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  • nice

    If there is a engine on the back of that thing I’m very sure parking like that is illegal, or do you want to be the owner when someone falls on it…nope! Lawsuit waiting to happen… that’s why you don’t see them parked like that.

  • ah

    Particularly sweet if you live in Bloomingdale.

  • kken

    that is so country.

  • Dino

    I was wondering if it was illegal to park on the street. If the trailer is registered in DC, and so is the boat, what’s the problem?

    • nice

      It Doesn’t matter if its Legally registered:

      2405.5 The following may not be parked on any public thoroughfare in front of, alongside, or in the rear of any private dwelling or apartment, house of worship, school playground, or hospital; provided, a vehicle may be parked in front of, alongside, or in the rear of such property while engaged in work at such place for which the vehicle is reasonably necessary:

      (a) Any passenger vehicle with a seating capacity of more than fifteen (15) passengers;

      (b) A boat;

      (c) A trailer, whether loaded or unloaded;

      (d) Any vehicle longer than twenty-two feet (22 ft.) or wider than eight feet (8 ft.); or

      (e) Any vehicle that has been designed or modified to haul trash, junk, or debris.

      • WestMinRes

        The boat owner posted on the neighborhood list serve that they applied for and were issued a resident parking permit for their boat!

        “Hi Neighbors,

        The boat is ours and it has a residential parking sticker for our zone on it and is therefore permitted to park on the street. Just like some households have two cars (or even three). Our household has a boat and a car, both of which have the proper residential tags for street parking.


        • Neighbor

          Because, of course, a boat is “just like” a car. I see the reasoning now. That thing which does not belong on the street is just like that thing which belongs on the street.

  • Dino

    Which begets the question…is there a public boat launch in DC proper? I know about Gravelly Point, but maybe there’s a boat ramp somewhere in SW or SE along the Anacostia?


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