5 Years Ago… You Could Still Get Seafood & Crab at 14th and U St, NW – Soon You’ll Have a Trader Joe’s


Seafood & Crab was located at 1936 14th Street, NW and was home to one of the longest running grand opening signs in the district. The mystery of differentiating crab from seafood was never resolved. The space then briefly became a Chidogo hot dog spot and soon it will be part of the Louis Project featuring a Trader Joe’s.


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  • And it was an Arthur Treacher’s before that. This is big change.

  • This was a running joke with some of my friends: “Why is it Seafood & Crab?” that is like a store called Fruit and Apples.

    • maybe they’re implying that crab can come from other places like bays.

      • Except in America when we say seafood we mean all kinds of aquatic animal life that is eaten regardless of the type of water they live in.

        • Not true with oysters, no? Don’t they usually specify fresh or salt water as they taste different? Just a guess…..

  • Crazy how time can fog your memory, I totally forgot about any/everything pre construction….sad

  • I miss the Kentaco Bell. 🙁

  • Traditional seafood menu usually features old-school favorites like oysters Rockefeller, stuffed lobster tail, and crab imperial where crabs usually are from Maryland waters and the Gulf, are sweet, fresh, and meaty, and steamed.

  • Unfortunately, “Rice” aka mediocre Thai food with pretentious attitude will be back.

    • Rice is still open actually, and is quite good. The shrimp and pumpkin tempura in particular is amazing.

    • I haven’t been there in several years, but I always thought of Rice as one of the few Thai places in DC that doesn’t have mediocre food. They have a lot of dishes that deviate from the usual Thai menu and they’re well executed. I’ve never found service to be pretentious either.

      • Yeah, agreed, Rice is a really good spot. (It’s at 14th and Q, not up here.) Lots of interesting and unusual menu options and I’ve never had a single one that’s mediocre. It does have sort of steep drink prices, but I wouldn’t call it pretentious.

    • justinbc

      No idea what Rice has to do with this project, but I do agree that the food pretty well blows, especially when you factor in the costs.

  • The destruction of ChiDogO’s was a victory for tastebuds everywhere.

    • Who would have thought Chicago hotdogs 800 miles from Chicago could be so horrible? Still, looking forward to trying those Michigan Avenue halfsmokes. I hear they’re making a really “big splash.”

    • No way. Chi-dog-os was amazing late night drunk food.

      Pickles and spicy chilis on a dog? Poppy seed buns? Yes, please.

    • The place was godawful in terms of food and service when it opened, but improved somewhat after that. Still had to dump BBQ sauce on the Italian beef just to make it edible, though.

      Tragic that the only place for an Italian beef and sausage combo that’s even remotely authentic operates out of the parking lot of a home and garden store in Ashburn.

  • brookland_rez

    Can’t believe that was 5 years ago. I did used to like going to the Taco Bell there before going to shows at Black Cat.

  • I can see the sense of “Seafood & Crab” since crab is such a particular thing around here they’re just calling it out; to just say “Seafood” wouldn’t necessarily make it clear that they also carried crab. Sure it could have been worded more precisely (“Crab and Other Seafood”) but it gets the point across.

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