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  • Love it. Looks more “Savannah” than DC.

  • Definitely an old South feel….too bad the rockers have to be chained to the house, but I guess those are the times we live in 😛

  • Do people not realize that this type or architecture wasn’t unique to the old south?

  • justinbc

    Beautiful. I love the detail on the columns.

  • Hey imagine my surprise to see my house on the blog. Very cool. Let me share that the chains were installed by the prior owner many years ago. We only use them because they are there. We lived six blocks away for several years without chains and the rockers were fine.

    • justinbc

      Congrats! It looks like a lovely home.

    • I wouldn’t get rid of the chains, personally. I’m not sure where on the Hill you are, exactly, but we live near Eastern Market and have had several items stolen from our yard. Besides, the chains are barely visible (I would not have noticed them if someone didn’t point them out). Beautiful house, though!

  • This was my house from 1998 until last year. I gave it up for an antebellum home my family has lived in for the past 160 yrs. I’m an interior designer w/an architectural degree & added the front doors, designed the columns & window headers & painted it as it still appears. I copied the Carpenter Gothic columns from a house I saw in Orchard Pond, NY, outside of Buffelo.

  • and my cushions were NEVER stolen. I had a bench in the yard & an urn by the front door & these were never touched. But it was a very different story in 1998…..

    • We made it a year without any of our cushions getting stolen; I thought that was pretty good. We live on one of the busier streets in Capitol Hill and our furniture is on a patio, not a porch (so someone could just reach over the fence and grab a cushion while walking by). Incidentally, if anyone knows where to get replacement cushions I’d love some suggestions! Mine are light beige with brown trim. I know I won’t find an exact match but I’m trying to get something close.

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