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  • If the food is anything like what’s at Belga Cafe, my expectations aren’t that high. But I’m sure it will be popular with the scenesters that populate the 14th St. corridor.

    • Man, Belga is delicious! Was there one item / visit in particular that turned you off? I go semi-regularly and it never fails to disappoint.

      Despite always being good, there has even been a noticeable improvement since Chef Bart came back from Top Chef. It’s almost like he was challenged and stepped up his game as a result.

    • Wow you are the first person I have ever head complain about Belga. You are either went there on a really off day or you are an obnoxiously negative person. 🙂

    • Yeah, I could only afford to go there once but the food was incredible!

  • “Valet Parking $15” That is the price-point even before you open the front door.

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