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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Easter Weekend with the family – grandfather in town, bro moving in with his girlfriend, lots of good stuff.

    Rave: It’s Friday and I’m signing off for the weekend at 5PM no internet all weekend.

    Rave: Games and Dessert tonight with friends. Going to make a kick ass cake.

    • mmm cake
      my husband is having friends over for “game day” tomorrow. I’m making 2 quarts of ice cream and we have lots of TJ’s junk food.

  • Rant: This morning someone in my office sent out a memo that was so unclear that nearly every recipient wrote back basically asking, “What? I don’t understand.”

    Rave: It’s Friday, it’s sunny, and tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer.

  • anon. gardener

    Revel: Trumpeter at McPherson Square metro station this morning. So nice to start the day with beautiful music. Reminded me of the things I liked about NYC. We need more of this in DC!

  • Question for PopVille: Does anyone know of places in DC or VA that have adult classes/workshops to take just for fun, that are maybe a 1-2 day long class. Maybe things like creative writing, arts and crafts, etc. I am remembering there used to be something like that in DC called First Class, but it doesn’t seem like they are around anymore. Any suggestions?

    Rave: Friday, and the sun is shining, and spring is coming (well, technically spring is here, but it’s finally starting to FEEL like it!)

  • Rave: You commenters of Popville are some of the funniest folks I have ever interacted with on these internets. That deer posting from yesterday had some gems that still have me chuckling. I must say this is one of the most lighthearted, entertain and informative blogs in DC. Kudos to you all and to PrinceofPetworth.
    Revel: I finally get to see Lincoln and Argo tonight.
    Revel 2: ITS FRIDAAAY!!
    Rant (because there had to be one): I have debris in my eyes. Not floaters per my ophthalmologist but the eye washes and drops arent working and these things just annoy the sh*t outta me!

  • Rant: neighbors putting beer bottles directly into alley trash cans. The wind blows them over and the bottles break in the alley. I get cited by DPW for wayward trash that wind blows into my back yard, yet people who leave mattresses and all kinds of junk behind their houses for months have no problems. DCPW does a HORRIBLE job of trash collection, actually causing more problems than they solve. FIX this DC Gov! >:[

    Rave: Finally Friday, 2 days off from people plotting to undermine me at work! Yeah!

    • The trash and recycle dudes LOVE to place the bins right in front of the parking spots behid our house in the alley, rather than to the side where it doesn’t block access to the parking spots or to the alley.

      • They have so much contempt for residents it’s getting to be really bad. I’d leave them tips, but they’re far from deserving with this behavior. Also, DC has taken away most of the trash cans on roads so trash is everywhere on streets, blowing east every time the wind kicks up. I got a ticket for trash in my front yard just the other day for trash bags that blew over from a neighbor’s house. They also have no way to pay these tickets online. Almost makes me want to move to Hawaii. 🙂

  • RAVE: I hope everyone has a blessed Easter.

  • rave: syracuse! elite 8!
    rant: people who leave their iphones on the loudest setting at work all day and hearing it beep every time they get an email, message, etc.

  • Rave: I love telecommuting. Love love love love love.

    Rant: Fiance’s job is really taking advantage of him, and he’s tolerating it, but I really wish he would tell his boss “No” every once in a while. Too much travel, too long of a commute, not enough pay, and a new, non-senior guy might be making more than him (been there for 5 years). Hope a new opportunity opens up for him ASAP.

  • Thank you for posting this photograph.

  • Rave: Good weather

    Rave: It’s Friday and I’m leaving work at 1pm. Gonna get crunked.

    Rave: My Soundcloud stream has tons of good new music. I love waking up and finding all the stuff European producers and DJs uploaded while I was asleep. Awesome-sauce.

  • A Good Friday to Everybody.

  • rant: NH school district banning dodge ball, really? I think people are getting a little carried away.
    rave: it’s Friday!

  • Rave? – Is it really spring or is mother nature being a tease?

    Rave: Frozen lo mein noodles. Bought and cooked some last night. Don’t know why I’ve been using dry all my life. The frozen ones are cheap, tasty and easy to cook. I’m going to stock up on them the next time I go to an Asian market.

  • After POP my favorite DC blog was DC Mud, it has gone quiet, any one knows what happened?

  • Rant: I took my tired, still somewhat sick butt to work yesterday and to the doctor too. Turns out I have the flu (had the flu shot).

    Rave: I’m not at my office today.

    Rant: I had to cancel the Easter/Passover/Birthday/Atheist brunch I was planning to make for my fam Sunday. I also can’t go with them to Dino tonight.

    Rave: my doctor was very good yesterday. I got in the same day, he was friendly and thorough.

    Rant: the CVS pharmacy in Columbia Heights. That place is a cluster. It has better hours than Target, but that’s because it takes them twice as long to get you your prescription.

    • My friend works at the Unity health clinic across the street. He tells all his patients to get their meds at Target and to avoid that CVS at all costs. The CVS has stellar reviews on yelp too- 1 star!

      • Yeah, I normally get my prescriptions at Target, but I left the doctor after 7pm, so it was CVS or wait til this morning and have to venture out again. I wish the two of them would swap hours. But I guess that’s the only way the CVS can compete.

        • i can’t stand this cvs either. finally, i had enough and switched to target. even though cvs has better hours, i have just had to plan around it because nothing is worth the frustration of that cvs.

          • The line at this CVS is always ridiculous. When they designed the place I dunno how they expected to handle the cash register flow. It wouldn’t be Petworth if they weren’t always out of something you reall need every time you go though. 😛

    • saf

      I like the pharmacy at Giant.

  • Major Revel: All the heterosexuals who have been supportive of gay people. It’s been weird over the last few days getting used to having so many people advocating for me and my family so publicly — when I’ve gotten used to bracing for the worst all the time. It’s a very moving feeling that’s hard to explain.

    Small rant (or more like a lament): You straight but supportive heteros may never realize or get thanked for the difference you’ve made, even for people you don’t know.

  • Rave: 29 weeks along today — solidly into the third trimester & everything seems to continue to progress well

    Rave: went for a 6+ mile run yesterday for the first time in awhile, and it felt great!

    Rant: also went for my usual 3.5mi walk with my wife this morning, and wanted to lie down 2 miles in because my back & under my (growing) belly were aching so much. I guess that was too much. Fortunately, I felt better by the end of my walk & felt even better after laying on the couch for 45 minutes. I guess I really do need to slow down even more….

  • Rant: I am on the phone with Comcast AGAIN for my bill. I could be employed by them- that is how often I have to call because my bill is incorrect, they jacked up my pricing, or I have to call again to get a “new” promotion. This is officially the worst company in the world.

    • Yes! I was on the phone with them yesterday. I’ve always had my own modem, but for the past two months they’ve been charging me to rent one. They said something about an internal audit of their equipment. So, if your bill has gone up lately I would check that out.

  • Revel: Leaving for first solo trip two weeks from today. Heading to Vietnam for 2 weeks. Very excited & nervous at the same time!

    Revel: Have lost 30 pounds since October. Only 5 more to go until I reach my goal weight!

    • I got to Vietnam often for work and I love it out there. Have fun! Make sure to go to Halong Bay (lovely!) and if you have time, to Hoi An (and get nice, cheap clothing made). Enjoy the food… I lose weight in Vietnam b/c I end up eating super healthy meals full of veggies.

      • The year was 1968. We were on recon in a steaming Mekong delta. An overheated private removed his flack jacket, revealing a T-shirt with an ironed-on sporting the MAD slogan “Up with Mini-skirts!”. Well, we all had a good laugh, even though I didn’t quite understand it. But our momentary lapse of concentration allowed “Charlie” to get the drop on us. I spent the next three years in a POW camp, forced to subsist on a thin stew made of fish, vegetables, prawns, coconut milk, and four kinds of rice. I came close to madness trying to find it here in the States, but they just can’t get the spices right!

    • congrats on your weight loss, i know how hard it is. i’ve lost 23, and still have 20 to go. keep it up!


    Revel: Not actually going to die.

    Revel? I managed to make it to work like a functional human.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Allergies acting up. This is my least favorite time of the year in DC because I seem to be allergic to everything that grows here.

    Rave: When allergies arrive I know summer is right around the corner, wheeee!

  • rave: Friday!

    rave: some warmer weather and sunshine!

    rave: FINALLY on the verge of finishing my master’s thesis!!!

  • Rant: Sweetgreen! I LOVE their salads, however, their pricing structure drives me nuts because it is not friendly to non-meat eaters. For example, their seasonal salad has bacon in it and costs $8.85. If you ask for no bacon they will still try to charge you $8.85 at the register; there is no price for those who want to order the seasonal salad vegetarian style. When I order the items individually like a make your own salad, and just add tofu which would make the salad $8.00, I have to explain it to the register person everytime who has to then confirm it with the salad makers. It makes me feel cheap having to explain it everytime when ordering it, and its a real pain in the ass for all of the parties involved!

  • Rave: Daffodils. Warmer temperatures.

    Rant: Getting tired of having to make 311 requests to compensate for neighbors who either don’t know the process for bulk trash disposal or don’t care.

  • Rant: the person who brought a creepy Tomb cake to work. Google it…

  • novadancer

    sort of rant: just when I was feeling we were finallly back on track financially after all the flood repairs on the way to metro I see a woman come out of a house a block away wearing a fur jacket and louboutins! Not that I wear fur but the shoes… sigh

    • You know, I feel the same way when I look at some of my favorite guilty pleasure fashion blogs. But then I think A. where do they keep all that designer clothing they never repeat? B. I wonder how much money they spend on this stuff, I save enough every month to buy Louboutins, but I choose my future over shoes. You never know what their actual financial situation is just because they’re wearing $800 shoes. And C. Why am I reading this again?

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