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  • Not yet. What exactly is “futuristic” about it? I haven’t seen any pictures that capture that theme.

  • Seems like a fairly half-baked concept. You really outdid yourself here Englert.

    • not Englert. Its from the co-owner of NY Ave Beach Bar (not Tom Brown of the Passenger – the other guy). As to the futuristic aspect of it – it has weirdly shaped glasses. seriously. that is the entire concept.

      • I thought the futuristic part of the concept was the USB ports beneath the bar. That’s a plus for me, because then I can charge my phone while I drink. There’s also a mural with Elroy on it, which is a plus for any Jetsons fan.

        What were all of you expecting, robot bartenders? Lighten up.

    • For some reason I thought that Englert had a hand in NY Beach Bar, but now I’m having trouble finding the source. It didn’t make much sense that it would be him given the great lengths he reaches to flesh out his given theme.

  • I live around the corner and had big hopes for this, but… it looks lackluster as a concept bar. I haven’t seen it in person but the pics I have seen online are uninspiring.

    A good cocktail place is not rocket science. Paint everything dark as hell, keep it looking disheveled, bring the lights down low. Candles and edison bulbs. Then execute on the $10 cocktails and get rich. That bannister looks like it came from Home Depot.

  • is it a juice bar?

  • I went to The Elroy on Saturday. I think I will make a great addition to H Street corridor. While, they have some kinks to workout, such as completing the menu and drink list, I think that The Elroy will uplift that block. Since the hours are 4-3 am, it will make a great happy hour spot and a great spot after a concert at Atlas. The owner is super cool and takes a great deal of pride in his business. Good luck and welcome to H Street!

  • What is “futuristic” about it? There appears, from the pic posted above, to be a cheap looking cabinet (from Home Depot), plopped on an adjacent wall to a TV. Blah: says “el’ cheapo” to me.

  • Seems to be the generic H street bar layout.

  • justinbc

    Hopefully this lasts long enough for them to change it.

  • I live a few blocks away. I, for one, am not going to complain about another empty store front becoming a business and contributing to the growth of the community. Welcome to the neighborhood.

  • Is it some sort of post apocalyptic future with talking monkeys. Elroy + futuristic implies some sort of Jetsons theme, which would be obscure but kinda cool?

    • justinbc

      It is. Y & H has a preview on it. The finished version just looks unfinished to me though. Oh, and no kitchen, so they’re going to be microwaving food from a vendor (which I suppose is better than offering nothing, if you’ve failed to eat anywhere else).

  • Guys really…can we talk about how amateurish this joint is? Embarrassing. This would be a crap bar in the middle of nowhere. On H St. NE, it’s a freaking joke.

  • I think it’s a smart design that has a built in contingency plan of being able to immediately re-open as a Jamba-Juice.

  • I went w/ a friend who lives around the corner to watch game 1 (still love you Lebron)… We totally had a ball! It’s not exactly futuristic except there’s tv in the bathroom mirror and the bar had ipod5 outlets near the purse hooks (awesome perk). Otherwise it was just a really fun place with cool people , a bubbly bartender , and a nice vibe. I tried to convince the owner to open another spot in Brightwood!

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