Daikaya Ramen Shop Opening 5pm Feb. 14th in Chinatown

705 6th Street, NW

The Post’s Tom Sietsema tweets:

“Finally! @Daikayadc opens V-Day, “just for ramen on the first floor” says Daisuke Utagawa, the owner with @chefkatsuya”

You can see what Daikaya looked like here back in May 2012.

Get ready for some “authentic ramen bowls amongst other Asian-influenced dishes.”

Daikaya’s facebook page says 5pm Feb. 14th:

walk-ins only for ramen, no reservations – our izakaya upstairs will take reservations when it opens but that won’t be for a while”

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  • Thanks goodness. I was beginning to think there wasn’t enough places to get ramen in this town. If there’s one thing DC is exceedingly good at it is imitating trends until it’s almost comical.

    • +1 but Ramen is actually the first trend DC could really use in a long time. It’s highly underserved, and once it catches on I think it will be just as loved as Pho restaurants.

    • Yeah it’s totally stupid that businesses should try to make money on things people want to buy!

      • I’m not questioning the business decision. Obviously these types of businesses will continue to pop up and potentially stay open until people get tired of them and move on to the next trend.

        My point is more that we in DC (in this case both business owners and consumers) tend to be a rather risk-averse crowd when it comes to many things, including dining choices and as such, we are so often on the trailing edge as opposed to the leading edge. I would imagine business owners are aware of this so they jump on the opportunity while it’s sort of hot, rather than stake out any new ground. It’s kind of a chicken and egg situation with the population and preferences.

        I completely understand the phenomenon, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about it.

        • I take it you’ll be a regular at the Icelandic restaurant? Because I hear with every five orders of fermented urine shark you get a free order of fermented urine shark.

    • The only decent ramen in DC are at Toki or Sakuramen. It’s not like the town is saturated with ramen houses.

  • Toki offers a tasty fusion ramen. But Ramen is quick comfort food, and should come with multiple servings of noodles for the broth. First two noodles should come with the broth and a dollar for each after that.

    From the Yokoso on the wall to the kitchen counter seating, Daikaya looks much more friendly. Noone should leave a ramen shop hungry. Irashaimase!

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