Continuing Our Series of Council Member’s Parking Illegally – Ward 2 Represent!


A reader sends this one in from “a bus stop at 16th and M St, NW on Easter.”

Last week a reader spotted Ward 7 parked illegally outside Eatonville.

Ed. Note: Council Members are not obligated to follow parking regulations.

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  • Be careful Dan…I posted the same type of picture of Jack’s car back in my blogger days and was taken to task about “knowing my place” by both him and one of his minions – it is one of the few “benefits” of the $150k (+/-) a year Council position. Jack gets very touchy when anyone mentions this issue (may be because of the parking situation in his hood).

    • During the summer, I usually see Jack every Saturday morning on my way to the Cycle Life ride. I always make sure to say, “Good Morning Mr. Evans … nice parking space”. He’s never too pleased to see me 😉

  • There is plenty of parking available, and that privilege should not extend to situations that put people in danger.

  • I don’t see why everyone is so worried I mean it just inconveniences a bunch of “bus people”. /s

  • gotryit

    Love the series. Please post any flak you get from arrogant councilmembers.

  • ah

    I thought the obligation was lifted only when on “official business.” I’m sure there’s important business to conduct on Easter, however.

  • Well at least Jack Evans has the common sense to drive a reasonably-priced American-made car.

    Illegal parking seems more of a petty indignity when compared to the offensiveness of a council member driving a $50K luxury SUV while representing a ward where annual incomes in 2/3 of households are less than that.


    • gotryit

      You resent a person for spending their money? What business is it of yours?

      Unless you elect someone who is going to donate 2/3 of their salary then a councilmember will be significantly richer than the median household in many areas.

      • If that person is an elected public official, then it’s everybody’s business!

        • Not that it has anything to do with parking illegally but how what kind of car a council member chooses to spend his.her own money on is actually none of your business. None at all.

          • who died and made you God? People can vote or care about whatever they like, and if you drive a car in a public space (let alone park in a otherwise illegal manner) people have any right to care about and vote for or against you based on your car. Or your parking spot. Or your hair style. Not to say that they should or shouldn’t care or vote based on that – but they have every right to.

            Now if you have some fancy car you keep hidden in a garage on private property somewhere – then no, of course people don’t have the right to break in and find out what car you have hidden there. But if it’s public then people have every right to know and care or not care.

          • Sorry, if you’re a public official, even what you have for breakfast can become a public debate. Them’s the breaks…

        • So run for council on a platform of lowering the council salary. Frankly their pay is a drop in the bucket and in line with other higher tier professionals in the country. Now whether or not that fact is absurd is another more complicated matter, but I’m not sure it’s ever going to be realistic to except a leader of a large city to make the same pay as say a secretary.

          • “Frankly their pay is a drop in the bucket and in line with other higher tier professionals in the country”

            It’s a part-time job

          • And they are not all “professionals”

          • Council members make about the same as high-level managers in the Federal government, which is to say their part-time salaries are substantially more than other public sector “high-tier professionals.” And while the Federal government is hardly a model that inspires confidence, the managers I know there could run laps around what the DC council seems able to accomplish. I’d certainly never call anyone on our council a “high-tier professional.” More like a bunch of high-taste crooks judging from all the recent indictments.

            Furthermore, the point I was trying to make about the Land Rover is that public image should matter to a politician who represents a low-income area. Flaunting a high salary by driving around in a pricey ride seems pretty foolish to me. But hey, apparently it’s not a problem for the residents of ward 7.

          • Actually, the DC Council Salary is the highest for any City Council in the nation. And, yes, it’s part time. Many work at law firms that have business before the DC government quite often… surprise!

    • They both make $150k a year for a PART-TIME job. That is offensive. Yvette can probably afford a nicer car because she lives in a MUCH cheaper part of the city.
      Jack lives in Georgetown and, unlike her, he is a part-time “lawyer” and makes another $230k+ a year, but that doesn’t offend you? His lovely house, which was featured in the Post about a year ago has an outdoor fireplace AND an outdoor TV, but you’re offended by a $50k car.
      I don’t like either or these folks, but let’s not make Jack out to be a good public servant because he drives a wack car.

      • how many hours a week you think they put in? i bet a lot.
        “part-time” or not.

        but i don’t say that to mean the pay is justified.

    I just wrote a letter to his office asking that he set an example and stop doing this. Probably won’t get a real response but just maybe he will.

  • Can we have a new series of photos of council members parking illegally? I’m sure we’d get a daily dose of Jack Evans.

  • I’ve also taken pictures of his car stopped in the middle of the crosswalk, at a red light on Virginia.

  • You can always vote him out.

  • This may be a quibble — or just my poor eyesight, but doesn’t that license say Ward 3? That’s Mary Cheh — not Jack Evans.

    I am familiar with the Evans parking brou-haha, but I don’t know what kind of car he drives.

    “Council Members are not obligated to follow parking regulations.” That may be the case, but examples like this are negative PR issues that are easily avoided by looking for legal parking just like everyone else. Why do these politicians have no common sense?

  • There are 13 members on the city council, in a city of over 600k. Should we really care about this?

  • We get the local government we deserve. If some of these Councilmembers were truly unacceptable to the public they would have been voted out of office already. Instead of focusing on where these people park, we should be demanding daily answers about how they’re working to improve the school system, reduce gun violence, improve transportation options, etc.

  • Ed. Note: Council Members are not obligated to follow parking regulations.

    Only if they are on council business, they can’t just park wherever they want all the time.

  • Council Member For Life- Jack Evans has no regard for any DC traffic laws. I see him weekly parking/parked illegally, he is ALWAYS on his cell phone when he is driving (yes, with his cell phone at his face). I have personally witnessed him breeze through a Red Light that had been red for 30 seconds, coming inches from running over a woman, and yes he was on his cell phone. It’s just a matter of time before he seriously injures someone. His ward residents moan about Marion Barry being in DC politics for life but they’ll keep Jack in for life. What’s the difference?
    Jack has become useless in DC politics. He is settled in his office with a comfortable pillow and foot rest, living life on easy street. He has Ward 2 residents wrapped around his non-cell phone holding fingers.

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