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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Trying to drop weight.. sort of hitting the wall despite eating well and exercising like a crazy person.

    Rant: It is not that cold, toughin up people.

    Rave: Almost in the best shape of my life.

    • You can do it! I found a lovely sometimes fitness buddy on PoP – it’s great to try to motivate one another. It’s helped keep on top of what’s important (being physically active as often as possible)

  • Revel: Aroi is open in Bloomingdale.
    Rant: I can’t find a website or menu so I can plot my takeout order for dinner tonight

  • RANT: First baseball playoff game in this city in 80-something years and the MLB schedules it for 1pm. FUCK YOU. This isn’t Florida, where half the people are retired or unemployed.

    RANT: Yankees games are getting all the prime time (7pm) time slots due to the fact that they generate higher ratings. Fuck all those faux Yankees fans across the U.S. who have absolutely no connection whatsoever to the Yankees or NYC. You can go eat a dick.

    • What he said.

    • Rave: a playoff baseball game in DC for the first time since 1933. Something is better than nothing.

      And look at the bright side:

      1. The O’s beat the Yanks last night and might win the series.
      2. Better than being a fan of a west coast team like I am. My A’s start at 9 PM. I’d rather know the result of the game before going to bed than 9 PM.

      • Seriously. I don’t think I can stay up to watch my A’s tonight. But something tells me I will, and then I will be too wound up to fall asleep. Oh well, I’ll put extra coffee in the coffee maker tonight.

        • Exactly. That’s the danger. It isn’t staying up until 12:30 or so to watch the game, it’s the inability to go right to sleep when it’s over that’s the problem.

      • I have tickets and also have work. Can’t go to the game nor can I even watch it on TV. Now I’m stuck unloading these tickets at the last minute.

        While I love that the Nats are in the playoffs, this scheduling sucks. Especially in light of the fact that all the Yankees games are in the evening. Spread the love MLB and TBS.

      • I have Game 4 tickets. I already told my boss (who comes into my office here in DC about twice a year) that I am taking off for 1 day during the 8 days he spends in DC. Yikes. GO NATS!

    • What he said plus this. I get that MLB likes its bread and butter franchise in prime time. However, is there nothing to the marketing strategy of putting the Nats in prime time to help grow the franchise in a major market? Not putting the yankees in prime time will do nothing do diminish the Yankee brand or the brand of baseball. However, there is a very good chance that most casual fans in DC will not even see a pitch of the Nats playoffs at a time when they have a chance to be relevant in a major market. Up against the redskins Sunday, 4:30 yesterday, 1:00 tomorrow. It is absurd.

      • Good point about marketing.

      • Excellent points. DC is a major market and MLB has a great growth opportunity here, if it’s properly cultivated. Yankees are going to be popular regardless of the time you put them on the air.

        A friend of mine on FB made a great point:
        “I think people end up rooting for the Yankees because they can only see Yankees games. Overseas, ESPN is (even more than in the U.S.) the non-stop Yankees channel.”

    • Rave: Have standing room tickets for the game on Thursday!

      Rant: I really need to game to be late, since I’m swamped at work this week. Crossing my fingers that the Tigers and Reds manage finish up without needing a game 5 – better chances that we’ll have the late afternoon/evening game.

    • I forgot that the game is also on MLB network which I believe one of the major carriers – comcast maybe – does not even have.

    • RAVE: Unloaded my tickets to Wednesday’s game to friends for face value. They are very happy. Glad to make their day and not lose any cost to StubHub/eBay fees.

  • Rant: I discovered over the weekend why I don’t drive in this town – what a mess. I would appreciate some signs that tell me where to go BEFORE I actually have to make a decision, thank you very much.

    Rave: Work seems to be starting on the bakery at 1st and Rhode Island. I saw permits and workers on Monday…

    Rave: Aroi around the corner is open!

    Rave/Rant: They are finally getting around to taking the formstone off of the front of the ex-Frazier’s Funeral Home. Not sure why they started on the alley side, but glad they’re getting to the front.

    • That’s awesome about a bakery at 1st and RI! NW or NE? I used to live at first and NW and it was tough, there is nottthinggg over there. Had to get all my groceries at Window’s Cafe 🙂

    • YES!! Driving in this town is terrible! My parents were in town and we were lost three times driving to places around the district. I swear I know the streets and how to get there, just not the freeways!!

      • I lived in Northern Virginia for years and still get confused driving around there. The insane traffic doesn’t help either.

        DC, on the other hand, I intuitively understood and am an expert at navigating. 🙂

  • Rave: Haircut with a new stylist turned out great.

    Rave: Heading to San Francisco tomorrow for work and I get to see my brother, his wife and her family, all of whom I LOVE.

  • Revel: It’s my birthday and I’m happy. I’m in the best place I’ve ever been physically and emotionally, and I’m surrounded by amazing people.
    Rant: Nada!

  • Rave: This morning I found out that my fellow fed employees have donated 344 hours of leave to me while I’m getting treated for lymphoma.

    344 freaking hours (8.5 weeks)! CRAZY. People’s generosity sometimes blows my mind.

    Rant (eh, more like small gripe): The only way- so far at least- that I know who has donated are people who just happen to tell me. I’d kinda like to have a list to at least send notes of gratitude for the donation.

    • That’s amazing! I’m happy for you. Good luck with treatment!

    • that’s amazing – we don’t get calls for donated leave too much here at work, but I’m happy to see people so generous with their leave.

      Rant: not being able to donate sick leave.

      • The thing in the gov’t that is amazing is that people are actually donating their vacation time/annual leave (you can’t donate sick leave to others).

        • Or it just speaks to the ridiculous amount of annual leave that we get in the gov’t, especially when you combine it with AWS or telecommuting. No, I’m not complaining!

          I’ve only been working for the feds for a little over 1.5 years and I already have more vacation time than I know what to do with.

          • speak for yourself- as a young-ish female Fed, I keep as much as I can since we don’t get maternity leave, so if I end up needing maternity leave, I don’t have to ask for donated time.

            Now, PP’s request for leave is VERY much legitimate, but I feel like I don’t get enough vacation to make up for the needs I’ll have once we have a family between kids doctor’s appointments and all that. It’s an insurance policy for people like me since we don’t get short term disability. If we could donate sick leave, I think you’d see even more people donating time since it carries over indefinitely.

          • And there’s use-or-lose policies. I know a lot of Government people that plan on taking a lot of random days off the in next two months because they’ll lose the leave otherwise. Good time of year to need leave donations. 🙂

          • Personally, I don’t think the amount of leave one gets in the federal government is all that high… although I guess if you start right out of college, it might be.

            You get 13 days of annual leave a year up until your three-year anniversary, at which point it goes to 19. The next milestone — earning 26 days of annual leave a year — isn’t until your 15-year anniversary.

            I’m envious of my British friends who complain about having “only” 25 days of annual leave per year. 😉

            I think American culture also discourages people from taking vacation — both in general, and in terms of taking much vacation time at once. It seems like one week is thought of as fine, two weeks is a maybe, and anything beyond that practically requires special dispensation.

          • So I have to ask- why don’t you use more AL? I understand if you also rack up comp time, but if not, I have to say- how does it build up for you? Don’t have the, “I gotta get the f out of here!” bug? I’m jealous!

            I’ve been a fed nearly 3 years (get bumped up to 6 hours/pp in early December, woo hoo!) and I think the most AL I’ve had is 100-110 hours, and that was so I could go to Turkey for a couple weeks last year.

            Probably hasn’t helped me that I’m from the west coast, and have to go back frequently for weddings, family events, etc.

          • “You get 13 days of annual leave a year up until your three-year anniversary, at which point it goes to 19. ”

            As a contractor with a very good company, I started at 10 days a year until my four-year anniversary, at which point it went up to 15. It would certainly be nice to have those 4 extra days (plus 3 extra holidays and AWS)!

          • What it really speaks to is the sick and disgusting lack of medical leave and maternity leave in this country.

          • “You get 13 days of annual leave a year up until your three-year anniversary, at which point it goes to 19.”

            Ah ok – I can understand why you think it’s not a lot!

            My agency gives significantly more time off, then again we are also not on the GS scale (we have our own special pay scale). I started with 18 days holiday, 2 floating holidays, and I also do AWS (straight out of grad school plus 4.5 years of work experience) . Though, my AWS was suspended for about 12 months because we were so busy so I didn’t even start taking it until this last summer.

            2 years = 20 days, 10 years = 23 days, 15 years = 26 days, and 25 years = 30 days. You can roll over 45 days of vacation per year and managers have the option to cash out anything that they leave on the table above 45 days.

          • “You get 13 days of annual leave a year up until your three-year anniversary, at which point it goes to 19.”

            Does this depend on the agency? When I started as a GS-7 I only got 10 days of leave annually.

          • Damn, zero_sum, where do you work? That’s unheard of!

          • Work for a federal agency that is not a slave to Congressional appropriations. You’ll get much better pay and benefits.

      • Agreed, I wish I could donate leave. I work on the Hill and while our office isn’t strict with leave (they don’t keep close track, it’s more a “as long as your work is getting done” type of deal), I have had coworkers get a lot of grief for having to take time off because of illness, even when they’ve been in significant pain. If we could donate those days, maybe the higher up could see that we all support our colleague and are maintaining the level of work despite their absence.

    • That is incredible, people can be so powerful and kind sometimes. It is easy to forget that with all the negativity in this blog’s comments.

      Stay well, and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    • That’s fantastic. Your coworkers are awesome.

    • Wow, that’s great. I knew leave transfer was a fed perk, but does anyone work for a private organization where a program like this is in place? I would love it if my org allowed this–I know at least a few coworkers who’ve had health issues eat up all their leave and needed to request unpaid leave to spend holidays with family.

      Best wishes for your treatment and recovery!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I work for a private company and we have a program for leave donations.

        • I worked for a nonprofit that had a sick leave donation program, but the requesting employee had to use up all their own sick and vacation leave before requesting donations from the sick bank. The few times someone asked, I think staff were pretty generous with donations (although we were only allowed to donate a maximum of 50% of the sick days we’d accrued)–except for one time when many of the staff knew the requester had blown all of his own “sick” days watching soccer at a pub before needing leave for a bona fide medical issue.

      • I think it’s like perks such as alternative work schedules and Metro subsidies. An occasional firm will offer it but for the most part it’s only something you can enjoy as a Government employee.

      • GiantSquid

        I just started working for a school that allows you to donate your vacation time. Apparently the policy has been in place for a while but has gone dormant. They’re working on raising its visibility and updating the necessary paperwork.

        I wish there was a tasteful way of soliciting co-workers if you knew you were going to be out (eg. having a kid).

        • Honestly, I don’t think many people would donate if someone were having a kid. Perhaps a few close friends would donate to the pregnant person. In my workplace there’s always someone leaving for maternity or paternity leave. It would become exhausting getting hit up for a donation because someone is ALWAYS pregnant. I imagine it’s probably even a more common phenomenon in a school where most teachers are female (like an elementary school).

          I’d probably only donate if someone was facing a long-term medical issue. Being pregnant is a choice, sickness isn’t. You can plan and save up for pregnancy/paternity, but something like cancer or MS doesn’t afford you the luxury of time.

    • That’s awesome. Wish you a speedy treatment and recovery!

    • Best of luck in your treatment!
      I have a colleague who needs leave but our private organization has no mechanism for it… I wish I could help!!

    • Good luck with your lymphoma treatment, and props to your generous co-workers!

    • That gives me the warm fuzzies! Wow! Hats off to your coworkers and to you – you are obviously someone that contributes positively to your work environment to have so many people support you like this. Best wishes for a swift and successful treatment.

    • That’s so nice of them! Best wishes with your treatment.

    • Best wishes for your treatments! My mom is going on year six of remission from lymphoma. Always easy to remember the years since she got out of the stem cell transplant clinic at Duke the day before my wedding!

  • Rave/Rant: too-short of a weekend, but also now have a short week. We didn’t get to see the Master, but did see Looper which made my husband happy.

    Rave: it’s finally fall. My favorite.

    Want: Your best pumpkin recipes! We went to the Original Pancake House and I of course had pumpkin pancakes. I need to make pumpkin ice cream.

  • Rave: Finally some fall weather!!! Hiked Signal Knob this weekend to get that beautiful view uptop of all the leaves changing below.

    Rant: The nagging cold I get when the temp changes dramatically…

    • I agree about the weather. But did you see any fall foliage? I was hiking in that area this weekend and was disappointed by the (absence of) colors. But maybe I lived too long in VT and KY where the colors are so striking that I can’t appreciate the subtlety here?

      • It’s very early in the season – go hike again in a few weeks and there will be much more color.

      • A little, not as much as I’d see in a few weeks though. Also- that hike is super rocky so I spent most of the time looking at my feet so I don’t trip, but the view of the valley is really beautiful.

  • Adding another rant: People who live-tweet/facebook sporting events. I know, facebook is optional, but I HATE logging in and my entire feed is a literal play-by-play of a football/baseball game.

    • GiantSquid

      Then mute those folks for the game’s duration. I’ve done it for awards shows. I actually love reading the Nats games in my feed, especially when I don’t have access to a radio or tv to follow. It’s a modern twist with a throwback feel.

  • Rant: My worst fears came true—my wonderful boyfriend whom I love so much broke up with me. My craziness was just too much; the poor fellow just couldn’t take it anymore. It was the best relationship I’ve ever had, but I totally blew it.

    Addendum rant: I’m exhausted from crying and feel physically sick.

    • I’m so sorry, that’s so hard. I went through something similar, and the good news it that there are other great guys out there, and when you meet another one you will have learned a lot from this experience and will do better next time!

    • I’m sorry! You’ll get through it, I promise. If you need someone to rant to via email let me know

      • Thanks for the moral support, folks. There is definitely comfort to be had in the camaraderie of the human experience.

    • So sorry, I know exactly how that feels. I’ve never been super emotional or anything, but I couldn’t believe how hard it was to stop crying with my last major breakup. For a few days, just talking about almost anything it was hard to hold back tears. I had to buy eyedrops so I didn’t look like a total mess in public. I was also really surprised about the physical pain. I completely lost my appetite (and I can ALWAYS eat) and felt nauseous. I didn’t know a breakup could physically hurt.

  • Rant: I’ve worked for a couple of federal agencies before, but have never encountered the type of bureaucracy that I’ve found here. The process changes from week to week, there’s no logic to the new/altered steps, nor are you ever told that things have changed, and I have no way of finding out where my paperwork is in the approval process, except by making endless phone calls. I feel like I’m living in a freaking Kafka novel.

    Revel: Between our own collection and raiding friends’ recycling bins, I’ve finally collected enough beer bottles to start brewing and bottling my own! I’ve been waiting to get going on this forever, but it takes a while to collect several cases worth of beer bottles. It’s taken real suffering to collect all of those beer bottles, I tell you. Real suffering.

  • Rant: No day off yesterday and an exhausting weekend. Random neck pain and not-so-random knee pain on the twice operated knee…

    Rave: Discovered Homeland – that’s a damn good show.

    Rave #2: Uncle with double lung transplant texted me last night after swimming half a mile straight in the pool. Said he thinks his donor’s lungs have kicked into high gear :-D. Seriously, how can you not be motivated by a text like that?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Every little thing is so complicated.

    Rave: Lady Grey tea.

    Rave: Nats.

  • Revel: Great weekend away with some of the best friends anyone could ask for.
    Revel: Wonderful sunburn/tan to keep me warm and red/brown the first few days of fall.
    Revel: Laughing and smiling at all the fun things that happened this weekend!

  • msmaryedith

    Rant: My childhood cat was killed by Pit Bulls Sunday. He was viciously attacked–the next-door-neighbor saw the dogs tossing him in the air and ran over to tell my parents, before he and another neighbor jumped in their cars to try to find where the dogs went and followed them right back to their home.

    Rant: My stepfather went over to tell the owner, and the jerk wouldn’t come to the door (and he could smell pot wafting from under it). A guy parked in the driveway (who looked like he might be there to purchase drugs) told my stepdad the owner was inside. The negligent pothead was very aware that the dogs kept getting out from the yard but didn’t do a thing about it (even though it backs up to an elementary school).

    Rant: Unfit, f’ing a-holes owning pit bulls. I feel bad for the dogs, but honestly think they should be put down—the next time they escape, who is to say they won’t attack a child at the school? Shitty owners like this give Pit Bulls a bad name.

    Rant: My poor mom and stepdad had to go out back to find the cat with his back broken, intestines showing—but still alive. My stepdad had to put him down while my poor mom stroked his head. Yesterday was her 62nd birthday–she sounded so sad on the phone. What a horrible thing to witness. I’m so sad for her, and for sweet Comfy. He didn’t deserve to go like that.

    Rave: The neighbor who came to tell them, and tracked down the dogs. And Animal Control wasn’t open, but they sent over two very kind police officers who went to the house, and said they would definitely be going back. I hope they get busted for drug-dealing and have the dogs taken away.

    • Oh goodness. Poor kitty. 🙁 My condolences to you and your family, and I hope the police take action with the dogs’ owner.

      • msmaryedith

        They have expressed that they intend to–and have also alerted Vice and Narcotics. Just so sad. It’s been a really long time since I have lived with him, but he was such a sweet little cat. It just breaks me heart to think about it, though, especially my poor mom. She’s a twin and even her twin was teary on the phone when I called her yesterday to wish her a happy birthday. Animals really make their marks on our lives.

    • I’m so sorry that happened – awful! 🙁

      That said, I hope your parents sue this jerk in small claim’s court for the cost of medical treatments to put Comfy down and any associated costs with adopting a new cat (in total maybe $500?). While that might seem to be a hassle, I think that this guy needs to learn from his carelessness. He needs to be hit in the pocketbook. I bet if he’s forced to shell out damages to your parents along with the court costs, he’ll never make this mistake again.

      In this case, I think the principle of the matter and teaching this guy a lesson outweigh the hassle of pursuing the case. And it will also honor Comfy’s legacy, by (hopefully) ensuring that this never happens to another pet or small child.

      • msmaryedith

        My stepfather is so livid, I think he fully intends to press charges. I think he will at least press charges. He did whatever it took to put Comfy down himself so there were no costs (I don’t even want to know–he just wanted to end his suffering as quickly as possible since he was clearly paralyzed and had massive injuries and didn’t want to have to drive all the way to an emergency clinic since it was a Sunday). And honestly, I’m not positive they will want to get another soon. They still have Comfy’s mother, but she has cancer, so they’re looking at losing their other pet soon 🙁

        But I do think that regardless my stepfather wants to make this guy learn from it. Animal Control said they had been called to look for the exact same dogs in the past week. Lots of neighbors around there have indoor/outdoor cats (which is perfectly legal). They are seriously adjacent to a playground. You’re totally right–I do think their one comfort is knowing that maybe Comfy will have stopped the dogs from hurting a child.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so sorry for your loss. When my own sweet kitty was attacked by a pack of dogs a good samaritan was able to rescue her, I wish your cat been able to be saved.

    • This is very sad, and I feel awful for both you and your parents. If it were me, it would take incredible restraint to not get myself in trouble with the law if that guy’s dogs attacked my cats. If you own cats and live in the city or any place where dogs live, PLEASE keep your cats indoors. According to the ASPCA, indoor cats are safer, contract fewer diseases, do not get run over, etc… They live a lot longer than their indoor/outdoor fellow cats. It is a shame that vile, irresponsible, and awful people own these (otherwise innocent) dogs. We need to punish this kind of behavior and give these people real consequences for their actions and decisions.

      • msmaryedith

        I know it’s safer to keep them as indoor cats, and that this is a risk. But they live in Mississippi, and until pretty recently there had been no issues with dogs roaming. He was 14 years old (I think?), so he lived a long, happy life that included a fair bit of outdoor time. They have leash laws there, and also require that owners of pits and pit mixes register them. It is just an awful way for him to go–especially knowing that the a-hole owners probably bred/trained the dogs to be vicious (and scare off people coming close to their drug haven). I really hope they are punished.

        I agree that the dogs are (otherwise) innocent, but now that they’ve killed a domestic animal, I’m pretty sure that they can be branded “vicious” and be put down. And honestly, once they’ve done that, what would stop them from attacking a school kid from the neighboring yard who provoked them?

        • I think you’re right about having to have those dogs put down. It’s awful because it is so avoidable. The dogs have been trained to do bad things by people, but the dogs ultimately pay the price while the owners skate off. My comment about keeping your cats indoors was aimed at city dwellers in particular. I can understand why your parents in Mississippi might have had some expectation of security from unleashed dogs (even if the laws cannot guarantee people follow them). But just a week ago or so, another person had posted about a beautiful black cat being run over by a car and he or she still had the collar on, indicating it was someone’s beloved pet. That and thinking about some DC pittbull owners prompted my “keep the cats indoors” message. I hope your stepfather is successful.

      • According to lots of studies people that stay indoors are safer, contract fewer diseases, do not get run over, etc. But are they happier and do they have richer lives?

        • If you can’t provide an enriching experience for an indoor cat, then you are not in a position to have one. It’s not that hard to make sure they are stimulated and happy.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I would! The out of doors is trying to kill me with all that weaponized pollen and evil sunshine!

  • Rant: This job…help! someone find me a new one.

    Rant: I think I lost a good friend over something ridic– I didn’t agree with the way she treated someone at her job. My friend went on and on about it on 2 separate occasions. I don’t agree with how she handled it– and told her so. She was crying at the end of the convo. (I wasn’t being understanding/didn’t let her talk, etc) Oh well– don’t really know what to do now.

    Rave: Fall is here! Which means horror movies every day until Halloween.

    Rave: 9 pounds til my goal weight.

    • MsNesbitt

      I’ve lost friends over stuff like this before, too. At times it makes me really sad that a friendship ended over something that seems so silly, but it also speaks to a larger problem of not being able to voice differing opinions to someone you’re close to. In the end, I’d rather not be friends with someone who expects me to always agree with them – there’s a lot to be said for and learned from a difference in opinion.

    • msmaryedith

      She may come around. Real friend give you tough love, and sometimes that is hard to swallow. Maybe you could write her and say that you apologize if your delivery hurt her, but that as a real friend you wanted to be honest with her about the situation? But I agree with msnesbitt–if she could not handle you being honest, then she isn’t a friend worth having.

    • It sounds like maybe she realizes you’re right, so may be feeling bad about how she handled things at work and being judged by her friends (even if you aren’t judging her, she may think you are). Real friendships take work, so if she really is a good friend then you should reach out and try to smooth things over. If she’s not a good friend and this is typical drama, then maybe it’s not worth it.

  • Poison the OWNER’S food. This clearly was not a terrible mishap by a responsible owner. I’ll grant you the dogs are a menace, but it’s the human who is truly at fault here. Grossly unfair that violent dogs are put down while the negligent humans – the one’s responsible – get off with a slap on the wrist.

    • msmaryedith

      Believe me, I hear you. I am a total animal lover and it makes me feel awful to think about the dogs being put down. But I do think that if they have gotten to this point, they probably cannot be trusted to interact with other animals or children. And clearly their owner is at fault for knowingly leaving them in a yard that did not have an adequate fence. But who on earth would adopt two violent dogs who had just killed a pet? My stepdad is deads et on making this guy regret his decision to be such a terrible owner. I’m tempted to send a letter to him just saying something along the lines of “you’re a terrible piece of shit, and you clearly do not care about your dogs if you would let this happen to them, you owe my mother an apology for making her witness that the day before her birthday, etc”

      • I agree that these dogs may be too far gone. My response was to one that said to toss a steak with poison over the fence (I don’t see it anymore…).

        I hope your stepdad is able to make the dogowner regret his negligence. I’m so sorry for you, your parents, and your poor old beloved cat.

  • Rant: Random girl attempting to chide me on bar etiquette because I didn’t want to engage in conversation with her. I just wanted to sit, drink, and watch the baseball game iin peace.

    Question for the people out there. Is there such a thing as bar etiquette? Are you obligated to engage in conversation with the person sitting next to you at the bar? Is there some understood rule I didn’t know about?

    • Yes, there is bar etiquette, and leaving someone alone when they clearly don’t want to have a conversation with you is an example of good bar etiquette.

      • Agreed. You should have asked the girl if she’s obligated to chat with every weirdo dude that tries to chat her up at the bar. My guess is NO.

        No one is obligated to chat with anyone. Especially when there are sports to be watched. She was probably attempting to flirt with you, so I’m sure her ego is a bit bruised.

    • She was probably flirting.

      • Or she was annoyed that whoever she came with wanted to watch the game instead of making conversation, and was taking it out on you.

        Regardless she sounds completely immature and obnoxious.

    • The only person who is required to talk to you at a bar is the bartender.

    • Just wondering: was this at a sports bar? That would make her behaivor even that more obnoxious.

      (and no, as someone else said, you only need to interact with the bartender. I’d also advise avoid playing backgammon when you don’t have a drink).

  • Rant: Squirrel population explosion (or possums or rats?) forcing me to keep our pumpkins indoors! Need to get to the shoe store for some boots, tights and short skirts for fall.
    Rave: Think we’ll be revving up the fireplace this week.

    • Rant: Wanted to use my gas fireplace last night but couldn’t get the pilot to stay lit. Anyone have suggestions on how to do this? I held down the button for a long time after lighting it, but as soon as I let go it would extinguish.

      • anon. gardener

        Maybe try cleaning everything out with a can of air. Sometimes there’s dust in there that prevents it from lighting. otherwise, just persevere – last year we had to hold down the button for 20 minutes before it would stay lit.

  • Hey all- thought I’d try to reach out in this forum. I was riding a bike this morning at about 830 am coming south on 15th at U st. I went straight through the light (on a pedestrian green) and a woman driving a silver jeep turned left (coming north on 15th, turning left onto U) and hit me. There were tons of people who saw it, but by the times hte cops came, then I was put in an ambulance, etc, I only could give them the witness of the woman who helped me out and gave me her number (ie, a random passerby/good Samaritan). I’m concerned becuase the cop didn’t issue the driver a ticket (he also didn’t issue me a ticket, so wtf), and I don’t wnat her insraucne to get nasty. I just want my bike fixed and my xrays paid for. Anyways- if you saw this happen PLEASEEEEE let me know. Thanks!

    • I think someone commented about your accident in the “Guy Drives Car into Logan Circle – Literally” post. Doesn’t sound like they were a witness but you might want to check there.

    • I doubt this is of much use (replying just in case) but I walked by right after you were put in the ambulance. Saw the car at an angle that certainly suggested a left turn and your bike just barely visible under the bumper/wheel. Unless the police moved (or had her move) the car, which I doubt, I think the record will clearly show she was making a left. I’ll ask my bldg manager if she’s heard of anyone in the immediate vicinity seeing the accident. There was also a hospital transport picking up a lady on a walker at the Dunbar building, just across the street. The driver or one of the more mobile residents may have seen something.
      Hope you’re ok!

      • Thanks for that note!!! I thinkkk there’s a very good chance that insuarnce will just settle and deal, but I know that insurance companies can also be a huge pain, etc, and it would be extremely helpful if there were indeed one more witness who can confirm that I had right of way, etc. If anyone you talk to saw anything, pleasee give them my email L (dot) nuge at yahoo.com thanks again!

        • You might want to see if Cake Love, the gas station, or the Dunbar apartments have any video camera footage that might help prove your case.

          From what it sounds like, it seems that she was driving fast in order to make the light before it turned red and you were probably coming down the hill on 15th with a good deal of speed/momentum. My thinking is that the insurance could possibly argue that you “jumped the gun” on the pedestrian signal, so I could understand why you want more evidence!

          • Ya, I haven’t heard anyhitng yet one way or another, and I’m still waiting on the police report, too, but I’m just trying to be safe. Anyway, I saw the pedestrian lights turn green/white from the block before, so it wasn’t a jumping the gun situation.. I think she just saw that it was green for going straight and didn’t note that there was a separate red left arrow. In any case- just hoping someone saw it…. thanks!

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