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  • They WILL win today. Det will give us five good innings, the top of our lineup will wake up, and we won’t strand as many runners. We just need to get a small lead and protect it. In game five, with Gio facing Wainwright, I think the homefield advantage tips it our way.

  • I’m getting tired of the national media harping on the Strasburg decision. It was a smart decision. Rizzo made the call and stuck by it…basically the decision is being mocked by everyone outside DC. However I point to Jordan Zimmermann, K. Wood and M. Prior as an obvious reason why it was a smart decision. Yes you could have started him a month late…like the braves and then been stuck in a one game playoff. Yes you could have skipped starts..ask Zimmermann how that worked last year. Yes a bird in hand is worth two in the bush…but sometime a bird in hand isn’t worth four or five in the bush.

    • I agree. I think they did the right thing and nobody would have predicted the Nats would be NL East champs. Yes Davey Johnson was staring to turn the team around but I don’t think anyone had them winning the NL East and best record in baseball back in spring training. That being said, I hope Davey Johnson doesn’t retire anytime soon. I hope he gives us one more year…he’s one of the major reasons we’re in the playoffs.

    • What bothers me is the fact that DC fans had long accepted the shutdown, but now, when the chips are down, the negativity comes out. They criticize Rizzo for the shutdown, Davey for sticking with Espinosa, etc. Good fans don’t turn sour when things get tough. Go Nats!

      • Somewhat true…. I was at the game Wednesday and the only complaints I heard were from a mocking Cardinals fan(I never in my life thought I would hate the cardinals as much as I do right now) and nats fans that had little to no actual knowledge of baseball. I heard in one sentence how from what looked like a hill staffer that they shouldn’t have shut down Stras and this was his first game of the season. Which to me says I’m not a true fan I’m just here because someone gave me tickets.

        Espi needs to start hitting. I’m not calling for Lombo to start over him, but dude is in a massive slump…also Davey could move Desi up a spot in the lineup and move Morse behind him. We’ve left so many on base and not been lucky with a 2 out hit….and f’ the cardinals..had this been last year they wouldn’t have even made the playoffs. Luckest team in MLB right now…and all the breaks are going their way..with that said..that offensive lineup is legit….tough to face.

      • Agreed. Good fans also fill up the stadium to support their team before the playoffs.

        • We avg just over 30K per game. About 14th place..and beat out Braves, Os, Reds, Oak out of the playoff teams and only the Phillies out drew us in our division. I’m not upset at those numbers.

  • Why no pics with a PoP T-Shirt?

  • About to roll out of the office. Let’s go Nats!

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