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  • How much you willing to pay?

    & what kind of animal are we talking?

    • Depending on the answer of those im sure you can find SOMEONE to do it

      may not be a professional remover but they will get the job done

  • There are tons of pest and animal trapping / removal services in the DC area. Try one of them, although it will probably cost you $150-200 .

  • Does this mean we’ve found the red panda?

  • I don’t see a timestamp on the original forum posting, but I thought it was posted Friday. If the dead animal is still there, it’s time-sensitive indeed!

  • Allison

    Lol, I just have to say the photo choice for this particular post is awesome. Like the worn out teddy bears are the dead animal… teehehe… PoP do you just keep these filed in your brain for the perfect moment?

  • A handyman?

  • i just signed up with cropp Metcalf to do pest control- they’re top rated on yelp, and they will do this type of thing. I would go on yelp and find a place.

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