Checking Out Awesome Row House Roof Decks Vol. 4

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You can see Vol. 3 here.

Our roofdeck in Columbia Heights.  It took approximately a week to build, and uses a stairwell from the main floor up to a small loft area for access.  Instead of using wood, which must be treated and can stress the roof unevenly, it uses VAST composite permeable pavers and Shoreline vinyl railings, which weigh less and are easier to maintain.  Because the roof is nearly flat, we have two in-roof drains installed, which carry water under the decking to downspouts.


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  • Can I use your deck for tanning this summer? Deck looks great. and seems like your roof line is higher than surrounding houses which makes for a clear expansive view. sweet!

  • I want to go to there.

  • Good tip on Shoreline. We’re looking to put up a fence so I’m going to give them a call to compare prices. I liked the look of their products.

    • Please think twice if eco-friendliness is an objective. Vinyl is toxic, has high embodied-energy, and isn’t quite durable enough to have a useful second life. Regionally sourced, FSC-certified cedar would be a better choice for a long-lasting fence. A natural, opaque stain could give more of a solid color look if that’s what you prefer, and it wouldn’t look as dirty when the city soot settles on it after a few weeks.

  • That looks like a lot of impermeable surface for a rooftop. They would have been better off with a garden with a nice shade tree.

    • Danny, seriously? I couldn’t read the only paragraph that clearly states they used a permeable paver for the job? The one that includes a link to said paver to save you the trouble of googling?

      • My bad, misread. It does look like it would get a lot of sun and a shade tree would be great by that grill!

        • Forgive me if this is a stupid question but why does it matter whether the pavers are permeable?

        • +1

          That deck must be blistering hot in the summertime without shade. A shade tree would be magnificent. Or perhaps a very bushy plant?

          • A tree big enough to give meaningful shade is going to be too heavy for a roof deck! There are plenty of umbrellas & shades available. This photo looks like a brand new (great!) deck. I’m sure there will be container plants soon.
            And if anyone is interested, Renee’s Garden Seeds has lots of decorative edible container plants this year – all kinds of chard.

          • Victoria, it wouldn’t have to be a heavy tree, obviously. Something like a maple would be lightweight and would bring some color to the cold, grey surface.

  • Is this roof deck being primarily used for STORAGE? Seems like a waste with those views!

    • They probably put their patio furniture in STORAGE when deck-lounging weather is scant. During the winter, for instance. /checks calendar

    • if i had a roof deck i would definitely store my roof deck furniture on my roof deck.

  • Is this near the 11th and Park dog park? I was walking my pit pup Lucy near here and almost got pelted with a water balloon from somewhere up above. This roof deck looks like a prime suspect.

    • I thought that dog park banned pits. I’ve been taking my pup to Upshur. Can you still bring your pit to the dog park on Park at 11th?

      • Anon, not to revive this tired thread again, but who is telling you that you can’t bring your pit to the dog park? I’ve seen pits at the 11th and Park dog park and they are usually the most well behaved dogs there. Usually its the little rat dogs that are yapping and provoking the others.

        • Well, I thought so too, until I heard about a ban on pits. Also Candy’s pit was attacked with water balloons. Seems kind of pit hostile over there.

  • Are you in a historic district? Any issues with permitting?

  • This is great! Did you do this yourself, or use a contractor? If so, I’d love to know the name. Thanks!

  • One week?? That couldn’t possibly include the loft area. You’re just talking about the pavers, drains, and railings, right?

  • I’d still love to get the name of the contractor for this job. Any updates from the poster?

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