Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Bloomingdale

101 U Street Northwest

This rental is located at 101 U Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Just behind Windows Cafe’……Sun filled mid level apartment in1906 historical end row house. Walk to Shaw/Howard U METRO.HUGE living room, lg. bedroom, eat in kitchen leads out to rear porch and yard for entertaining. Off street parking in side yard. High ceilings make this home feel much larger than it is. Pets welcome w/deposit.”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,650/Mo.

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  • novadancer

    more like across from the new reservoir market than windows…

  • Is this like a stock shot for buildings in the neighborhood, or are there multiple units being listed on GDoN in the same building?

  • This building (and maybe this exact unit) was discussed already on PoP in mid-December:

    If it wasn’t a good deal at $1500 I don’t see how it’s a good deal at $1650. That building is shady.

  • this place is a dump owned by a church. I think there have been discussions on PoP before about this property. Serious dump. I wish the church would sell it to someone that would make it nice.

  • Yeah I keep seeing this place posted. Doesn’t look like it is in nice shape.

  • “Off-street parking in side yard.” Yard parking — Love it!

    • Is that even legal in D.C.?

      I was wondering this because a house up the street from me that’s on a corner lot had squeezed THREE cars into its tiny side lot.

  • This house is an eye sore. The yard and the tree box on 1st street are always full of trash that me or other neighbors have to pick-up. In the summer that tree box is a rat nest and a clear threat to our neighborhood’s health. Also, if the day is not too breezy, you can clearly smell a pungent marihuana odor emanating from the house on to the street. I can’t wait to see some developer turn around this otherwise beautiful corner house.

    • Why don’t you and the rest of the neighbors petition the city to remove the tree box? Or just remove it yourselves?

      I doubt the owners of the house would even notice that it’s gone. It’s also on city property, so the owners can’t really do much to stop you.

      • Aside from the logistics (how would one remove a tree box — put down concrete in the middle of the night?), I think 1st Street Neighbour could get in trouble with the city for messing with the tree box.

        A better idea would be to call 311 to request a “rat abatement” for the tree box and yard.

        But I sympathize with 1st Street Neighbour… it’s a pain in the @ss to have to place 311 requests, pick up litter, etc. all the time because your neighbors are [email protected] who can’t be bothered to pick up after themselves.

  • LOL… they raised the price?! that is golden…. what a shit show

  • I really enjoyed when they cleared out the house after the previous tenant and left a mattress and couch on the street for many weeks. My dog peed on them at least twice a day.

    I know this house has a separate basement apartment, but I wonder if the main house is also split into apartments…?

  • I went to check out this apartment a few weeks ago. Talk about a weird set up. The front door opens into a large vestibule that is shared by the upstairs unit. The vestibule has about 4 doors in it, one leading to the upstairs unit, another leading one large room that is off to the right of the vestibule, completely segregated from the rest of the unit. The other doors lead to another large room and the hallway to the kitchen and bath. I think the best way to describe it would be two studio apartments with a shared kitchen and bath. Definitely not a real apartment.

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