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  • It might be great on the inside but the outside sucks. Perhaps they’ve done the best that can be done but the exterior of that building looks more like a prison than a “great” house. Blank walls and roll doors communicates a desire to not integrate with the community; design shouldn’t end at the interior drywall.

    • My bet is that they’re still working on the interior space. Outdoors will probably come later. This is obviously a big $$$$ renovation, so give them some time.

  • I agree with Anonymous that the outside sucks. Why wouldn’t you soften it up with some plants? It’s extremely uninviting, and the fence makes it downright ugly.

  • i think it’s great. i’d live there in a heartbeat. want to integrate with the community? step outside.

  • Awesome. I’d spruce up the outside a bit, but still, very badass.

  • From the exterior it would qualify for
    “House of the Day – April 1st Edition”.
    The interior looks a whole different place – and much better.

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