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  • This place is actually fairly good. Great vegetarian selection. I still don’t think they’ve figured out the flow of how the lines should go and it can feel a bit chaotic, but the food is good.

  • Could NOMA be any colder or uglier? Like this blog makes clear, DC is awesome in part because it isn’t all glass, steel, and concrete.

  • The one near the Post Office building (12th St., I think?) is great. They have a lot of healthier options, green teas, coconut water etc. They don’t put huge gobs of meat & cheese on their sandwiches. When they stopped carrying an item I regularly buy, they brought it back to the store when I asked. Their smoothies are terrific. I think they are family-owned, as it sure feels like it! Don’t know much about the NoMa neighborhood though…

  • I agree with Kitkat. The building is very cold and uninviting. How would you know there is a restaurant in there if you just looked down the street? They should fill the bleak sidewalk with a patio and some palm trees. I fear for the future of pedestrian activity in Swampoodle.

    • First off, the building is absolutely beautiful.

      Secondly, you’re correct. NoMa itself is a pretty sterile, boring neighborhood right now. But don’t sleep on it, the 2-3K new residents in the next few years will need somewhere to hangout and while H Street and Chinatown are nearby the demand for -something- fun will be met (we’re looking at you Douglas).

      • Thanks, worked on this as an intern. I’m rather happy with how it turned out. It’s not a landmark building, but for a glass office building it’s actually doing a lot of great things.

        For everyone that is critical of DC’s business architecture, trust us architects, we are just as frustrated. However developers are the ones that pull the reigns in on design. Not only is the taste in this city conservative as far as design, but better design costs more and since developers are limited on the total square footage they can lease, well that has to trickle back to something. This building BEGINS to break the mold.

  • Just ate there for lunch today. Has an enormous menu that is almost too big to look at in one visit. Sandwiches have been good the 2 times I’ve been. Agree that the ordering process is bit hectic right now, but it’s only been a week. Also have the self serve fro-yo with toppings bar.

  • Is this some kind of Aaron Sorkin tv show-themed restaurant?

  • The one on 12th street is a hidden gem. Great sandwiches, friendly owner, and tourists don’t know about it.

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