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A great step herb garden from H Street, NE. I don’t think I’ve ever seen bag plantings before.  Anyone know if these bags are designed for plants?  If so, what benefit do they add?


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  • They’re Grow Bags and are supposed to be much better for plants than plastic pots. They are supposed to have better drainage, stay cooler in hot weather and you can pick them up and move them anywhere.

  • anon. gardener

    Those actually look like reuse able grocery bags to me – cheaper than the grow bags, and with handles! There are lots of pot alternatives – plastic bags, bags made of landscape fabric, etc. pretty nifty!

  • I walk by that garden on the way to work every day. Just proves that you can have a veggie garden anywhere. I love it!

    And yes, they’re reusable grocery bags which is a great cheap solution.

  • msmaryedith

    I would be scared to use them since it just makes them all the more portable for plant thieves. 🙁

  • I walk by here everyday and I’m wondering how long before some jerk knocks them over or steals one.

  • A little late to this thread, but the other use for the grow bags is for root veggies like carrots and beets that are difficult to grow with traditional plastic or ceramic pots.

  • Starting to like H. St even more!

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