Sweet City Ride – Lincoln

This car is so awesome, it pains me to see it rusting away. Can’t imagine how expensive it would be to fix up.

From south of Maryland Ave, NE.

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  • It’s a 50 . the 49’s had pull door handles and the 51 had a one piece rear window. It was the first American car to top one hundred miles an hour since after WWII. Ferrari and some Alphas I know had to be faster. I still think BMW stole the rear lights and used them in the neu class 1600 etc.

  • halfsmoke

    My pappy said, “son you gonna drive me to drinkin’ if you don’t stop drivin’ that hot rod Lincolin.”

  • Wait – what is being built in photo #2?

  • wow. that’s sooooo beautiful.

    what a shame . . .

  • The rust you see is surface rust, and it’s easy to repair. It’s the rust you can’t see on the frame you’d have to worry about.

    The biggest challenge with a car like this is finding a balance between restoration and actual worth. I don’t have the values book in front of me, but I think these cars typically don’t fetch more than $50K for one at the very high end. This car is pretty low-spec, so a restored model’s probably only worth about $20K. As is, I’d guess this one is maybe $10K.

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