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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Nephew spent all weekend talking about how he is being bullied at Mundo Verde Public Charter School. Teacher is aware and seen witnessing events but does nothing.

    • Can you or the parents do a class sit in (where you are the class parent of the day). My friend did that when her nephew was being bullied (the teacher either didnt care or didnt know how to deal with it), saw it happening and spoke to the parents of the kid who was doing the bullying. Nipped it right in the bud.

    • Go over the teacher to the pricicpal and/or counselor. Don’t take ‘no’ for an anwer.

  • Rant: Received a phone call at 3:15 am Sunday morning from a man with a heavy Indian Accent. He informed me that he was having trouble processing the magazine subscription I had recently ordered and asked that I give him my credit card information.

  • gotryit

    Rave: got bumped from grand jury selection to petit jury! Never been happier to have regular jury duty.

    • My buddy got grand jury duty. He was informed that he would still be expected to maintain his current workload at work. He is debating moving back to Virginia… I don’t blame him. Expecting people to give up five weeks of their life is absurd.

  • RANT: Yet more violence on (near) U Street over the weekend. I am seriously considering selling my place and moving out to the suburbs. It sorta defeats the purpose of living downtown in order to have restaurants, stores, etc within walking distance of home if I am scared to leave my home after dark to go to any of them.

    • What time was the violence? I am not seeing much in the way of violent crimes here until the wee hours of the morning?

      • It was at 2:00 AM. So are you saying it is “okay” for this to happen at those hours? I prefer to live somewhere that I feel safe walking outside my door no matter what time that may be.

        • Crime happens everywhere. I certainly experienced my fair share when I lived in NoVA.

          • “Crime happens everywhere.”

            Not with the same frequency.

          • ugh, not that crazy talk again.

          • I guess all the gang activity in VA is just a figment of my imagination. Carry on.

          • Depends on where you live in Virginia. I live in Virginia and feel perfectly safe taking my dog out to walk at all hours of the night. We often forget to lock our doors and have never really worried about it. Although we can’t walk to restaurants or stores, I do live in a community where all kids (elementary through High School) walk to school. So there are pros and cons to wherever you live, just got to choose what you prefer.

        • Thanks for the update. You are right that no time is a good time to hear about this happening in your neighborhood. But using the restaurants, stores, etc should be safe between normal operating hours too.

    • I’m pretty sure your chances of dying tragically at a young age would be higher if you moved to the suburbs because getting into a fatal car accident out there is a lot more likely than being the victim of violent crime near U Street.

      • Do you have a statistic to back that comment up or did you just pull that out the air from nowhere?

        • I guess I’m basing it mostly on my own experiences of seeing anywhere from 2 to 5 accidents every day when I used to commute 12 miles from VA. Most of them were minor, of course, but I also saw plenty that looked really bad. I can’t say I witness crime with anywhere near the same frequency since moving here. One can also argue that the extra 2-3 hours of city in a car every day takes years off one’s life. I definitely noticed an improvement in my physical well-being once I left the suburbs.

        • There were a lot more people that died in car accidents last year than were murdered. If you eliminate the planned murders (drug dealer killing drug dealer) as I presume you are not a drug dealer, and only limit it to random murders/robberies etc, the odds are substantially more likely for the car crash death.

          According to http://www.nhtsa.gov/NCSA 32,367 died in car crashes. That is about .01% of the population. Of the 85 something murders in DC last year, anecdottally, I would guess about 10 were random. Probably less. 10/600,000=.0017% so yes, you are about 6 times more likely to die in a car crash than you are to be murdered in DC. Assuming OP isn’t a convenience store/liquor store employee, the odds likely fall even further.

          • Good answer. If you use the stats on car crash fatalities in the DC suburbs vs the national numbers I’m sure the odds are even greater.

          • Do you have a stat on the number of people that were killed in automobile accidents within a 10-block radius of U Street vs. the number of people that were victims of violent crimes within a 10-block radius of U Street? I still had rather take my chances driving to NOVA during rush hour rather than walking near U Street after midnight.

    • U Street is getting worse and worse. This is what happens when too many bars and clubs are allowed to open. I am so glad that I sold my place there and moved to Fairfax County.

      • Honest question: Is it getting worse? Or is it that more affluent people hang out there now so notice when things like this happen there? Because my impression from visiting DC 10-15 years ago (before I moved here) is that that U Street corridor as a whole is a much safer area than it was then, but my impression is based on no data.

  • Rave: Pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale this am – lost five pounds that did NOT want to go away. Now on to the next five!

    Rant: Sequestration stress – I have consulting work lined up but fear some may be cancelled. Financial stress!

    • Congrats on the weight loss! I’ve experienced something similar before-I’ll feel like I’m trying everything, but the weight just will not go away. It’s so rewarding when it finally does!

  • Rave: The Refinance from Hell that we started last summer is supposed to close today. Fingers crossed that it actually happens this time.

  • RANT: The woman doing yoga on the Shaw-Howard platform this morning. 1.) You’re trying too hard and 2.) that’s just NASTY.

    RAVE: Hopefully getting the latest chapter of the Kaylee friend dramazzz. I am riveted, to say the least. LOL.

    • I was looking for another post from her too! I’m glad I’m not the only one…

      • What’s her deal? I only saw her when my train from U Street pulled into the station. She was outside my window, so I could only scope her out for about 15-20 seconds.

        Does she do this every day? Is she insane? Or is she just a Burner?

        I NEED TO KNOW!

        • Ooops, nevermind. JB is talking about Kaylee, I got confused.
          I wish we could edit our damn posts! Grrrrrrrrrr.

          I really want to know why this woman was doing yoga on the train platform.

          • Hehehe, yes I was talking about Kaylee.

            I’m not even sure what I’d say to the yoga lady. Did her parents pay too much attention to her? Too little? Maybe she had a cramp? My favorite metro character is a gentleman that I refer to as “Katy Perry guy.” He’s a middle aged white guy wearing regular office dress, and he’s always blasting the same Katy Perry songs on his headphones every time I see him. I can hardly contain my glee when I see him. I almost don’t want to know what’s behind it. I like to just think that it’s his favorite song.

    • Unfortunately, no updates on the drama today. I did go to a going away party for a mutual friend on Saturday night. Two of the three women were there, but they only came for about 20 minutes we managed to avoid each other. The next big update probably won’t be until Thursday, as I’m supposed to meet with them Wednesday evening. Sorry to disappoint!

    • There’s something really relaxing and wonderful about doing yoga outdoors. I wouldn’t feel relaxed doing it on a metro platform with everyone watching, but maybe it’s the only way she could squeeze it into her morning. Why did it bother you though? I personally enjoy seeing people using public urban spaces as an extension of their homes.

      • If any of the yoga involved putting her hands on the floor of the platform – then ugh.

      • It’s attention needy, IMO. Hence why I just rolled my eyes. It’s one thing to sit in the park and do some yoga or meditate on your own. It’s quite another to do it on a gross & busy metro platform.

        She was doing this pose. No yoga mat and she was wearing a winter coat. So strange.


        • Yeah, there’s no reason for a mat if you’re just doing triangle pose. Seems like it would be hard to get the full stretch with a coat on though.

          I’ll admit, there are a lot of times where I wish I could bust out a few yoga poses while I’m waiting for something or on the train– I’m so stiff in the morning! But I would feel too self-conscious.

      • “I personally enjoy seeing people using public urban spaces as an extension of their homes.”

        This is hilarious, as running through my head are quite a few scenarios of things people do in their homes that you would certainly not enjoy seeing in public.

        And certainly not on public transportation. A park is not a metro platforum and a metro platform is not a park.

        • I mean things like reading, exercising, playing games… most Americans spend all their time holed up in private spaces, and one of the things I love about being in the city is that there are more people out doing things.

          • I hear you – I just went into total amusement mode with the idea of people treating public spaces like “extensions of their homes”.

            Like people doing laundry in MXMHPark fountains and hangin the laundry on lines strung up between trees, or people sitting in a barcalounger on a metro platform watching their widescreen tv in their underoos, whilst eating handfuls of doritos… and those were the SFW ones

  • Rave: Super fun time at the DC Funk Punk Throwback Jam yesterday.

    Rant: We stayed til the end, which meant I was extra excited to get up in time to make it to my 8:00 meeting in Clarendon. I need a nap.

  • homerule

    Revel: Yesterday’s weather was beautiful! Roll on Spring!

    Rant: Running into issues taking our dog on buses. Both WMATA and the Circulator allow non-service dogs securely *in* carriers. We were denied entry (after paying our fare) yesterday, and the driver even called dispatch, who said no– despite their websites clearly stating otherwise!

    I know this is a minor rant, but it was frustrating.

    • That is frustrating! I’ve taken my dog (securely in his carrier) on WMATA buses multiple times, but never on the Circulator. It’s frustrating to not be able to get where you’re going because the driver won’t follow the rules!

    • Next time carry a print out from their web site with the “dogs allowed in crates” highlighted.

  • Rant: Yesterday around 5:00 PM about 40-50 motorcycles, quads and dirt bikes roared south on 14th st, blowing through a red light at 14th and U. They trapped pedestrians in the cross walk and cars that were turning onto U. They were crisscrossing lanes, heading at oncoming traffic – someone easily could have been hurt or killed. Anyone have an idea of what that was?

  • Rave: Sunny weather today and yesterday!

    Rant: Last night around 7pm, there was a man standing in the middle of the street at 14th and T seemingly trying to direct traffic. He did not appear homeless or particularly drunk, and he seemed quite amused with himself. People were laying on their horns and yelling at him, but he just stood there. I was so annoyed at the time that I didn’t call 311, but I should’ve. I don’t know how he didn’t get hit!

    • There was a guy doing this two weekends ago at Georgia Ave and Hamilton. Although, this guy was acting more like a Matador playing chicken with the cars and definitely seemed as if he was on PCP…

    • He sounds like the guys that stand around “helping” people parallel park their cars. They don’t look homeless but it also doesn’t look like they are employed by someone to do that job. I guess they just hope someone throws a tip their way?

      • The thing was, he wasn’t towards the side of the road as if directing people to park, he was smack in the middle of the intersection (blocking traffic on both 14 st and T st). I don’t know that he was playing chicken, because he was not moving out of the way for the cars, they’d had to swerve around him. It was so bizarre!

      • For what it’s worth, “helping” people park their cars (and obviously expecting $ to do so) or offering to “watch” people’s cars is considered aggressive panhandling and is illegal.

    • saf

      That is a police/public safety matter. Please call 911 when you see things like that.

  • msmaryedith

    Rant: the two most recent episodes of This American Life about Harper High. I just can’t stop thinking about it! Just heartbreaking.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I share your rant. I haven’t finished the episodes because I can’t listen to them all at once, I need a break. It’s so heartbreaking. I was crying at my desk Friday listening to the part about the kid who accidentally shot his brother. I just want to give him a hug.

  • homerule

    Great idea! We had it on our phone and offered to show her, but she declined. Paper form it is!

  • Rave: Just starting a basic sommelier course at Capital Wine School in Friendship Heights. It’s a great little school and I’d highly recommend it!

    Rant: Anne Hathaway. There is no one more annoying and she did not deserve an Oscar for appearing in a horribly-adapted musical for 8 minutes.

  • Wow, what a beautiful photo! 🙂

  • rave/rant: friday night mistake
    rave: oh well 🙂

  • Rant: This has been the day from HELL, one of those days where I feel like a complete failure at everything.

    Rant: I’d run straight from work to the bar except eating and most likely drinking anything alcoholic makes my stomach hurt.

    Rave: At least I didn’t fall up the stairs with millions of people watching?

  • RAVE: Looooooooooooooooove the sell-off at the close of the market today. Ended up 30%+ today alone on my long, double-leveraged volatility positions. Good job Berlusconi and the GOP! The smart money sold in the last few weeks while the dumb money piled into the markets. People are going to be eating their underwear this time next week.

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