Great Building Sculpture in Chinatown


A reader sends this one in from 5th and E St, NW:

“I’ve never seen this before so I thought I would pass it on. Surprising and cool thing to see on my walk to work today.”

I think we once admired this in the past – is it related to the children’s science museum? Anyone remember the story behind it?

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  • That is the National Academy of Sciences building (the Keck Building). The Marian Koshland Science Museum is around the corner (6th and E) and is part of the same complex (note – it’s not just a children’s museum).

    The other NAS building in town is at 21st and Constitution and has the Einstein statue out front.

    Hope that helps.

  • That’s an artist’s depiction of an armillary (physical representation of the celestial sky) outside of the National Academies Keck Center on 5th St NW. The various rings rotate in opposing directions. Just to the upper right of the armillary is…my office!

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