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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • valentina

    Rant: Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    • Rave: The red wedding was everything I had hoped for. (Including the reactions from people who didn’t know it was coming)

      • valentina

        I’m one of those people. I’m just starting book one. I couldn’t even sleep last night I was so shook up.

      • MsNesbitt

        I watched GoT with someone who had no idea what was about to go down and seeing his reaction was priceless; he was too stunned to talk for like 10 minutes after. I thought they did the books justice in that scene.

        • Truely amazing! I didn’t read the books, was starting to think the series was a mess, great story, too many characters, every week more characters. Then last night. One of the best hours of tv I have seen since The Wire. One question, I noticed the uncle left to go take a piss before the action started, was this accidential or intentional?

          • I knew something was up when the band started playing the Lannister’s song, but wow, had no idea it would all go down so quickly and dramatically. Moon, I thought it was obvious he was in on the set up if we’re thinking of the same character. What an amazing show.

          • I can’t tell how much you actually want to know but BOOK SPOILERS – Blackfish wasn’t at the Red Wedding so I assume they needed some way to keep him alive to he can play the part in later happenings. Not sure why they wrote him into being there.

          • MsNesbitt

            People can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was coincidental.

          • Yeah, presumably they just kept him around the Red Wedding because his TV character — like Bronn — just makes scenes more fun, but he wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place.

            But, then again, Robb’s wife isn’t supposed to die, or be there, or be from Volantis. Not sure why they swapped Jeyne Westerling for this other girl, who I thought the whole time was just some Lannister spy.

            But, yeah. Tywin pays his debts. And next week will be even MORE crazy than this week. So excite.

    • valentina

      Wait. Please tell me he was not apart of this too?!!?!?!? That is just to grimy for words.

  • Rave: great time at the Orioles game and pre-gaming at the Cross Street Market with the locals.

    Rant: our first row seats right above the dugout has permanently ruined baseball for me. Can’t ever go back to the cheap seats 🙁 #firstworldproblems

    • Related rant/rave: I’d love to live in Baltimore – I could totally afford to buy a townhouse on Federal Hill. However, the commute would kill me 🙁

      • Amen to that. I’m from the area and did the Baltimore-DC (technically inner-ring northern suburb-DC) commute for a couple of years, and I couldn’t take it. Even if I’d lived right in the city, while I love that the MARC is an option, I hated being tied to the train schedules. Lots of people have been doing the long commute for years and years, but I ultimately realized that I value time over quality/size of living space.

      • Blithe

        Shout-out for B-more!!!! I’ve loved living in Fells Point. I’ll be relocating soon, and I’ll really miss living there!

      • I used to live practically across the street from the Cross Street Market. Great place to live, could walk to everything & price was right. Commute finally wore me down after five years – being tied to the train schedule is indeed draining.

      • Yeah, I’m doing this right now- I’m a B-more native, so when I get to the point where I can’t do the MARC train thing anymore, I’ll be looking for a job up here- I’ve lived in DC for years, and I just got to the point where I not only missed the cost of living up here, but the fun/bizarre personality of this town is really something I missed when I was down in DC.

        But I gotta say, telework options really make it a lot easier to deal with, and being tied to train schedules can be a blessing in disguise- I always have a reason to be more productive during the day so I can wrap up and get on a train, and I’m less likely to allow myself to get tied up and do ridiculous amounts of overtime like I did when I was in DC.

        • Good point–when I was MARC-commuting, I did really push myself to leave the office right at 5:00 or shortly before to catch the 5:20 train (I also got in much earlier than I do now because the traffic going to Penn in the morning was lighter at 6:45 than at 7:45am). But on the flip side, there were a few times when I lost track catching up with a friend over after-work dinner/drinks at literally had to jog to Union Station to make last train at 10:30.

        • Yes, “bizarre” is exactly the word I’d use to describe Baltimore. It’s got a helluva lot more personality than DC, that’s for sure. I like that the city has a quirky identity and things seem to be improving every year in B’more.

          My job would definitely let me telework every Friday. So that’s not an issue. Commuting only 4 days/week would be tolerable and my job is at Farragut, so I’d be on the Red Line. My only issue is that I don’t really have many friends up there, but I’m a pretty social guy and make friends easily. It’s just something for me to consider 🙂

          • DC also has a quirky identity and things seem to be improving every year.

          • Eeeh, you can make friends pretty quickly up here if you’re outgoing. One of the things that always made me realize that I was up in B-more was the fact that you could talk to random strangers without having people back away from you as though you’re crazy.

            Of course, in Baltimore, the “strangers” can get pretty strange, but I always found that to be fun. Just the other day some friends of mine were talking about a dude who used to bike around North B-more with a parrot on his shoulder. Why, you ask? Well, don’t parrots need to get around too?

      • It depends on where you live. If you’re near one of the MARC stations and work near Union Station/on the red line then your commute can be comparable to coming in from the DC suburbs. Bikes on either end (to the MARC station, bike share from Union Station) can also shorten the commute.

        I did this commute for a few months & enjoyed the train time. Options to telework on occasion made it easier.

        • I never understood why so many who live in DC turn their nose up at Baltimore. It really is a great place to have so close. Maybe the weekend MARC service will open more people’s eyes to that.

          • I’m one of the former MARC commuters who commented above, and I actually prefer the quirkiness of Baltimore to DC. I just couldn’t hack the commute (and had a boss who would let me slide on teleworking occasionally, but no official company allowance for regular telework). Baltimore is a little more challenging to go car-less and a little less walkable, but the cheaper cost of living probably makes up for it. The main thing that I think DC has on Baltimore is all the museums, but those are easily done in a daytrip.

  • Rant: Every day I keep track of whether I can make it out of the Petworth metro without hearing certain slang words that start with N, M, or F. Friday I think all 3 were heard, plus I was right in the middle of a bunch of teenagers jumping another kid. It was mayhem, must have been like 12-18 kids running all over the place, punches thrown, shirts grabbed. The MPD officer outside said he was completely unaware of the brawl, did nothing, and said – the station manager will call it in. What a great way to end the week….

    • It’s always worse on the bus lol… There is an undocumented caste system in Petworth similar to how airplanes are set up:

      Bus – Equivalent to uncomfortable coach section, wild assortment of characters who are cramped and uncomfortable, tough seats, often fights and unpleasantness.

      Metro Trains – similar to business class yet still coach class on busy days and evenings, still an assorted cast of people, occasional outbursts of unpleasantness, especially at entrances and exits.

      Cabs – Pretty much business class if they actually decide to pick you up, a lot more expensive than the other options, no food or drinks served.

      Limo – You’re riding in style, but paying for it. Overpriced drinks, and everyone looks at you like you’re a douchebag.

      • LOL!
        I think the young boys play all tough and jump each other to show off in an effort to attract the girls. It seemed to be working, the girls were running around chasing after these rough boys. Forget the limo, I’m rolling with them from now on! Soon we’ll all be ballin’

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: I met Elijah Nature Boy, it’s amazing how your idea about a person changes once you have the oportunity to talk to them! http://www.flickr.com/photos/benavente/8936062452/
    Rant: it was kind of a lonely weekend that leads to a lot of overthinking
    Rave: There’s only one way, the way up!

  • Rave: AC finally fixed after a leak was tracked down in the system.

    Rant: Went to sleep with thermostats turned down to 65 degrees, woke up in a refrigerator shivering.

    Rave: wild storms in Burtonsville at mom & pop’s house yesterday, luckily I finished grilling outside 10 minutes before they started.

    Rant: My romantic life is like watching paint peel and listening to crickets in a corn field at night, maybe that’s a good thing right now.

    Rant: A giant hole opened up in my wallet this month, I need to find money to stop the leak.

    • valentina

      I’m in the same boat as you. My love life is nonexistent; not even a date. I’m envious of all these people posting about “new love” and such. Where are all you ladies finding these available guys?

      • Everyone is telling me that Match.Com is great… I’m realizing now though i’m still not ready to get involved with anyone… Not really ready for “ups and downs” in my life right now. :/

        • valentina

          You’re not missing ANYTHING on Match.com.

        • My best/oldest friend from childhood is marrying a guy she met on Match.com next month. I think it can depend how long you’re willing to stick it out and how much you’re willing to make it the focus of your life. Me, I couldn’t keep up the slog, after a few times of browsing through the profiles. My friend went through a LOT of dreadful or just lackluster dates, and actually both she and her fiance were *this* close to throwing in the towel and quitting before they met each other. (And this was in a city/metro about 1/10th the size of DC, so I imagine there’d be a lot more members to sort through here.)

      • I found mine in a bar — one out of my usual rotation.

  • Rant: I was eaten alive by mosiquitos.
    Rant: My girlfriend’s first camping trip did not go well.
    To all: if you are breaking your lady friend into camping make sure they have bathrooms or showers avaliable. Probably did not help that she got her period early and attracthed all those bears. She put the whole campsite in danger.

    • Does having your period really attract bears? I know nothing about camping, so I cannot tell if that is sarcasm!

    • Blithe

      Um, if that was your lady friend’s first time at camping, SHE’s not the one who “put the whole campsite in danger” — the more experienced camper(s) who did not review safety precautions with someone new to camping should likely take responsibility….

    • Thank you for a really good laugh!

    • So I’m guessing that the hoped-for hippie tent sex (or or cosmic moonrise loving) never came to pass.

      Sounds like a communications failure if bathrooms and showers were expected on a camping trip.

      Maybe start slow — a friend’s back yard, then an RV, then rustic cabin, then a tent in a well-appointed state park…by next spring you’ll either have a Mountain Girl on your hands or you’ll have broken up and you can meet a new girl in the Gor-Tex section of REI.

      Good luck!

      • pablo .raw

        First chuckle of day!

      • He needs that Adventure Girl from a previous RRR– the one who refused to make plans with people because she might have to kayak a river or scale a mountain on short notice.

        • Add another to the “I don’t get it – why am I still single?!?!” files.

          • haha! this is “adventure girl” from the previous RRRs. i’m actually happily in a relationship with someone as last minute as i am, thanks. and yes i did scale several mountains this weekend with about 1 day notice.

            i don’t know why all of you people hate on my lifestyle. i’m having a great time enjoying my life with little stress about how i’ll spend my days!

    • I like camping… but camping while on the rag sounds like that worst torture imaginable. Especially when it’s hot and humid.

    • rave: went camping this weekend, too.
      rant: got 4 mosquito bites on my ass because i had to pee outside.

      revel: camping sites with bathroom facilities (as opposed to where i was this past weekend).

  • Rave: US National team win at RFK! Great day, great friends. All in all: Awesome!
    Rant: Monday

  • My favorite niece threw an all-out birthday party for her boyfriend. Boyfriend’s present to himself – delivered in front of all their friends – was an engagement ring!

  • Rant: Thought I would alert the community that my boyfriend’s car was vandalized Friday night. Two rocks were thrown through the back windshield in the alley behind 1421 Columbia rd.

  • Rave: Insane chemistry/attraction
    Rant: Utterly distracted at work
    Rave: He’s as addled as I am
    Revel: Could be love

  • Rant: Road bike stolen sometime in the past couple of months (hadn’t gotten the chance to take it out for a while, so don’t know exactly when). From my apartment building’s locked bike room. With a pretty decent Kryptonite lock on it. Sigh.

    Rant: I am an idiot who is disorganized about personal business and didn’t save any of my receipts, paperwork, photos, or anything that would be useful for a police report or an inquiry with renters’ insurance (if they would even cover something stolen from the building my not my specific apartment). Lesson learned for next time (“next time” being someday who-knows-when when I can afford another road bike).

    Consolation: They left my crappier mountain bike, so that’s something at least.

    • This definitely would be covered by rental insurance. However, without a receipt or other proof of ownership, it might be difficult to get your money. Also, your deductible (usually $500) might make it not worth filing a claim. The first steps are to read your policy information and then file a police report.

      • That’s good to know, thanks. Yesterday, I was just kinda bummed, fatalistic, and frustrated at some of my own stupidity. But I think I’ll focus on trying to do *something* today–at the least, report it to the building so that they’re aware there’s a thief working the bike room. (I saw a cut cable on the floor when I was combing the room for my bike, so it looks like at least one other bike has been stolen recently.) It’s probably worth checking with insurance, if for no other reason than to educate myself about how better to prepare/protect myself if I get another road bike someday.

        • most bike shops will be able to print you another receipt.

        • Definitely check your policy. If your insurance will give you the money to replace with a new, comparable model, even if your deductible is $500 that might be a good chunk of change.

          • Thanks, both of you Anons! It’s true, even minus deductable, the remaining amount of a reimbursement would be better than nothing. And I did not even think about the receipt re-print thing–guess I’ve been in a funk and not thinking clearly/logically. Still an outside chance, since I bought the thing in another city about 5 years ago, but it couldn’t hurt to call up the shop and ask.

  • Rant: Stress

    Revel: Background music system at the coffee place this morning was playing “Across the Universe”, a song that always chills me out for a little while

  • Blithe

    Rave: A shopping frenzy: A friend introduced me to the joys of shopping for dresses at Ross. I love pawing through the racks in search of treasures! I’ve now got a summer’s worth of dresses for less than I’d usually spend on just one!
    Rave/Rant: I’m happy about the two new H & M stores that will be in very convenient locations for me. I’m bummed that it now seems hard to find larger (12’s and 14’s) sizes there, when it used to be pretty easy.

  • Rant: Virginia drivers!

  • valentina

    Love is for suckers!!!

  • Rant: CO2 leak in my keg setup, and broken chest freezer. Anyone know a good junk hauler? I need to get the old stuff out of my apartment before I can get a new kegerator.

  • Rave: Daylong meditation retreat with Sharon Salzberg yesterday. I fell asleep during one of the longer meditations, but then so did my friend. We also did a walking meditation which seems to work better – no chance of falling asleep 🙂

    Unrelated rave: Good soaking rain yesterday evening.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Removing the popcorn ceilings from both levels of the new house only took half an afternoon. Now on to sanding and repainting…

    Rant: We had to do all the work in an 85 degree house, because the A/C which was supposed to be fixed prior to the sale apparently never was. Thankfully my agent is pretty good and hopefully we can get it resolved without having to pursue legal action.

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: Really awesome and relaxing weekend. Spent time with family, worked on my tan at the beach, and caught up on some much needed sleep.

    Rave: New guy 🙂

    The only rant I can think of is that I’ve had Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” stuck in my head for a full day now, but I’m actually not even sure that’s a rant!

  • Rave: Being clueless over the Game of Thrones discussion above.

    Rave: The Real Housewives of New Jersey new season debuted last night!

    • I have a love/hate relationship with RHONJ, but this season looks like it’s going to be great. Did you watch Princesses Long Island after that though? I feel like I need to talk to someone about that experience. Like so completely terrible. I don’t know what Bravo is thinking.

    • Oooh, I don’t watch shows of any kind, but I’ve been in the mood to indulge in something completely trashy and mindless. I’m from NJ and that sounds perfect!

    • Rave: So glad RHONJ is back! It’s my favorite. The scenes at the bead shop were sooo uncomfortable. Hopefully the Long Island Princesses show will be On Demand so I can watch tonight!

  • Rave: Family in over the weekend, a great US-Germany game, fun times on H Street and at Union Market – all in all a great weekend.

    Rant: Injections and major time in an airplane in my immediate future.

    Rave: Off to Jakarta!

  • Rave: weekend was the perfect mix of lazy/productive.

    Rant: my hair is nappy. I usually get it done by my time-trusted girl back home but I have no trips planned until September. So I need to bite the bullet and find someone here in the interim. Any recommendations? I’ve got curly hair with layers and I just want an easy trim.

  • Revel: Finished second of nine boats (over three heats) in the first race of the season, despite the fact that ours was the second oldest crew in the event. Take that you 30-something young punks!

    Rant: Getting up at 4:30 this morning to get to the boathouse to have practice cancelled after all, due to intermittent monsoons.

  • still wondering if anyone knows about the guy running in his underwear on sherman/new hampshire ave on Saturday night.

  • Rave: Had a very nice day yesterday. Crepes brunch and the Arboretum with my mom, a couple hours test-driving my new bikini at the pool, avocado and salmon salad at Cafe Tu-o-Tu, walking the Georgetown Waterfront Park. When it started to rain I darted into the Kennedy Center just in time to catch a Millennium Stage performance by an excellent young tenor. Then I had a few hours left in the day to go grocery shopping and do some housecleaning.

  • novadancer

    rant: people who forget that not everyone watches tv live…
    rave: awesome game at RFK yesterday.
    rant: forgot about “planned outage” by pepco on Saturday night and was in the midst of baking (and house was not cool enough for 7 hours w/out AC).

    • Right?!? I just kind of accept that my broke, no cable-having self just has to avoid spoilers.

      • I wish I could give you my cable. We don’t use it, ever, but we don’t save any money by getting rid of it.

  • Rant: Expensive vet bills and car bills all at the same time
    Rave: None really at the moment.

  • Rant: It was June 3rd, 2005 that my Dad passed away. More of a *sigh* than a rant, I guess. But a lot has happened in the last 8 years.

    Rave: Yesterday’s thunderstorm.

    Rave: Tomorrow’s my birthday!

  • Rave: It’s the third of June

    Rant: Seems like nothin’ ever comes to no good up on Choctaw Ridge

  • rave: last minute change in weekend plans meant a relaxing few days around the pool, reading, and napping.

    rant: bank of america. my debit card expires this month and with some planned travel at the end of the month, i’ve been anxiously waiting for a new one. i inquired about the status today and it was apparently mailed in mid april. so now they have to cancel my current card and i will have to wait 7 business days for a new one or i can pay to have it shipped priority. i would have no problem with paying if it was for something extra i requested. i’ve been a customer for 15 years and have overlooked little things in the past, but this is the final push for me to finally make a switch.

    • skj84

      OMG they did the same thing to me last month! Debit card expired at the end of May, actually went into a branch mid month to ask about a custom card. Was told that they don’t offer custom debit cards anymore and that my new debit card should arrive by the end of the month. I kept my eye out for the card for the rest of the month and finally on Friday went to another branch to find out why it had not arrived. Thats when I was told it was sent in March.

      It’s really frustrating because I would never have looked out for a card back in March, didn’t even receive an alert that it was sent and they were really condescending about the whole matter. So annoying and I won’t have a card until Friday. Glad to know I wasn’t the only person with this problem.

  • Rave: Free stuff (eclairs, macarons, cupcakes, shortbread) from the Sweet Lobby all this week!

    • What?!?!?! Really? I love that place and work just a few blocks away, so may need to make a special visit this week.

      • Yeah, I did it every day last year and it was awesome. I also recall if you have a stamp for every day you can enter your name in some kind of giveway.

  • Sad Rant: Lost Dog?

    I spotted a large boxer around 8:55 between Madison St. NW and Longfellow St. NW. The dog appeared to be without collar/tags and was walking south through the front yards along 16th St. NW, on the northbound side during morning rush hour. I’ll be so embarrassed if it belongs to someone in one of those houses, but as I commute that way every day and have never seen a loose dog in the front yards, it looked out of place to me. Also, seems like a huge risk to let your dog roam the front yard without tags, no matter how well trained, so I’m leaning towards missing pup, but would be happy to be wrong.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Seem 2013 is the year of health problems for me. ‘Nother round of seemingly endless Drs appointments for the summer.

    Rave: I have health insurance.

  • Rave: great weekend with many friends and outdoor time.
    Rant: damn allergies (or cold).

  • Rave: Nice low-key birthday celebrations this weekend.
    Rant: except for the hangover I got Saturday morning.

    Rave: We’re starting the transition to Roku, starting with our bedroom, then hopefully liking it enough to queue it up for the living room!!

  • skj84

    Rave: I had a fun filled busy weekend. Jazz in the Garden, Brunch, Dancing and went to a concert with a good friend.

    Rant: I haven’t had a chill weekend to myself in a while. I like having lots of things to do, but sometimes I just want to sloth out at home in front of the TV.

  • Rave: I made English muffins to serve as a delivery system for the apple butter and strawberry rhubarb jam I bought in Amish country. They’re quite easy to make and delicious.

    Rant: I’ve worked really hard on two big upcoming meetings/projects and now in the 11th hour management is trying to derail them, even though we had their buy in and support. Ugh.

  • Rave: Even though I’m a DC native I love Baltimore. Have relatives in both places. I used to have season tickets to both baseball teams until budget forced me to give them both up. Baseball is a sickness I hope never to get over. I hate being poor.

    Rant: Robocalls. How in hell do you get rid of them? I’m at the point where I can’t block any more numbers. Wish there was some way to zap their phones into oblivion.

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