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  • It is interesting that a reader sends in a picture, that they presumably took themselves, to ask readers of PoP if they know the guys story when it seems that they could have asked the guy themselves. I mean, they were close enough to take the picture, right?

    • Picture looks like it was taken from in the street so perhaps the taker was in a vehicle.

      • Yup, I took the picture from a car stopped at a red light. Wasn’t actually that close to the guy; I used the zoom.

        • Does the other side of the sandwich board ask the same question? Illuminate what he means by the front question? Ask an entirely different question?

          I am unreasonably curious about this.

    • Exactly! Why are people so weirdly afraid to actually talk to others?

      • Well, to be fair, a guy walking around wearing a sandwich board printed with a nonsensical question might be a little off base. I’m not OP, but I saw him yesterday at 15th & M, wondered what his deal was, but didn’t feel comfortable engaging him. Would you? I’m not being snide, just genuinely curious.

        • I agree with KenyonDweller. When I saw this picture my first thought was some kind of mental illness, e.g. untreated Schizophrenia, and my second thought was if it’s not something like that then this guy is a mildy crazy attention seeker and I would not want to get sucked into some never ending conversation… which happens to me all the time, because crazy people love me.

        • Also not being snide but genuinely curious – most people in all the world are kind of f**ed up – but also interesting. Odd encounters rarely result in death so all you might get is an interesting story and new perspective.

    • Because maybe they don’t like talking to crazy people?

      • yeah that’s it – thanks – just because I have some interest in the story behind the sign doesn’t mean I want to get caught up in a big diatribe with the guy. Anyone who takes the time to make a sign like this (and I saw him the other day – it’s a well-made sign!) doesn’t seem likely to have a 2-minute version of his issue.

  • I am not the person that asked the question, but I also saw this guy last week while driving in my car and was wondering what the deal was. Perhaps they are also taking the pict from a car?

  • Saw the guy yesterday walking down Constitution Ave and 22nd. I was curious as well but I was in a car. If I was walking I would have asked and posted here.

  • Maybe he thinks he’s being followed by a drone.

  • ledroittiger

    His sign is posing a question, so what kind of answer do you expect?

  • When will I stop asking rhetorical questions?

  • Perhaps Seattle (hometown) just has a higher percentage of ‘characters’ than DC, I’m not curious when I see someone like this – just smile and keep on my way.

  • I believe he’s referring to inane comments about his sign on blogs.

  • This could make for a very good, and very funny, caption contest.

  • bfinpetworth

    There’s a lot of “drivers” coming out of the closet here today!

  • Is this one of those clever judicial sentences?

  • I’m tempted to to stop him to say that his sentence structure needs some work.

  • God – this is a depressing comment thread. Maybe everyone could just be a little kinder?

  • I think it’s a “Mad” magazine fold-in.

  • I wonder where he gets his support? The signs look new and made from decent materials, he’s shaved not unkempt and wearing reasonable clothing etc.

    • Eccentric millionaire? Just because his message is a little loony sounding to us doesn’t necessarily means he’s homeless. But yes, I saw him on the mall by 14th with the sign taken off, and I really wanted to know what it said. Now there are only MORE questions.

  • I have it on good authority that a week from Tuesday, he’s in the clear. There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

  • Pretty sure that is the Anti-Abortion guy who was banished from DC for climbing a tree and screaming during Obama’s speech. I think he was temporarily let back into the city for his trial.

    I could be wrong!

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