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  • How beautiful. I haven’t walked this street in a while. I can’t believe how thick the branches have become. Even Sandy couldn’t dislodge it.

  • that’s no tree…its an evil wisteria. it will kill all in its path

    • ah

      +1. Please follow up with photos of the inevitable takedown of the tree it is growing on and who knows what else.

      • Serious question: I’m a novice when it comes to knowing about plants, weeds, etc. Can someone please explain what exactly is a wisteria? Google was overwhelming. Thanks! 🙂

        As for the picture, what an unbelievable site.

        • ah

          It’s a climbing vine that is lovely in bloom. The blooms are large, violet/purple flowers that look a bit like a cluster of grapes. The smell is beautiful as well.

          The downsides are (a) the vine will climb up everything and has to be controlled; (b) it can take forever before it starts blooming. Some people give up after 10-15 years thinking it will never happen.

    • Just like with dogs, wisteria is not inherently evil. It is how it is raised. And, in this case, I am pretty confident in saying I’m sure the people who planted this wisteria sacrificed their first AND second born children in satanic pagan rituals to get it to grow this way. My only regret is that they didn’t invite me. Must have been one awesome party!

  • Normally I would complain about the Wisteria, too, but that is wicked-looking.

  • maybe it’s evil, but it is still beautiful.

  • The wisteria is lovely. I pass this surging vine often. Isn’t it amazing how the force of its growth can bend steel?!

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