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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Q – Where is Bloomingdale?
    I was born and raised in Adams Morgan and now live in Petworth – yet have no idea where Bloomingdale is. I’ve mentioned the flooding to two other life-long residents of the area and they too did not know where Bloomingdale is.

  • This picture would have been a good candidate for a caption contest. What the heck is going on here?

  • Anyone use the real estate forum on PoP with good success? Thinking about listing a rental there? Using Craigslist but I feel like this would be more targeted to where the rental is located. I can turn this into a rant to qualify for clogging this space. Rant: Need good tenant.

  • Rant #1: How much longer is POP gonna keep me on his crap list monitoring my posts before he allows them to show up? Come on I ain’t THAT bad.

    Rant #2: People who don’t follow rules. I think that is the biggest problem in America. Pick up your dog’s poop, keep your dog on a leash, grow up.

    Revel (which should be called Rave): So many beautiful things going on, weather is delightful, refinance is amazing, new job will be an adventure, new pup is doing well, graduation is getting closer, and I have my health. Best wishes to everyone!

  • mtpgal

    Note to Work: If everything is an emergency then nothing is.

  • Rave: Wife’s surgery went very well yesterday. She is slowly recovering, and we will be going home from WHC today. Excited to get home and start working down the long road to recovery.

    Rant: up at 5:00 am the last two mornings.

  • Rave: Moving to SW this weekend. Can’t wait to move in and enjoy a beer at Cantina Marina.

  • Rant: A friend of many years seems to have turned on me… We were in a bar having a good time. A female friend of mine called me wanting to come out so I told her to meet us at the bar. The minute she arrived my friend got super aggressive in trying to steer her attention away from me and dance with her, he seemed focused the whole night on her from that point, not allowing me to participate in conversations with her. He also attempted many times to tell stories about me that were negative or embarrassing to her while I was there. I was put off by his behavior, and later that night I told him I felt like he was trying to be over-competitive with me over her, even though she isn’t a love interest of mine (he didn’t know that though). I don’t know if I can trust this friend any more, it seems like he did it out of revenge for something, and I wonder what drove his motivations to make himself appear like a “better guy” than me in front of this girl.

    • Maybe he was just trying to get the girl and saw you as a threat. Does not mean he has it in for you. I have seen this behavior from guys in the past. Not necessarily anything ominous. I believe they call the psychological term of art is c*ck blocking.

      • She was invited out by me, technically she was my date… He knew I have been dating her for a few months. I don’t think I’m jealous in this case, i expected him to be a wing man of sorts. I’m more upset at the idea that he would c*ck block me like that, another friend who came in later even asked me why that friend was being so conversationally aggressive when he’s supposed to be a wing man. The guy didn’t have much to say afterwards, I don’t think the friendship can go on unless he apologies. Oh well. Thanks guys.

    • What did he say when you spoke with him about it? Seems like you might have your answer there in how he responded.

    • Sounds like you are jealous and do see this girl as more than just a friend, whether you overtly realize it or not (nothing wrong with that, it happens).

  • talula

    I’m looking for a new place and I check the PoP rental listings! I get so tired of going through all the spam and overpostings on Craigslist trying to find something legit.

    Where’s your rental and how many bedrooms??

    • talula

      Oops, that was meant as a reply to TG!

    • Great. I will post it later today. I agree that there is so much noise on Craig’s list that postings can get lost in there. You can separately email me at sofa70 at hotmail.com Sorry if this is an abuse of the space PoP. I promise to put it in the right place.

  • Rave: Maybe a new cat for our house this weekend!
    Rant: Humane Society makes it really hard and annoying to adopt.
    Neutral: It protects the cats and dogs so I’ll get over it.

    • Really? I’ve had a wonderful experience with WHS on Georgia Ave.

      We adopted two kittens from them in November and were thrilled with the process–we fell in love with them before Thanksgiving, but didn’t want to adopt them on the spot only to leave them home alone during our holiday travel. We kept pestering them over the holiday to make sure they were adopted out from under us since priority is given to people who want to adopt right away, but we were also given a different priority because we were adopting two! Super friendly and giving folks!

      • I guess I caught them on a bad night but I have to go back again and do another interview despite having adopted 2 cats from there in the past. Also, last time I adopted they had to do a house visit. So, maybe it’s me.

    • Yeah, I didn’t have any trouble adopting a cat in June at the WHS on New York Ave. In fact, I thought it was almost too easy to adopt. They didn’t check any of my references or follow up on anything on my form because they had so many cats coming in at the time that it didn’t seem like they were being very picky.

  • Rant: Came home last night after a 12 hour day to find my bathroom ceiling caved in.
    Rave: Maintenance came quickly to clean up the mess.
    Rant: Still waiting for them to come back to patch the hole in the ceiling.
    Rave: 2 job interviews in the next week!

  • Rave: Finally found (and bought and assembled!) an armchair for our 2nd br/study. It’s super comfortable and I had to force myself to leave it last night!

    Rave: Home starting to feel like a home what with the cooler weather and finally a decent stretch of not traveling for work.

    Rant: Our travel/work schedules just cannot align – my husband gets crazy busy with travel/work when I’m not and vice versa…

    Rave: Husband agreed to do a triathlon with me next spring – yay!!

    • What kind of chair, and where’s it from?! I have been on the hunt but nothing is comfortable enough yet.

      • It’s the Triton High Back Chair from World Market – I got it in Dove Grey. It gets great reviews (the reviews are on the chair in the “wheat” color), didn’t break the bank, and suprisingly is really sturdy and well put together and most importantly, comfy!
        We have a really small space so we were looking for a comfy reading chair that fits the space- we both love it!!

  • Rant: Dogs have been peeing all over the house. I think it’s a response to my girlfriend being out of town, but it’s driving me crazy. I put them in their crates this morning, so at least I’ll won’t have any surprises when I get home, but I know as soon as we get back from our afternoon walk there will be more of it. What should I do? I’m the primary dog feeder and walker in our household, so it’s not like the routines have changed dramatically, but I think her absence is giving them anxiety.

    • Anyone? I’m having a houseguest this weekend and I’m desperate for solutions.

      • I’m not an expert, but I do have a fully housebroken dog… a soda can with a few pennies in it worked well when he was a younger dog, and a spray bottle of water is good, too (depending on the breed… some like the water). The pain in the butt part is waiting around to catch them in the act.

      • I don’t have much advice… a few questions:

        1) dog routine changed at all?
        2) both dogs – any possibility of bladder infections
        3) Do they pee in the house off and on / have they done this before

        1) lessen their water intake – esp as it has cooled off, they may not need as much water, but they are drinking out of habit from the hot summer – as it is getting cooler, they may have to pee more
        2) clean everyplace they have peed and deoderize (sp?) areas
        3) check for infections
        4) keep them crated during the day while the other is away

        • I second the advice on making sure they don’t have urinary tract infections, which can lead to these kinds of things. That said, maybe they are just stressed out with one of their humans being gone. If it continues, at least call your vet and explain the situation. Good luck.

        • 1) Like I said their routine hasn’t changed much. However, my girlfriend was home a lot prior to leaving so they may have grown accustomed to having someone home during the day.
          2) I doubt they have bladder infections, though it’s a possibility I should probably look into.
          3) Yes, on and off, but the situation is usually under control if I have a solid walk routine and keep them contained in the kitchen when we’re not home.

          Reply to your suggestions:
          1) They actually haven’t been drinking water at all since it’s gotten cooler. I keep putting fresh water in the bowl but the level’s not going down at all.
          2) I clean and clean and clean. I have gone through so much Nature’s Miracle in the past week it’s insane. And that stuff is not cheap.
          3) How can I check for infections? Or are you suggesting the vet do it? They were just there about three weeks ago.
          4) I give them access to their crates during the day when I’m at work, and have now started locking them in there. But what about the rest of the time? I can’t keep them there in the evening and at night too. Sometimes I only turn my back for a second and there’s a puddle of pee somewhere. And this happens right after walks, too.

          • You need to collect a urine sample for a bladder infection. You may need a dog walker, midday. But, in the meantime, pick up the water bowl. Give them a last chance to pee before you leave/bed, and then pick up the water bowl for the day, or beginning at say, 9 pm before bed.

            Also, despite what everyone tells you, you can yell a dog that pees in your house after the fact. Even if you don’t catch them in the act, they get the correlation.

          • Getting a urine sample sounds tricky!

            I guess I could pick up the water bowl, but I don’t think they’re drinking from it anyway.

            And yeah, I know the yelling accomplishes nothing… but lately I’ve been doing it because it makes ME feel better at least.

          • Before you start yelling at your dogs (as anonymous 2:33 says), please call or go to your vet. Even if they had their yearly physical three weeks ago, UTIs can pop up at any time, especially if an animal is stressed out. Also, you would not collect the urine yourself. I’ve never heard of that. Your vet should be able to get a sample (at least that’s what they’ve done for me in the past). If out of the blue, dogs or cats engage in inappropriate elimination, it is always wise to look at health reasons first and rule those out before you assume it purely behavioral. It would be a shame for you to scold them if it turns out they have UTIs.

          • You know, I forgot to mention that they’ve been pooping in the house too. Does that rule out UTIs?

          • That definitely adds to the story. I’m not a vet so I can’t say. But I would still strongly recommend that you just call your vet and speak with him/her. That’s what I’d do. It may work itself out in the long run without intervention, but it sounds like you have a mess on your hands (no pun intended). Again, best of luck.

  • Rant: Depression can be serious illness. Sometimes I can’t get out of bed and I wished my life was more happy than sad. Looking at what’s going on with politics in the U.S. is enough to make one depressed.

    Rave: I enjoy watching ‘Grimm’ on NBC. It’s one of my favorite series.

    • Correction:
      Depression can be a serious illness and medication doesn’t always help.

      • I know what you mean from expereince. In my case it took several tries before we found a med that worked and didn’t turn me into a zombie (or a eunuch!). You’ve probably done this already, but if you haven’t, maybe your dr can try something else.

    • I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling this way. It sounds like this goes beyond the general disgust about politics that most of us are feeling these days, I hope you can find some sort of support system.

      • I’ve tried several anti-depressants, however, I still get sad and depressed at times. Sometimes I don’t watch the news because it can make you depresssed. I laugh a lot to keep from crying. I am a big Vampire, Werewolve, and Supernatural fan. I watch these type of movies and comedies to take my mind off of being depressed. Depression affects over 20 million Americans, it not more.

  • Rave- THE WEATHER!
    Rant- Has anyone else who competed in the Nations Tri developed any sicknesses attributable to the Potomac?

    • I didn’t do Nations this year but have swam in the Potomac with the DC Tri and have never gotten sick…
      I hope you’re feeling ok!

  • rave: baby has a heartbeat.

  • Revel: My life is on such a great track. Fabulous new boyfriend, great friends (one currently visiting from overseas), and beginning my first semester of an interesting MS program.

    Rant: Florence + The Machine was a bit of a disappointment last night.

    Rave: Spent the concert with my great friends and fabulous new boyfriend.

    Rave2: The weather (even if I forget the chilly mornings and wear flip-flops).

    • How was it a disappointment? I’d considered going but there were a lot of factors that discouraged me (expensive, on a weeknight, in Columbia). I saw greatly discounted tickets being sold on Craigslist yesterday but decided I didn’t feel like getting involved, and maybe that was the right move.

      Was The Weeknd any good? I love their albums but I’m not sure how they’d be live.

      • As to the concert-

        I didn’t feel that her stage presence was all that great. When she spoke with the audience, it was in a strange, sing-songy almost whisper. Also, every song seemed to have a fake-out toward the end where everybody clapped, but the song wasn’t over. I thought the sound mixing was odd as well. Either it didn’t match with her (very individual and, at times, hauntingly beautiful) voice particularly well, or she was pitchy.

        I only caught the end of The Weekend. They were just OK to me. The lead singer didn’t seem to have a very dynamic sound. They ended up being mostly background noise for my group while we settled in. I was bummed I missed the Maccabees, though. I figured they would be on just before Florence+The Machine, but that wasn’t the case.

        • Yeah, The Weeknd is not what you would characterize as dynamic music. I thought it was odd to pair it with Florence, but I guess there are some people like me that do enjoy both.

        • I wasn’t at the concert but from what I’ve seen of her live performances on video, her stage banter is almost timid (in contrast to her singing) and she is very often slightly out of tune. I do like her recorded music a lot, but I think I might hesitate to pay to see her in concert.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Accidentally left my gas stove on with no flame all last night.

    Rave: My cat and I did not die.

    Rant: Feel like ass.

    Rave: Staying home with all the windows and doors open.

  • Rant: Beginnings of a cold, my 4th one since June. This is really unusual for me to be sick so often, I think I need a nice long break of doing nothing but sleeping!

    Rave: Got tickets to the Nas/Lauryn Hill show, going to surprise the bf with them as an early christmas present (they were not cheap). But I really want to tell him now!

  • Does anyone have any information about a cyclist hit at the intersection of 9th and Kansas NW this morning around 9am? I saw a mangled bike and a car surrounded by people, but couldn’t make out more from where I was. Hope the rider is OK!

  • Query: Have people been seeing a meat truck hassling people in Columbia Heights lately? I saw two of my neighbors get pressured into buying $200 worth of tilapia yesterday. I have never seen this before. Is this a normal thing, to buy meat from a truck? I even saw one neighbor write them a check.

    • saf

      I was home a lot while unemployed for the last year. The meat truck was forever coming around (south Petworth). They annoy me so much.

    • How does one get pressured into buying $200 worth of tilapia out of someone’s truck?

      • When I got out of my car I heard him say “This is a one day sale on premium organic…” and her silly friend started reciting the different ways she could cook it…they didnt approach me because I gave them the side eye as I walked by. I wanted to say something but I just minded my business and kept it moving.

  • Rave: Dentist says my teeth are in excellent condition, and that I do a good job of maintaining them.

    Rant: Dentist says I have a small benign growth on my tongue. We can watch it or he can zap it w/ his laser. Gonna watch it for next 6 mo, then potentially zap it. Wah! 🙁

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