Remember Plans for the Guitar Bar?

1216 18th Street, NW

Way back in Oct. 2011 we first learned that the Guitar Bar would be coming to the former Guitar Shop space above Shack Shake:

Upscale tavern serving European sausages, hotdogs, pretzels and popcorns featuring DJ and background music. No designated dance floor – no dancing. Summer Garden with 210 seats. Seating capacity is 60. Total occupancy load is 330.

Hadn’t heard much about the place since. Last week ANC2B posted:

Whereas the construction at this location has begun without appropriate permitting;

Whereas construction continued despite stop work orders issued by the District;

Whereas the construction team illegally removed stop work orders on multiple occasions;

Whereas ANC 2B has already negotiated an alcoholic beverage “Voluntary Agreement” for this location with certain limitations negotiated for the roof structure;

Therefore be it resolved that ANC 2B asks HPRB to ensure that any concept design is consistent with those terms of the Voluntary Agreement;

Be it further resolved that ANC 2B does not currently have objection to the renderings as presented but requests a full presentation to the DCC and the ZPD commmittee prior to the HPRB hearing at the end of April.


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