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  • I *love* their Falls Church location. SO good and the staff is really awesome. Now if only they’d come to Alexandria…

  • I go to the Falls Church location all the time. Their owner and team there are probably the nicest people I’ve ever met. The food? Absolutely fantastic and by DC standards it’s pretty cheap. Just make sure you get the green hot sauce, it’s amazing!

  • Glad to hear from folks that it’s good stuff! I hope they do well – when I first saw this I was worried it would another random pizza/kabob/wings/chinese/pho place that opens and closes in a year. They are right at the end of my street so I hope to try them over 4th of July weekend if they are open!

  • This place is so great! Yes, incredibly nice owners and delicious food. I used to work next door to their Falls Church location and now work in Adams Morgan. This seriously makes my day.

  • Step 1: get a box……

  • Hmmmm, a regional chain with a rather unappealing name. Yay!

  • The name immediately made me think of “D*** in a Box.” Surely that’s not the kind of connection a restaurant wants its customers to make?

  • Adams Morgan, stop trying to make kebaba happen. It’s not going to happen.

  • You guys need to grow a sense of humor.

    Its great, I love this place. Good food, nice staff. Sorry that the word “meat” offends you – or the allusion to an SNL parody offends you. Or maybe you’re a radical vegetarian who doesnt eat meat and believes no one else should either?

    I found the music video funny as well.

    Life doesnt need to be so serious all the time.

  • Another pizza and kebob place…..just what AM needs.

  • My better half wants to open a restaurant and call it #meats b/c that is all he eats. So we find this kinda funny and absurd all in one. 🙂

  • We love the Falls Church location. The owners are great. The kabobs are juicy and delicious. Go for the salmon or lamb if they have it. The salad is tossed with dried berries and a feta style cheese with a balsamic dressing. The homemade rosewater and saffron ice cream sandwiches are not to be missed, especially in this heat. They make their own bread. Need I say more?

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