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  • What is the rationale behind living on a house boat? Is it like a water-bound mobile home, that you can move from place to place, or perhaps tug it down to Florida in the winter? It seems like all the maintenance and inconveniences would take a lot of the fun out of it.

    • I recommend going on the houseboats tour that they do in the fall, where you can meet many of the owners in person. There are lots of different reasons people have for doing it, but I got the impression that they all treasure the close-knit community there.

  • It costs about $1,000 a month to air condition the barges. And the sun is brutal. Winter brings challenges, such as when the “Sani-Sailer” sewage pump-out device freezes up.

  • That’s my house! In some ways, yes, our barge is just a water-bound mobile. But you really can’t move it around, like taking it to Florida without a LOT of trouble. If cruising is the goal, then a barge is not for you. But, it is a WONDERFUL way to live. Our highest utility bill has been approx $250 at the height of summer, and close to that when it is really cold. We love it there. The live-a-board community is very close knit. There is a lot of sitting around talking, eating and drinking that goes on at almost anytime on the various decks. Space is a premium, so its not for everyone, but it can be really fun.

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