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  • Ewwwww. Seriously, what is the phobia against ground floor retail? All new multi-unit buildings should be required to have it.

    • What retail would you put here? These two blocks are 100% residential. Doesn’t really make sense to have any kind of retail here. Prior to this building, there was a corner store that went bust (and thus was vacant) and Cupid Cleaners (which has moved down a couple blocks on 17th).

      • +1… a healthy city environment doesn’t mean that every corner has to have retail on it. in fact, businesses congregate because of a whole host of economic reasons… the economics of this corner said “i want condos”.

    • There’s a glut of retail one-to-two blocks away. Walking’s good for you!

    • In recent years, having a condo building being mixed-use (i.e., part commercial, part residential) has made financing for the condo units more difficult to come by if the commercial portion exceeds a certain percentage.

  • What these pictures don’t show is the scary house right across the street with all kinds of sketchy people hanging out on the front steps.

    • I thought that the people that lived in the “scary house” moved? I live a few blocks away and one (or two?) of the houses across the street is being renovated. I’m not sure if it is the storied scary house or not though.

    • i remember hearing about a super sketchy house on that block… but forget why the people there sucked so much… drug dealing?

    • So when you say “sketchy people” who live across the street do you mean the St. Albans student? Do you mean the former DC Superior Court staffer? Do you mean the AU catering manager? Do you mean the blind guy? Do you mean the Virginia State student? Do you mean the carpenter and AAU coach? Or do you mean the people who have moved out like the All-American basketball player who is now a banker?

        • Please what? Every single one of those people who I talked about actually live across the street.

          • My point is that the activity surrounding 1701/1703 Euclid has a long and storied and somewhat apocryphal history for the neighborhood. To deny that it has harbored some criminal element, or that there has been no harassment whatsoever (sometimes quite violent), is naive or willingly turning a blind eye. That’s a long, long way from saying that everybody associated is criminal scum.

            I will agree with you that newcomers hear made up horror stories in whispered tones, and it’s easy to mock that reaction. However, the viewpoint put forth by the CP story is only part truth. It was equally revisionist, conciliatory crap reporting.

          • I used to live 2 doors down from that corner (’06-’09) and eye-witnessed one drive-by shooting (on euclid between 17th and ontario, luckily I was walking on the “right” side of the street at the time;) “ear-witnessed” another shooting on that corner (multiple shots but no injuries).

            That, and our stoop was essentially an open-air drug market.

            No hyperbole.

        • You may also want to actually read the City Paper article.

      • Jesus Christ. No, I think anon was talking about the gang that has hung out on that corner for years.

      • tonyr

        Well the Virginia State student won’t be causing much trouble. The commute to/from Petersburg must be a bitch.

      • You’re absolutely right. Euclid is one of the safest streets in DC, if not the world. Go to any street named “Euclid” in any street in America and what will you find? Rainbow farting unicorns. It has something to do with geometry.

      • We mean the poor ones…hello!!!

    • If you found them to be scary, I am guessing you find most of Columbia Heights to be quite frightful.

      • Why yes, in fact I often do. There are a lot of useless, troublemaking, thug-gansta wannabes hanging out around in the vicinity of CH. Just like the guys hanging out across the street from the shiny new condos at 17th and Euclid.

        • Don’t be a weenie. Everyone is not out to get you. I walk by this corner often, and it’s relatively safe and has improved considerably.

    • They’re fine. I’ve walked past morning, afternoon, night and the worst they’ve said to me was “Have a good [insert time of day]!”

      • “But but but but……black people! Scary!”

        I’d consider offering a first born child for one of these (non-basement level) apartments. These are really nice and in a great location. I absolutely love this neighborhood, the creative architecture, and walk-ability. This is actually the perfect location – it far away enough from the Adams Morgan riff-raff (but still close enough to walk there), one block from the HT, and close to the 16th Street bus lines.

        In the long run, 1701/1703 Euclid is going to be marginalized they’ll be just another First Timer who was smart enough to buy when the buyin’ was cheap. Wannabe gangsters get old, tired, and in need of a nap. I’d be more than happy to have them as my neighbor.

        • Honestly though, to say people are apprehensive about this corner because the hangabouts are black is ridiculous and dishonest. The corner is a legitimate nuisance and not something worth defending.

  • I hope each unit comes with its own personal security guard.

  • I like the architechture. It’s a good looking building. And it has balconies!

  • Does the Porsche belong to the 1-7 Crew?

  • Most of the units have already been sold.

  • Dang I lived at 1753 Euclid for 3 years… definitely surprising.

  • A “before” pic, from Google Street View:


    • Thanks for the link. What I really like about this development is that it puts the back part of the lot to productive use:


  • I live down 17th from this new place.

    1) the 1-7 crew has been moved out as they closed the apts at 2424 17th that most of the crew lived in. These will now be converted to luxury condos as well
    2) the parking lot behind HT will also become luxury condos in the next coupla years
    3) the condos located on top of HT should be finished shortly
    4) the family that lives in 1701 Euclid are very nice people – talk to them all the time when I am out walking the dog.

    The CP article above is from almost 10 years ago. All the Popvillers screaming about how “unsafe” my neighborhood is wouldn’t be walking around Park & 11th or 9th & U 10 years ago either. Time and money have changed DC significantly.

    Is there still crime in Reed Cooke section of Adams Morgan? Certainly – a few random assaults on bar patrons returning to their vehicles in and around Ontario Rd. Most crime in this area is now car break-ins (which are still quite significant).

    As to the idea of ground floor retail – there would be little point. The HT has served the grocery needs of the area, the dry cleaners moved to a bigger storefront and this section of Adams Morgan has an overlay that does not allow alcohol to be served for onsite consumption. You can walk to 18th in 5 minutes or up to Columbia in 2, so the restaurants stay there.

    • Thank you for providing an articulate, informed comment. I think those who criticize this corner haven’t been there in quite awhile (if ever).

    • +1 – I lived in that neighborhood for ten years until I moved to Col Hts 1.5 yrs ago, and I never had any trouble of any kind on that corner. Well.. except for one time when I came across a guy bleeding from gunshot wounds in the crosswalk, but that’s another story.

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