking like assholes. I actually WITNESSED my neighbor taking up two spots, and asked them if they would please move their car. they said no. i totally get that sometimes cars get parked inefficiently because a different sized car comes/goes but in this case, it really was just asshole behavior. they didn’t want anyone too close to them to get their bumper dinged even though there was more than enough room to fit my compact car in the spot without having to squeeze.

          if you are that worried about getting a few dings on your bumper from other street parkers, put your damn car in a garage. don’t take up two spaces!!!

          • epric002

            yeah, people on my block do this too. a marked space for 2? no thanks, i’ll just intentionally park in the middle of it. cheez.

  • Rant: The complete lack of places to buy a decent cake for an event (birthday, whatever). Places are either ridiculously overpriced (Whole Foods, Fire Hook), not good (Whole Foods, Teeter), or both! So, off to Costco we have to go, I guess.

    Rave: There’s a DC Costco! Now, I wish it had a gas station…

    • But Costco cake is actually really good! Mmmm…cake…

      • Oh, they are…but I don’t always need a huge cake, nor do I alway want to go all the way to Costco. A few bakeries in the city that sell something other than cupcakes would be nice!

        • one of my friends got a cake from Giant for her son’s bday and it was delicious! at least 5 or 6 guests asked where she got the cake from, because it was so good. it wasn’t super fancy looking, but hey, i’m eating cake for how it tastes, not how it looks!

          i also ran into the same problem about not being able to find a non-cupcake bakery when i was trying to find a cake recently!

    • Costco actually makes delicious cakes! We always get them office parties.

    • Just don’t go to Heller’s!!

    • Though not in the city. Deserts by Gerad bakes some really, really tasty cakes.

    • epric002

      have you tried wegmans? i was at a wedding party a few weeks ago and the cupcakes were amazing… and from wegmans.

      • Wegmans is indeed fantastic! The point was to rant about how I still have to get in my car and drive a decent ways to get a good cake. Wegmans is WAY more of a drive than Costco. That’s the annoying part. It’s easy to find a good cake – I just want it to be significantly more convenient than it is ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Le Caprice DC on 14th Street does custom cakes, and has pre-made ones to grab and go, too. They use buttercream, not frosting, though. I guess some people prefer frosting?

      • saf

        What’s the difference? I think buttercream is a type of frosting. So, when you say “frosting,” what are you expecting?

    • They aren’t inexpensive, but the best cake I’ve had in DC came from Grassroots Gourmet (http://grassrootsgourmet.org/). Highly, highly, highly recommend.

    • What about the bakery in Eastern Market? Their cakes look amazing!

      • I’ve never gotten a whole cake, but everything else I’ve tried has been pretty bad. You can tell they use low quality ingredients like shortening instead of butter. Great prices though.

    • Trader Joe’s cakes, fresh or frozen, and their fresh pies are the only kind from a grocery store that I can eat. Granted you have to cut smaller servings, and maybe get 2 for an event with more than 8 people, but their cakes/pies are great, and I think Costco cakes are gross. Costco fresh fruit pies, however, are delicious.

    • I LOVED the frozen macaron raspberry cake that TJ used to sell, but I haven’t been able to find it in the past couple of months. I’m afraid that it’s been discontinued. Someone please tell me I’m wrong? Pretty please?

  • Rave: Gorgeous photo for today’s Rant/Revel.
    Rant: Seems like there’s been an uptick in bad feeling, snarkiness, and even incivility lately in PoPville threads — “You’re a tool,” “You sound like a dolt,” etc.

  • Rant: Left my badge/credentials at home – didn’t realize it till I got the the gym at work
    Rant: Had to endure 3 rush hour trips on Metro this morning
    Rave: Get to work out after work!

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Props to the bus driver on the 54 this morning who saw me wave him down from the other side of Gallatin, and pulled over and let me run across the street to catch the bus instead of just blowing past me.

    Rant: Some city contractor is directly in front of our house, tearing up the street with Jackhammers at 7am this morning. Is it too much to ask that DC Water or DDOT or whomever send a letter a week in advance saying “Dear Resident, we’re going to be digging a 6ft deep hole immediately in front of your house next week for X reason, please plan accordingly..” I was brushing my teeth and all of a sudden it sounded like someone was fracking in my front yard.

    • Your rave is my rant. I don’t like missing the bus but I also don’t like special pickups for passengers who aren’t at the bus stop. Among other things, it encourages people to rush toward the bus which can be dangerous; and if they don’t rush, then we’re all sitting there while some slowpoke mosies on over (sure, we’ll all wait for you, no problem!).

  • Rave: Yay, I can finally sign in!

    Rant: It’s going to be a looooooooong afternoon. Half of the office is at a conference and the only real work I have today I have almost completed.

    Rant: Roach was just chillin’ on the shower curtain rod this morning. I sprayed him with Lysol (closest thing) and he fell off and ran out the door, under a piece of furniture. But the RAVE in this is that when I opened the door after my shower he was waiting there to get back in! So at least he’s in a contained space. Could be worse–coworker from NYC said she had roaches in her Keurig!

    • I once found a little nest of baby roaches in my dental floss container.

    • I had a roach crawl out of my phone at work once.

    • I once had little roaches take up residence in my Keurig. It’s warm and dark and moist in there- perfect habitat. I rinsed the whole thing out with vinegar and lysol and put roach traps all around it. It was SO gross!

      • These posts are starting to remind me of the movie Creepshow.

      • They like the inside of dishwashers for the same reason. Just want you want, a bunch of filthy roaches crawling all over your clean dishes!

      • I guess that’s why he likes our bathroom. But this is no small roach. This guy is a freakin’ BEAST! King of the Roaches!

        Plus it doesn’t help that I am ALLERGIC to them……..

    • Blithe

      One of my very worst bug moments came years ago when I opened a box of rice and something flew out of it. That’s about when I started buying basmati rice in clear plastic bags…..

      • 20+ years ago I had a little studio apt. at 22 & N st. Lots of construction disrupting all manner of vermin. I was watching “Living Planet” and drinking a glass of V8 juice. Put the glass down, picked it up 3-4 min. later and there were 3 roaches swimming in it.

    • Heh: I was once awakened by a light tingling sensation across my torso. It took me a few moments to realize what could have just happened. I turned on the bedroom light to find a large, hairy wolf spider (about the size of my palm) perched on the wall, 6 inches above my pillow. That was quite a freaky moment.

    • All of these stories make me cringe. Roaches are the grossest.

  • Rant: Really tired of people who don’t live up to their word… A promise is a comfort to a fool, but don’t expect people to trust you if you see everyone as fools all the time.

    Rant: People with small ideas… If you call me with a business idea, and talk about “stacking pennies” until it makes a million of them, I don’t even want to waste time on the long story… Quarters and above, maybe it’s worth the discussion.

    Rave: I may be somewhat impatient, intolerant, and curt with people when it comes to business, but at least I’ve got ethics! Yeah!!

    Rave: “God please help me to live up to who my dog thinks I am” posted on a car bumper sticker made my month. It’s the truth and my new mantra.

  • Sad rant: my fiance hit a dog last night with our car–this poor dog darted out into speeding traffic up in Maryland. He called me and I had no idea what to do. He went back to check on the dog, mainly to see if it had tags and an owner to call. By that time (5 min), someone who saw the whole thing had called the cops and said my fiance wasn’t at fault (nothing he could have done). It really shook him up last night and we are both pretty upset about the whole thing. Turns out this dog was from Virginia, so who knows how long it had been running about. Very sad. Too sad to be concerned with the damage to the car.
    No raves.

    • How sad. I take it the dog didn’t make it?

      • No, the dog didn’t make it ๐Ÿ™ And to really lay it on thick, and probably the world’s worst thing he could have told me was: it looked like my childhood dog. Stupid of me to ask what the dog looked like.

    • epric002

      oh how awful! did the dog survive? i once saw the car in front of me run over and kill a cat that darted out in to traffic. it upset me for DAYS. soooo sorry.

    • I saw a brutal deer accident on 66 in Northern VA this Saturday night around 1am near Exit 69 (very close to the city). I was driving in the left lane, which abuts the planted barrier next to the Metro train tracks. Two full size deer jump OVER the barrier wall next to the train tracks into the fast lane. The car ahead of me just barely misses the first dear but nails the second deer. Both deer are running around wildly on the highway, their hooves slipping all over the pavement. The deer that was hit gets up off the ground and starts trying to run to get off the highway. It runs across one lane of traffic then drops to the ground and starts convulsing and spasming across the road, nearly convulsing itself into my car as I drove by at 30 mph (I had slammed on my brakes after I saw the car ahead of me swerve and then nail the deer).

      So dangerous. That might have been the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. The deer are really dangerous and there could have been a major accident.

      • That’s why my rural friends always have a good butcher knife in the car. Those fresh tenderloins (backstrap) are easy to slice off and very tasty.

      • One of my colleagues had a deer jump onto the road, land on her car and break thru the windshield. She wasn’t injured but was understandably shaken. I don’t remember what happened to the deer. This was on one of the nearby VA roads – rt 50 or 395.
        Which reminds me of the woman who called into a radio show asking how to get “deer crossing” signs moved because she didn’t think the deer should be crossing the road there.

        • I have a friend in a wheelchair due to that exact situation: broke his neck when a deer came through his windshield.

  • Rave: Had my first appointment with a psychiatrist yesterday, went well for a first session.
    Rant: Didn’t go to work after that and just laid up watching sad ass foreign films.
    Rave: Didn’t touch alcohol at all.
    Rant: Ordered a pizza instead.
    Rave: Fell asleep at 6:30 pm and slept for 12 hours.
    Rave: Forced myself into work today even tho everything about me wanted to call in again.
    Rave: Going to Noma’s showing of Goonies tonight.

    • Baby steps, congratulations ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy to hear it went well! Baby steps become big steps ๐Ÿ™‚ Know that people are rooting for you even when it doesn’t feel like it!

    • Good on you for getting help. And for a great tragic foreign film – “Prisoner of the Mountains.” Definitely will put all troubles in perspective.

  • Thinking of publishing a list of the non-hand washers in my office.

  • Rave: Got an excellent annual review yesterday.

    Rant: Normally, this would mean I would get a good bonus (for a fed). But because OMB decided that agencies can’t give bonuses, even if they have bonus money, no bonus for me.

    Rant: One of the reasons I got a good review is because my job entails working with some of the most difficult glass bowls in the agency and I do it with grace. Some days I just don’t feel like it. Today is one of those days. STOP ACTING LIKE A FIVE YEAR OLD!

    Rave: In the end it I mostly like my job. People like me and know that I am the better person. I just feel bad that the difficult people I have to deal with must live very sad lives to have to act like they do at work.

    • epric002

      were you just listening in on the conversation i had with my colleague?!

    • Rant: I don’t know what it’s like to get a bonus. Sounds lovely.

      • Get a new job? There’s no point in complaining about something that you can easily fix.

        And FYI – Fed bonuses are typically in the range of $250-1500. Not really much money at all. And to get that bonus, you usually need to work your ass off – much more so than the person who works their usual 40 hours and get a “commendable”.

        • epric002

          rant: people who diss other people’s rants (almost always anonymously). do you know what a rant is, and that the title of this post encourages them?

        • Rant: people who think $250-1500 is not much money. Please give your bonus to a charity if it’s not that useful to you.

    • Someone reads Hax. Or is glass bowl in common usage now?

      • Yep. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hmmmn. I had to look it up. Didn’t realize it was rhyming slang, I assumed it had the same meaning as “teacups,” the ones you have to handle with great care because they are so sensitive and non-resilient. I guess some of them could be both glass bowls and teacups.

  • Rant: Why don’t PoPville pictures load until after I scroll by them? It is seriously annoying to have to scroll past a story then scroll back to the beginning just to read it with the pics. And really, who reads real estate blogs without pics?

    • Not sure if this is related, but the pics are too large. I’m on a 24″ monitor and can’t see even one complete story on the screen. Would like to see more in one view without having to scroll so much.

      • I think a lot of these issues are browser dependent. I’m on the most up to date stable Chrome (Win7), and none of these problems are ever present. Chrome on Android has had various oddities though.

        • The loading time issues might be browser dependent, but the size of the images is just how PoP has the page set up. Not good use of real estate, IMHO. Being able to see more articles at a glance might actually increase clicking through to them. Now I can’t be bothered to scroll down so far.

  • Do you think that going out and getting a new new job (with bonuses) is easy? If so, please let us know how and where because I’m sure there’d be plenty of interest in that.
    Of course, the real point is that it’s just as bad to complain about not getting a bonus that you’d “normally” get as it is to complain about not having any bonuses to get.

  • rant: michelle chamuel didnt win, but I still love her
    rave: getting a lot of ‘little’ stuff done recently. lowered monthly bills where possible (had no idea it was $5 cheaper for my car insurance to just be taken directly out of my account), called comcast to get them to give me discounts…a good day
    rave/rant: in the mood to see a movie tonight, but I have no idea what to watch. nothing looks THAT great. Anyone see Before Midnight? Should I wait to watch the other 2 in the series?
    rant: trying to find a new job. just gotta keep on plugging….

    • DEFINITELY wait to see Before Midnight until after you’ve seen the other 2. Better to see the other 2 first even if it means not seeing it on a big screen.

  • Rave: survived massive layoffs at work.
    Rant: do I really want to be in a place where I’m always worried about that?
    Rant: massive plumbing issues in my bathroom
    Rave: I don’t own the place and the plumbers are coming tomorrow
    Rant: I didn’t sleep well last night (see first rave) and I’m seriously struggling today
    Rave: 4 hours to go

    • Rant: Didn’t survive the lay-offs this year. ๐Ÿ™
      Rave Un: Decent severance and the support of my network! Also, getting laid off when the weather is relatively nice is a positive. Long-meandering walks to keep me calm and focused.
      Rave Deux: Several months ago, I was wishing to have at least a month off to focus on some long-term personal struggles that just need to come to an end. Though losing my job is no fun, I now have the time to do that and I’m financially covered. Grateful and trusting that all will work out as it should.
      Rave Trois: Making my own iced tea. I’ve been buying so much of it that it no longer made sense to keep forking over the dough so I’m brewing my own to cut back on costs and recycling.

  • Rant: The storm of last week frightened one of my little cats so badly that she started pulling her own fur out.
    Rave: Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Pets.
    Rant: Big giant fireworks display on tap for the Fourth.
    Rave: Ordered several more bottles of Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Pets.

  • Revel: Last year my city installed permeable pavers on the alley adjacent to my house. They did that to fix a run off issue from two parking lots that they allowed to be paved w/ impermeable pavement, disregarding their own policy against impermeable surfaces in the process. The pavers have worked like magic except during super heavy rainfall and our property and our 5 or 6 closest neighbors’ properties haven’t flooded since.
    Rant: I was pretty sure when they were doing the work that they were “taking” part of our property. City staff assured me that it was not the case, but it seemed like total BS based on the position of our neighbor’s fence and the orientation of the alley on ours and the next block. After having a boundary survey done, it’s plain as day clear that they took a decent chunk of land (about a foot and a half at the back of the property to an inch or so in the front along 140 or so feet). Does anyone have recommendations or experience dealing w/ this type of situation? I figure our next step is talking to a lawyer, even if just to map out a response. I’d appreciate any input.

    • So what are your plans for that <100 sq feet right on the very edge of your property line? They must be something to be worth the hassle of pursuing this.

      • *raises hand, speaks from experience*
        It’s not so much what squaredeal wants to do with it (or it might not be)– but it is very important to the future sale of a property to have the lines well defined. Better to address these things early, rather than waiting til a buyer points it out and causes all kinds of headache.

        • It sounds like with the new property survey they have the lines well-defined so going any further seems about reclaiming that little wedge of space. Even with a tiny back yard that doesn’t seem like it’s going to net you anything useable.

    • Before talking to your lawyer, how about talking to to your council member? Is there a DC office of Consumer Affairs?

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