2nd and 3rd Entries for the U Street Logo Competition

Logo by Catherine Dolch

“The logo represents the lanes of traffic, the letter U and the two red stripes for the DC flag.”

Logo by Nadia Powell

Ed. Note: Of course people can be critical about a design competition – though voting will take place in poll form next week – but if you are critical please show a little decency and don’t be rude about it. We’re just trying to have a little fun.

You can see the first entry here.  If you’d like to enter the U Street logo design competition, please send an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail by Friday afternoon with your design and “neighborhood logo competition” in the subject line.

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  • The first one on here looks like a university logo and the second one is just WAY to much!
    Out of the two I pick the first.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I like Nadia’s logo! It’s fun.

  • Congratulations to all of the entries so far (that would be 3, I guess). It’s nice to see Washingtonians play with their artistic/creative side.

    Q1. what is the purpose of this contest, other than winning a sought-after PoP t-shirt? Are neighborhoods looking for new logos?

    Q2. I’m wondering if the entries could be put up (without the explanation to explain the design). I like to look at a logo and see all the clever thought that goes into one. I think if a logo needs an explanation then it hasn’t done it’s job because it’s supposed to speak to the audience clearly and cleverly and without an explanation. I think the explanations are distracting and I then miss the opportunity to see if a logo does “speak” to me all on its own.

  • I think Nadia’s is an excellent T shirt design, though I am lacking the identifiable DC component–unless you were already familiar with U street, you may think it’s supposed to be a clever play on the word “you.” Then people might say….”wait, I don’t get it, me street?”

  • Not to criticize it or anything but the first logo looks like an cartoon atomic bomb 🙂

  • I like the Petworth logo because it has a recognizable feature or icon from the neighborhood, the tree. So far, I don’t think any of these design are really unique to the neighborhood. Nadia’s is the closest because it attempts to highlight U street on the map of the neighborhood. However, I think U street itself actually needs to be graphically emphasized more. Overall it also has a nice composition and good colors.

  • Of the two, I appreciate Nadia’s aesthetic a little more.

    This contest really makes me appreciate professional design.

  • All three entries are great! But Nadia’s is totally awesome. I would rock that t-shirt in a heartbeat.

    • PoP,

      The way I understand the contest is that for each neighborhood, PoPville picks the winner for the best design for each neighborhood and you make t-shirts of the best design for each neighborhood? If I have it right, questions for clarity: Will the logo be done in color or black and white or a single colored tone? Also, what color will the t-shirt be?

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