Renovated Two Story Starbucks in Dupont – Pretty Nice

1501 Connecticut Avenue, NW

The newly renovated Starbucks just north of Dupont Circle turned out pretty nice.

Despite the extra space still pretty crowded…

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  • What?!? The newly renovated Starbucks is “pretty nice?” Hold on, I need to sit down, the room is spinning. You mean they went for urban contemporary over bombed out hellhole? Up is down, down is up – what a start to my day …

  • It’s a weird improvement. Tons more space to camp out, but much less space to actually sell. It will be really tight in winter, with coats and bags and strollers.

  • I’ve been a couple of times. No matter what they do, it is still an akward wedge-shaped coffee shop. I love the natural light but the first floor still feels cramped. Overall an improvement but still weird.

    • Completely. I try to stop there on my way home from the gym (what, I like to fill up on iced coffee – or espresso over ice! – on my way home) and it’s always really uncomfortable. Slow line that snakes around JUST in front of each door. They should have moved the whole store around so the ordering was against the wall where the bathrooms are (if possible), but instead it’s still bad so I just keep on trucking to the next one a block away

  • I like it but agree its still cramped and the open space between the two floors is huge. Seems like a waste of space.

  • alxindc

    As long as it attracts the all-day campers from some of the better cafes in the area, I am all for it. Go SBUX!

  • Great space upstairs, but why are there no trash cans upstairs??

  • Oh how I wish we’d get a SBUX around 14th & Florida! Or at least a major buildout and reno of the one at 13th & U.

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