From the Forum – Pepco’s “Emergency No Parking” signs

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Pepco’s “Emergency No Parking” signs:

I live on the 1200 block of Euclid, and I’ve had about enough of Pepco’s never-ending construction in the area.

A couple days ago, my car was “courtesy towed” for the 3rd time this year. I don’t use my car often, so I have to park it in areas for a couple days at a time without checking on it. One time it was totally my fault – I forgot about street cleaning. The second time, I could have sworn I didn’t see an Emergency No Parking sign when I parked there, but I couldn’t prove when they put it up. This time, though, when I parked my car on the South Side of the block on the evening of Monday 6/10, I double checked to make sure that the Emergency No Parking signs expired on 6/7.

Between Monday and Wednesday, Pepco put up a new sign that extended the dates of their signs to 6/26. So when I went to get my car yesterday, I noticed that there was a back hoe in its place.

I left a voicemail at the number listed on the sign letting them know they’ll be responsible for paying my tickets, since they didn’t give 72 hours notice. I also submitted a customer service ticket, and forwarded that message directly to a Customer Service Manager I found on Linkedin. I also contested the parking ticket with the DC Department of Public Works.

I got a call from a Manager at Pepco today who swears that the workers told him that they’d put up a sign with enough time, but “If it wasn’t there, why was I parking there if they clearly aren’t done with the work?” Anyone who walks down Euclid can see piles of construction equipment.

Has anyone ever gotten Pepco, or any other organization, to pay their tickets for them? Any other advice? I’d rather not have to get affidavits from my neighbors saying that the signs expired on 6/7, but at this point it feels like it might come to that.

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  • There have been extensive discussions about this on the south columbia heights list serve and Jim Graham is aware of the issue as it has happened on multiple streets in the area – I would suggest reaching out to his office.

    • Pepco has also posted signs that were back dated in the H ST area. Luckily I wasn’t towed. Good luck!

  • Rent a spot until the construction mess is done. Not worth the hassle, IMHO.

  • I live here too and man is there a ton of construction. It’s great to see improvements and upgrades, but I really wish there was a coordinated system to handle the emergency no parking. Every side of my block has construction right now and there is construction the block north and south as well.

    It would be great if there was a way to ease street cleaning because of all the closed off parking. At least for a little while. Currently only Clifton has lifted street cleaning, even though large swaths of 11th are also blocked to parking. This is also making is dangerous for cyclists because people are walking in the bike lane.

  • I’ve gotten DC to waive a substantial ticket that I got when some movers put up a last-minute no-parking sign. I had parked in the afternoon one day, with no signs up, only to have signs go up and get ticketed by the next afternoon. I wasn’t the only car there with a ticket…

    So yeah, you may want to contest the ticket.

  • i don’t have a good solution for you, but i can sympathize as this has happened to me, and it is so insulting to have parked perfectly legally, only to come out the next morning and see signs posted with absolutely no advanced notice.

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