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  • bfinpetworth

    Burma is quite good. Some very interesting “salads” including a squid salad and a ginger salad that became addictive to me for a brief period.

  • But their arrow points in the wrong direction, no?

    • passive aggressive x2!

    • Exactly what I was thinking! As for Kanlaya, the food isn’t bad and the location is convenient, but I stopped going after my vegan friend discovered that the curries they had been assuring her for years were vegan-friendly actually had fish sauce in them. I’d like to try Burma again because I can’t remember what I’ve had to eat there, any recommendations?

      • Ugh, secretly-lurking fish sauce is probably the biggest thing standing in my way of being more adventurous with Asian and Southeast Asian restaurants (and I really enjoy the bona fide vegetarian dishes of both cuisines). For me as a vegetarian, it’s just an annoyance, but my bf is allergic to fish and has had a couple of past close calls with hidden fish sauce or fish paste, so it’s usually safer for us to just avoid.

  • The word BURMA is rather prominent on the neighboring awning – if people have trouble reading that, they might have trouble reading this sign too. But oh well. Literacy.

    • The problem is, Burma is upstairs… so new customers might be confused and think they have to go through the other door. I can easily see how that could happen.

  • Burma is good, that’s why they probably have so many people asking for it

  • love Burma. The mango pork is fantastic.

  • I can see how people could get confused. There’s also a Burma sign in the upper left corner of the photo.

  • Burma is solid, Kanlaya is the definition of unremarkable.

  • I like Kanlaya. But lol that sign.

  • Kanlaya was passable, until a cockroach crawled across my table.

  • Burma is very authentic and very good. Don’t bother with Kanlaya, the new Thai place across the street, Absolute Thai, is the best I’ve had in several years. Note that Absolute is real Thai, which means really spicy. If you prefer the sugary sweet entrees, go to Kanlaya.

  • I had a horrible dining experience at Kanlaya and go out of my way to tell people never to eat there (and I love Thai food). The service there was awful. However, Burma is one of my favorites. I love the spicy mustard plant and the mango pork. Their seaweed salad is also very good.

  • I’ve had positive experiences with Kanlaya and never been to Burma.

  • I like Kanlaya and have found it preferable to most Thai restaurants I’ve tried in DC (that might be low praise). Service has always been good, and the dishes I’ve selected have been at least satisfactory.

    The Burma place didn’t do it for me when I went a couple years ago, but maybe I just don’t like Burmese food. The atmosphere was mediocre, as well.

  • The last time I went to Kanlaya, the first thing the host said to me was, “Burma is next door,” which I thought was odd since I had come with the intention of going to Kanlaya. It was like he was trying to send my next door. I used to like Kanlaya, but I think the quality of their food has gone down. I always ask for my food there (I order noodles normally) without fish sauce, which I automatically do at Thai places. I do agree that Absolute Thai was much better than my last experience at Kanlaya. I have only been to Burma once and found their food to be underwhelming but could have ordered the wrong thing.

  • I returned to Kanlaya after a pleasant dining experience with my father. My friend and I were seated and waited about 10-15 minutes without anyone coming over to us to acknowledge our presence or take our drink order. I stormed out and will never return. Well, maybe I ‘ll stop in one more time, but only to ask where Burma is.

  • Burma is an amazing little gem. Kanlaya has steadily declined in service and quality of food over the last five or so years.

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