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  • I was really hoping it would call all of DC east of the river as “Anacostia” and I wasn’t disappointed!

  • jim_ed

    Oh man, I can already hear the interwebs collectively crapping themselves because all of East of the River has been lumped into Anacostia.

  • I have never before been tempted to support a kickstarter project this much.

  • PLEASE DO NOT FUND THIS QUICKSTARTER PROJECT … it fails miserably to represent the District’s heritage:

    MISSING IS: 1. U Street – one of the most thriving, desirable commercial areas with quite the substantial African American history on its flanks;
    2. Logan Circle – ditto, on first phrase, above.
    3. Le Droit Park – ditto on second phrase, above.

    These entrepreneurial dimwits need to back to their geographical drawing board and appropriate the above omissions.

  • Penn Quarter is more like Penn Half. And DuPont Circle? Clearly this person doesn’t live here (or used an iPhone will autocorrect to fill in the words).

  • No Swampoodle, no dice…

  • The map is missing some bridges that would seriously improve gameplay. The Roosevelt Bridge should be there connecting Foggy Bottom to Arlington, and the East Capitol Bridge should connect Kingman Park to Anacostia Park.

  • To all the whiners, there’s a reason it isn’t 100% accurate. Geeze:

    Each map has been exactingly play-tested and offers an entirely unique playing experience. The maps are as geographically accurate as possible, with minor territorial changes to ensure excellent gameplay.

  • Where is Kamchatka?

  • Cemetary?

  • Yeah they’d better at least fix their misspelling of “Dupont Circle” and change the yellow box on the legend to “East of the River” instead of “Anacostia”

  • The hottest area in the District right now is 14th street in Logan Circle…not to mention LC is rich in history…pretty ignorant of whomever drew this map to act like it doesn’t exists…

  • While most territories at least partially overlap with their names, neither “Alexandria” nor “McLean” contain any of their actual jurisdictions. Perhaps “Crystal City” and “North Arlington” would be an improvement?

  • Geez, have you critics ever actually played Risk? The maps are meant for PLAYING a GAME, not for identifying neighborhood boundaries.

    Personally, I think it’d be more appropriate (given the game’s themes) to play up the area’s military history — of major American cities, only New Orleans and Washington have twice been invaded by armies. Only a few of the area’s historic/current forts are noted on the board.

  • Ironically enough, from a game-play perspective, the territory “U.S. Military” would be next to impossible to fortify and hold.

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