Meeting to Present Potential Petworth Street Banners May 8th

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From an email:

Domku, Nathan Hill Design, and Petworth resident and community leader Carol Herwig will be presenting at this week’s ANC meeting to get funding for the Petworth Street Banner Project. We are attempting to raise funds through the city organizations, the ANC, and, if needed, through a crowdsourcing effort. Nathan will be proposing two design options at Wednesday’s meeting. The project’s goal is to give Petworth a visual sense of cohesiveness and show pride in our community. If you can make it to the meeting, your support would be much appreciated.

May 8, 2013 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Petworth Library Community Room
4200 Kansas Avenue Northwest

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  • What the hell is Pew R Tot? “A visual sense of cohesiveness”? Um, not really. Was this designed by the same folks running around renaming neighborhoods? Let’s keep the Pew out of Petworth.

  • jim_ed

    Like the idea, hate the design. Also, what are the street boundaries for these banners? I don’t want them if they’re not going to run north all the way to Kennedy St, as it will only fan the flames of the great Wikipedia Petworth Northern Border War of 2011-2013.

    • Not to mention the western boundry…technically Georgia Ave.

      • So are we all awaiting completion of the 16th St. Heights Safeway, then? And enjoying the newly renovated 16th St. Heights Library?

        • I would love to have a Yes! Organic Market in Petworth someday. It’s a drag having to go all the way over to 16th Street Heights.

        • Heh heh heh!

          I was thinking about that a while back, when someone was saying that Annie’s Ace Hardware isn’t in Petworth because Georgia Avenue is the western border. If it is, the Petworth Neighborhood Library isn’t in Petworth either. 😉

    • I’m curious to learn more about this “Great Border War of 2011-2013”. Do you have any more info or can you point me somewhere online?

      • jim_ed

        eh, it’s really just a running battle between a couple of wikipedia editors on what street is Petworth’s northern border. There seems to be one very dedicated guy hellbent on setting it as Emerson St, where most others agree on Kennedy St.

        The wikipedia entry for Petworth has been changed one way, and then back again, ad nauseum for quite a while now. In fact, right now wikipedia shows Kennedy as the northern border of Petworth, but Emerson as the southern border of Brightwood Park.

        As a resident of this disputed, war-torn, yet resource rich area, I stand fully on the side of Kennedy St. Who will liberate us from our Emerson St oppressor(s)??!!

        • And the article cited in the Wikipedia entry puts it at Buchanan Street. I’ve seen the boundaries defined a number of ways. It’s a fun conversation, though there are some pedants who take it awfully serious.

    • Watch your Southern border, too. The way Park View has been expanding, you’d think it was run by Genghis Khan.

  • Hmm, Prince of Pewrhtot just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Really, what were they thinking?

    • I beleive that was the original name given by the Indians. Petworth is the anglicization.

  • I don’t know what to say…..

  • I actually like it. It’s so much better than the childish colorful ones with silly slogans I’ve seen in other neighborhoods.

    • +1 – I dig it, too. Looking forward to seeing them in the neighborhood.

      • I think it accurately reflects the residents of Petworth: hip, modern, and just a little quirky. And maybe a bit baffling to people who don’t know any better. 🙂

        • You three must be from Columbia Heights. CoHi, sorry.

          • I’m the anon at 2:50 and I’m from Capitol Hill (and still cringing when I think of the gaudy and grammatically incorrect banners we had during the holidays).

  • Awful awful terrible design! This thing reads properly only to a dyslexic person.

    Ugh, which campaign donor got the kickback business for these dumb things?

  • And please also consider using the fabulous mural on 3TreeFlats at 3910 Georgia where the wonderful lady overlooks Georgia Avenue, Petworth, Chez Billy, North Columbia Heights, and the Safeway construction and says, “Sweet…”

  • I kind of like the design. It could use a little work so that people coming from other areas will be able to read it easier.

  • Terrible design – go back to the drawing boards. It’s barely one step above the atrocious “Welcome to Silver Spring” statue things (you know the ones, with the silver base and the weird blue curly things coming out the top). Eesh.

  • I’ll echo most of the comments here and say these are fairly unreadable and won’t make much sense except to people who already know where they are. I don’t claim to know anything about design but I don’t like these.

  • Lol. Don’t be shy everyone, tell them what you really think!

  • Just use a giant “P” and be done with it. No murals, just change the color of the letter and the back ground. There, took me eight seconds to design and will leave the intern that designed the original something to work with.

    • Yea, I’m glad you don’t have any real input on the design either.

      • Haven’t heard anything better. I think it’s a pretty good idea. Could use different fonts on different colors. Have to be careful of white on blue though.

  • Not a fan of the design… sorry.

    The blurb says that Nathan Hill will be proposing _two_ design options — what’s the other one?

  • I looked at this several times and couldn’t bring myself to like it. And that was before I even noticed the H on the very bottom. Even if you know the neighborhood and can decipher the banner, it still reads as “Petwort.”

  • Clearly I’m in the minority, but I like it. I’m assuming these are signs hanging from lampposts which would need to be vertically oriented. This allows for a vertical sign while making the font visible from far away and without incorporating any cheesy graphics. I had no problem reading it but maybe that’s because I already knew it was supposed to say Petworth.

  • proposing TWO design options?? where did this come from?? did someone hold a design competition, and I just missed it? it seems to me that the community could come up with something a WHOLE lot better than this.

  • Nothing wrong with a banner i guess but that design is horrible.

  • I love this design. It is modern and hip and a little bit quirky. It makes you take a second look. I like the fact that it is different from the more bland simple banners that you see everywhere else.

  • plus, I’m really into fonts.

  • andy

    The style of this is less “Petworth” and more “the designer likes fonts and owns a Mac.”

  • I love the design. But I can understand why there are so many haters, when everybody with a copy of Photoshop thinks they’re a design expert these days.

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