La Frontera Cantina Becomes Ultimo Lounge in Dupont

1633 17th Street, NW

La Frontera Cantina has reopened as Ultimo Lounge, Tapas Y Carnes, at 1633 17th St, NW. Here’s the new menu:

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  • but will they still have the same slow service? i will miss the pupusas.

  • Same management? I’ve never been, but friends have had awful food experiences there.

  • Anything will have to be better than La Frontera, which is just horrible. Something decent has to open in that space eventually, right?

    • Since there is a moratorium on new liquor licenses on 17th street there is no incentive for businesses to compete.

  • It looks like “Ultimo” not “Ultima”.

  • Tried to go around 9 last night and they told us they’d stopped serving… off to a great start.

  • I know a lot of people who hate this place–it was never notable for either food or service (there was one waiter in particular who they should have fired years ago) and it was probably their location alone that kept them going for so many years. (In fact the patio would often be packed, with not a single person sitting indoors.) But my husband and I never found the food as bad as so many of our friends said it was, and the patio was always a good place to drink margaritas and people watch on a nice day. (We stopped going a couple of years ago when they took our two favorite items off the menu.)

  • I’m just really happy that a tapas place finally opened in the greater Dupont area. I’ve been waiting for years for one.

    • How big do you consider the “greater Dupont area” and how narrowly do you define “tapas”? If you’re willing to walk a few blocks you can find good tapas or tapas-style dishes at many restaurants lately. I’ve enjoyed Estadio, Cork, Masa 14 & Bar Pilar on 14th St., and Rumba Cafe & Meze on 18th in Adams Morgan.

  • Pequeno Platos!!!

  • Frontera was quite good way back when, but I haven’t been in ages. Their deck was nice. From the photo it looks like their patio is now at sidewalk level.

  • food and service were horrible indeed. Tapas are such a tease. You need so many little plates to get full and it ends up costing more.

  • You’re just suppossed to pay more and expect less because its a gay thing! Just like in the Village, mostly B/T crowd.

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