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  • What are the benefits of living on the water? Do they stay there year-round? I can’t imagine the slip rental is cheap, and the upkeep must be a nightmare.

    • Not as expensive as living on land, and you can take your house to Three Sisters or National Harbor or farther where ever, drop anchor and hang. Upkeep, like I said at the show, is about equal to having a rather large lawn.

      • Do you have to move out and take it out of the water on the rare occasion that it’s cold enough for the Potomac to freeze over for an extended period of time?

        • No not really – it is shrink-wrapped in the winter so it makes it sort of like a hot-house with the solar heating. There are reversible heat-pumps that provide heating until the water temperature drops below 40 degrees and then you are on electric heat. Thankfully, a wooden boat tends to insulate a little better than fiberglass. The Gangplank has bubble-makers so that tends to counteract any freezes. But no, it stays in the water. A little chilly in the morning when you wake up but electric bed mattress cover helps a lot, lol.

    • The slip rental is cheaper than property taxes would be on a land-based home, and the maintenance costs are probably cheaper than condo fees. Plus I’ve heard the community is amazing– you are really close to your neighbors so everyone knows each other really well.

  • No home is complete without an explosive gas detector. Where can I get one?

  • Thank Prince! Glad you had a good time aboard the Blue Hawaiian! Come back anytime.

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