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Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

Your captions in the comments and winners (free PoP t-shirt) picked Friday. If you find a caption particularly funny be sure to let me know in the comments and I will select a reader pick too.

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  • X-Games–Coupon Edition

  • that helmet really is preventing his ability to SEE SOMETHING and SAY SOMETHING.

  • “Dear GOD, when will the manual braking end?!”

  • “Self-styled Jonathan Grossman, widely known as ‘Petworth’s Evil Knievel,’ is understandably nervous as he prepares for the first ever skydive from the 70 bus on Georgia Ave. NW.”

  • Metro budget cuts force riders to take safety precautions into their own hands.

  • I don’t understand the desire to make jokes at the expense of this woman’s health problems. This is pretty damn shameful, PoP.

    • pablo .raw

      Hi, since I took the photo let me say this: The intention is not to make jokes about the woman’s health problems, but about the metro. In fact, we don’t even know if she has any health problems, she may be just another bike rider who forgot to take off her helmet, I see it all the time. Also I’m sure she has a good sense of humor based on the helmet she is wearing. Have a nice day.

      • This woman walks to the metro every day wearing this helmet. I pass her daily. She may suffer from epilepsy and wears a helmet to protect her head should be have a seizure and fall. I agree that this post is in bad taste and encourage PoP to remove it.

    • Agreed

    • For what it’s worth, I see her in one of the neighborhood markets from time to time and she keeps the helmet on. Like Pablo, I don’t know if she just rode up on a bike, etc. but health problems seems a big assumption.

    • That was my thought too (sorry Pablo). My rule with candid street photography is that I won’t post a photo of someone that’s unflattering (a subjective rule, but catching someone in a moment where they look like they could have health problems crosses the line for me).

      • Agree with Caroline. This photo makes the woman look foolish, so unless she approved it, this post is uncool. Especially given that she seems known around the neighborhood.

      • pablo .raw

        No problem Caroline! I’m just saying what my intention was; I personally welcome all opinions. Take care.

        • It’s a controversial subject for sure. I always ask myself, if I were the subject would I be comfortable having the picture show up on a blog or who-knows-where-else on the internet? As a woman I’m probably more sensitive to that sort of thing though. And you had more information than the rest of us do to make that call, since you also observed her in person.

    • Presumed health problems or not, I can’t imagine this woman needs a full-face helmet with that huge visor. The Exorcist Downhill isn’t set to run for another couple of weeks if I’m not mistaken.

  • I wonder if they’ll air-condition my helmet…

  • Since she has an OCLC bag, I could probably come up with a decent library-related caption, but probably only fellow library people would get it.

  • Do the metro shake.

  • This summer, Metro is proud to announce its new safety improvement program, HELMETS FORWARD. In lieu of some expensive repairs to the system, riders will be strongly encouraged to wear helmets in case of a crash. Remember, safety is always our number-one priority at Metro.

  • Tin foil hat – 2013 edition.

  • OCLC. The world’s librarians. Protected.

  • ThunderCheese

    Motocross rankings. Only in Express.

  • Born to be mild

  • Probably looking in the classified section for a used spaceship with good gas mileage at a decent price to get her back to whatever planet she came from.

  • andy

    After this stunt, Jimmy never complained about what his Mom wore to drop him off at school again.

  • While the rides had never been totally smooth, recent cracked rails on the red line take Metro white-knuckling to a new level.

  • Ermagerd! Eer condertioners!

  • Doreen ponders the meaning of Metro’s slogan “See something, say something”

  • Rachel Maddow’s attempt to discreetly ride the metro to work without drawing attention backfires horribly.

  • “Good god, this acid is way stronger than I was expecting”

  • Bill Gates’ disguise worked flawlessly

  • hispanicandproud

    The escape of the crash test dummy!

  • I must say, the editorial content of the Express is generally lacking in overall substance, but this edition is truly cringe worthy. The decline of journalism and it’s role as a watchdog of American government and corporations is a loss for us all and quite deplorable. How are we to have an enlightened and educated citizenry without a robust and healthy press?


  • Only bikes downhill

  • I’m sure glad I didn’t wear mine today, Susan thought to herself. Fashion. Faux pas. Avoided.


    Emabarrased by having to use his daughter’s teal and black carry all, Steven burried his nose in the headlines.

  • Irene slowly realized she got on the wrong metro for the DC Harlem Shake Flash Mob.

  • justinbc

    Said from the point of view of the lady giving her the strange look:

    “When will these people ever stop worrying about ‘safe’ neighborhoods in DC?”

  • Things had been tough for Evel Knievel since the sex change, and the want ads weren’t helping. “Experience with Outlook and MS Word”?

  • OCLC bag indicates she is likely a librarian. Which doesn’t surprise me – and I am a librarian……

  • Reading is not only fundamental, it’s dangerous.

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