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  • Following the trends, the next logical step is a combination falafel/frozen yogurt place. I am seeking investors for Frolafel if anyone is interested.

  • Falafel Maestro? So this is that French/Mid-East concept? How will they compete against Doner Doyenne?

  • Shawafel forever!

  • I wish Pizzaro on Florida Ave would finally give up the ghost and then become either a Mexican or Middle Eastern place. Does anyone actually eat there? I’ve never seen anyone there.

    • I’ve eaten there twice. The food was good. I had pizza and a sandwich. I’m surprised more people don’t go there.

      In my two times there only about 3 people came through the door. An approvement would be to serve beer. And I feel like it has very irregular hours.

  • Good. Shawafel needs some competition to up its game. The first time I ordered from there it was delish. The second time, the falafel tasted like it had been fried in very old oil. Yuck.

  • Maybe Shawafel will move to Shaw. Problem solved.


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