EUR Asian (HotPot BBQ-Tapas) Coming to former Neisha Thai Restaurant in Tenleytown

4445 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word in the forum. For super big fans of Neisha they’re moving to Vienna and reopening in the summer. Stay tuned for an opening date for EUR Asian where renovations are ongoing.


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  • ah

    Sounds like a rather aimless concept for a restaurant.

    Hot pot?

    I fail to see a coherent connection between the 3.

    This sounds like a concept that should be tried out in a food truck first.

    • sounds like it could be successful in a city that likes subs and pizza with its Chinese food.

      • Subs, pizza, and Chinese food? Ugh. What about the fried chicken? Can’t imagine eating subs, pizza, and Chinese food without chicken and steak & cheeses.

  • It’s unlikely to be worse than Neisha was…

    • hopefully not. I don’t get this landlord at all (unless of course they are the restaurant owners themselves). they keep leasing this space to unspectacular restaurants despite the great location of this building literally right across from the Tenley Metro and on Wisconsin Avenue.

    • Neisha was god-awful, but the description of this place doesn’t sound too great, either.

  • POP,

    Looks like this same group is taking over Saigon Bistro on P Street NW near 22nd. They have the same ‘EUR Asian’ sign out front.

  • is it my imagination, or is that a giant tightly coiled pile of dog poop above their entryway?

  • What exactly are BBQ-tapas?

  • Eurasian Pho is also in 2153 P Street, NW Washington, DC. The menu is same, same owners. The food is very delicious. Everyone should come try before the grand opening in Tenleytown, so everyone can get a glimpse on what’s to come in the upcoming months.

  • I hope this is going to be a good place to eat at lunch. I agree with the other comments that this might lack focus on particular cuisine they are offering. They should just focus on one and make it really good. I’m not a fan of mixing everything up and produce a mediocre food.

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