ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen Hiring in Georgetown, Opening in Chinatown

2805 M Street, NW

The ShopHouse coming to the former Furin’s space in Georgetown is now hiring and looking close to opening. Here’s how the space looked in 2010:


ShopHouse’s first location opened in back in Sept. 2011 at 1516 Connecticut Ave, NW in Dupont. You can see their menu here.

Washington Business Journal reports that ShopHouse will be opening a third location in part of the former Ruby Tuesday’s which recently closed at 710 7th Street, NW:


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  • I want to like ShopHouse, but it’s just not that good for vegetarians. And last time I went to Dupont they got rid of the Banh Mi option. I think it could be so much better.

    • Agreed. When they first opened I was excited about the concept. Spicy stuff was actually damn spicy, and the condiment/toppings selection was decidedly not what you would expect from an established “fast casual” operator. But, predictably, over time they refined their offerings based on market analysis, synergies, blah blah blah. Result: bland, corporate, “Asian” Chipotle.

      It’s a shame, they would have done OK in DC with the original menus. I doubt it would have done as well in all areas of the country, though, which is the ultimate goal.

    • I too was bummed when they did away with the Banh Mi.

    • Ditto that. When I browsed their website, I found out that the only one of the sauces that’s veg is the sweeter one (I think it was tamarind?), while the two spicier curries (which are more up my alley) have fish sauce. Too bad, since it’s perfectly possible to make a great spicy curry without fish sauce that could accommodate vegetarians, meat-eaters, and people with fish allergies alike.

  • I love Shophouse. Love it. 4 ever.

  • I hope someone from Shophouse reads this and takes a hint. I stopped going when the got rid of the banh mi too. The cold noodles are overcooked and not great and I rarely am in the mood for a big bowl of rice for lunch. Too bad since they had good flavors and actually made the food spicy.

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