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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • orderedchaos

    Rave: That sign. Totally putting something like that on my neighbor’s scattered-in-the-alley cans that make it almost impossible for me to back outta my driveway.

    Rant: See above, re: scattered cans.

    • About a year after I had moved to Park View I got a ticket from DPW for leaving my trash can in the alley on a non-collection day. Now, 5-6 years later, most of my neighbors keep their trash cans in the alley all the time. I can only assume that DPW doesn’t write those tickets anymore – at least not for the folks who share my alley. I still take my cans in regularly, but mainly so that they don’t migrate to someone else’s property.

      • they do write them still. maybe call 311 and see if a dpw enforcer (don’t know what they’re called) can write tickets?

      • I’m in Park View too. I’ve actually complained to DPW about this. You’d think they’d be eager for the opportunity to issue some tickets and generate some revenue… but nothing seems to have happened, and 95% of the people on the alley leave their bins in the alley all the time.

        • I think they rotate neighborhoods of focus; I can assure you they’ve been all over Dupont and Logan for a while…..

          • In alleys for homes with regular D.C. trash/recycling pickup, or checking the trash of condo/apartment buildings to make sure there are no recyclables?

            (I’ve read about DPW doing the latter in Jack Evans’s ward… would that include Dupont/Logan?)

        • Textdoc – I agree. You think they would like to generate revenue by giving tickets, but all they seem to do when I call and complain is take pictures and give each home a warning ticket without ever following up.

  • Rave: Husband left early for work and didn’t take his super speedy and fancy bike, so I did instead :-D. What a difference from my steel touring bike with a rack! Made for a super quick commute that left me wishing it was longer!
    Rave: Love this beautiful weather- it’s so nice to leave the windows open, enjoy the breeze…
    Rant: Inside at work all day… no windows to open…

  • Rave: It’s my birthday

    Rant: Lots of work to do today

  • Rant: I thought everyone took August off? Instead work is a major goat rodeo this week. Go away people! I’ll see you after Labor Day!

    Rave: the weather!

  • Rave: Nats game.

    Rant: Had to leave early due to last train leaving at 11:20. Come on Nats, step up and pay for late metro during a pennant race.

    Rave: Realized I had to leave early unlike a few hundred other folks that got stranded. Read that one dude parked his car at Clarendon metro and actually lives in Front Royal.

    • why should the nationals have to pony up dough to Metro? Shouldn’t the added revenues from thousands of fans leaving the game easily pay for the extra trains? I would think that wmata and the Nats would both benefit from this.

      Rant: We shouldn’t have to beg and pay for wmata to do the job that we are already paying for!

      • I think metro would benefit less than anybody else if they didn’t charge for extended hours. Nationals should pay for extended hours if they want them just like the Redskins do, the Marine Corps Marathon does, Race for the Cure does, and so on.

        • Metro should just stay open 24 hours and run trains once every 1/2 hour after a certain time. We are a major city and it sucks that after certain hours there are no public transportation options.

          • I’m not convinced that we’re a 24-hour subway city, but public transportation options would be nice. I think a lot of the buses run pretty late, don’t they?

            However, as a very practical person, I think we should not be asking for Metro to offer more rail service until it can improve what it’s already offering. Unless you just need more stuff to complain about. 😉

          • ^
            I meant “public transportation options later into the night”….

          • “I think a lot of the buses run pretty late, don’t they?”

            Not the ones that go into the suburbs, though. And unfortunately a lot of people still don’t consider buses an option because they have a stigma.

          • you obviously have no idea how expensive it is to run a subway system.

      • I would think so too but I read that Metro requires the party requesting the extended service to pay and does not just assume that the excess ridership will cover the costs. It costs $30,000 an hour from what I read this morning.

    • My friends, who had a car among them, stayed at the game and because the crowd had thinned out so much, they were very visible on the news!

      • I wish someone in my household liked baseball. It’s a lovely walk home from there!

        • I went with a friend but was absolutely considering going by myself. Bring a radio and listen to the broadcast. Others not needed to enjoy a baseball game.

  • mini-Rant: No Google, I don’t want to make you my home page! Quit asking me that every time I use you!

    • ahh…good to know this isn’t only happening to me. I got a new computer last week and this message continues to appear even after I click NO.

  • Rant: Todd Akin’s asshatery would be a great time for Claire McCaskill or other female leaders to try and start a dialogue about rape in this country and how there is a prevalent “blame the victim” mindset, and how many conservatives truly do think this way. What he said was not a gaffe. He just let the truth slip. But instead, it will be forgotten in two weeks.

    • 100% agree. There is a well-written (though very sad) letter written by Eve Ensler to Akin in Huffington Post. Unfortunately, even if he read it, it wouldn’t change his mind – or the minds of many others.

    • Agree but the real rape that is being carried out is the loss of voiting rights by voters across the country due to the voter ID laws.
      That is why I love vote-by-mail states like Oregon and Washington.

      • I think what Akin’s point should have taught you is that you don’t get to define “legitimate” or “real” rape to prove your political point.

        Voter disenfranchisement laws can be bad without you deciding they’re the “real” rape.

      • Yikes, no. Voter disenfranchisement and rape (and our cultural response to it–victim-blaming, etc.) are both serious problems, but they are not at all the same thing.

      • bfinpetworth

        Andy andy andy, you are a clueless dimwit. The only thing that qualifies as “real rape” is rape.

        • I was meaning in the terms of political discourse – yes Akin is an a$$hat for saying and believing that there are two kinds of rape. But the fact that we are discussing his comments (not rape) and Romney’s taxes rather than the systematic disenfranchisement of millions of voters constitutional rights is very upsetting.

          For the record – Rape is Rape and we all (men and women) should have full control of our bodies and the medical treatments to them (from family planning to gender reassignment to basic care).
          This is a huge election and we should be talking about issues that will shape the future of our country.
          Dimwit a$$hat politicos are a constant (Akin to that idiot that that Guam was going to tip over) – and we should silence them at the ballot box but not let them distract from or dictate the political discord.

      • I want to say something a million times worse to but, but I won’t. All I’m going to say is that you’re disgusting and wrong.

    • That was a pretty stupid thing to say. I do not know the context though, why was he even talking about it?

    • It kind of reminds me of Whoopi Goldberg’s defense of Roman Polanski: “It wasn’t rape-rape!”

      • I know. Or the fact that Hollywood loves this guy and it has gotten to the point that he is almost revered for having suffered such persecution. He drugged and sodomized a 13 year old girl. He is one of the biggest pieces of shit on earth. Not rape-rape, right? F’ing Hollywood.

    • One of the best parts is he has no understanding of basic biology and sits on the House Science Committee. Kind of like Michelle Bachmann being on the Intelligence Committee.

    • The most offensive aspect of the Akin thing is not the in-your-face reminder that rape culture is endemic in our society but that the republican response has been along the lines of “dude, I can’t believe you said that our loud” or “you (akin) are going to cause us to lose the majority in the senate”. They should be saying “we don’t want someone with the critical reasoning skills of a hamster to represent the GOP.”
      Maybe some day my great-great-grand daughters will be valued as equal citizens with equal protection under the law and basic human rights.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Exactly! The “legitimate rape” part was bad enough, but we all know that many republicans don’t consider it rape unless the victim is beaten to a bloody pulp while fighting back. I what I have such a difficult time with is that this asshat is weighing in on something he knows nothing about: the human body. Seriously, a woman can just she doesn’t want to get pregnant because it’s the wrong kind of sex and “shut it down”? Ugh!

        • “The “legitimate rape” part was bad enough, but we all know that many republicans don’t consider it rape unless the victim is beaten to a bloody pulp while fighting back.”

          Just republicans?

          Tragicly, this notion is not limited just to republicans or conservatives. It is shared across the whole political spectrum.

      • I think you guys are way over the line on the over-generalization meter. They repudiated the remarks and said the guy should step aside. What do you want them to do? Of course it is political. The coverage of this is also political.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I would like them (politicians) to leave medical decisions up to the individual and their doctors.

        • I agree TG on the over generalization meter.

        • Nettie is absolutely correct. This is not an isolated incident (as the Onion had to sadly point out). Last year Akin was doing this same shit, with Paul Ryan no less, in trying to define what rape meant. People like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity promote hatred of women and leaders in the GOP do not do nearly enough to distance themselves from these claims. Donald Trump, a guest of honor at the RNC, recently implied that women were clueless because a majority of them support Obama. It’s a whole culture of bigotry and intolerance toward females, and that culture primarily identifies with one political party over another.

          • I agree with you to a point. I am a fiscal conservative but socially pretty liberal. I hate that the republican party has been infiltrated by those more interested in culture wars than pragmatic and sensible government. But I think it is equally intolerant to assume that every person, or an entire party feels a certain way. There are some loony liberals out there but I don’t demonize an entire political philosphy because of them.

          • claire

            TG, this is very different from generalizations based on a person’s race or gender… the people whose very job is to represent the Republican party espouse these views publicly and have made them a fundamental part of the party’s platform, so I don’t think it’s unfair to say those who choose to identify with and vote for the party must have similar views (or perhaps care so little as to dismiss those issues which, honestly, is nearly as bad in my book).

          • Reagan killed fiscal conservatism, and it’s been a 30-year slide into fundamentalist derp ever since. But instead of the more sane members of the party having the stones and the decency to say “Hey, wait a minute, we should return to Goldwater-esque values and philosophy instead of embracing these bible-thumping idiots,” the party as a whole has decided to double-down on the insanity and not look back. So it’s hard not to generalize.

          • I blame Karl Rove.

          • I blame Fox News and the FRC.

        • Akin was not repudiated for his belief that abortion should never be an option even in cases of rape. He was only repudiated for the stated rationale for this belief. That’s why Republicans want him gone. They don’t want the non-conservative majority of voters to realize that Akin’s views on abortion policy are squarely within what is now the mainstream of the Republican party.

        • I wish it was a case of me being “over the line” or “over generalizing”. I think you could make that case if the polls had shown that Akins’s comments actually affected the vote in WI. Unfortunately, the anecdotal (interviews with registered voters) and statistical (poll number) data shows that very few people are going to change their vote from Akin to McCaskill because of this. He is a tea party candidate and he expressed tea party views. No harm, no foul. If the polls showed a significant shift in public opinion for Akin, then you could make the case that I am over-generalizing that Republicans are more worried about the senate race than they are about human rights.

          It’s cool though, I’ve been listening to Bikini Kill and the Gossip all day. I can’t hear the misogyny over the feedback.

          • Your last paragraph made me laugh. Man I wish these issues were not a part of our public discourse. We have serious stuff to worry about and one would think we could all agree on a definition of rape or to acknowledge that abortion rights, whether you agree with them or not, have now been around for 40 years and are a fabric of our society. This is what Sandra Day O’Connor basically said in the Casey v. Planned Parenthood decision. She said whether or not Roe v. Wade was rightly decided, it is now the established precedent of the Court and the law of the land. Here here. Let’s move on is what I say.

    • From a comment on one of HuffPost’s articles about this — “ignorance is correctable but stupid is forever.” Love that.

  • Rave: this weather is beautiful… windows open last night was fantastic.

    Rant: agree on the “everyone should leave until Labor Day” mentality

    Rant: leaving my sunroof open Saturday to Sunday and hoping against hope I don’t get mold in the car

    Rave: I’m in a great mood, in spite of it all…

  • RANT: Has any work actually started on the U Street rebuilding project?!? It seems like it was a month or more ago that construction was “starting” but I haven’t seen any work done.

  • valentina

    Suicidal thoughts are starting back up, despite trying hard to focus on other things. I wish life were like a library book that you can just turn in when you are done. There are so many people out there that want to live, I wish I were one of them.

    • I’m sorry. I hope that you are able to find distractions, treatments that work, and people to keep you safe. If things get bad, 1-888-793-4357 is the District’s mental health access hotline.

    • Valentina – you need to pick up your phone and call the National Suicide Prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255. Call them NOW!

      Or chat with someone via their website – suicidepreventionlifeline.org

    • binpetworth

      Please, please don’t act on those thoughts, or rather, let your action be to seek out the help of a counselor/doctor if you haven’t done so already! Even though sometimes folks are callous on sites like these, we do care about one another, even if we don’t always act like it.

    • This is definitely a more complicated Rant than any blog can handle (although if any cyber community is up to it, it’s probably PoP), but you never know when the inspiration to live will happen, and sometimes it comes in strange forms. Hang in there, friend.

      But I think the hardest thing to remember is that everybody has had suicidal thoughts at some point in their life, and you are not alone. Some people are better at hiding the tough times in their life, but everyone goes through this in varying degrees, and there is no need to do it alone.

      There are many free resources for counseling (especially if you have insurance), and if that’s not your cup of tea, please reach out to someone you can talk to about this stuff. I think I speak for the rest of PoPville when I say that we are certainly here for you if you need us.

    • Please please PLEASE call the following number and talk with someone: 1-800-784-2433. There is always someone to listen. You are not alone. Don’t opt for a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

    • I agree with everyone. PLEASE talk to someone about this. Sending good thoughts your way.

    • My best friend as a child killed himself last year. He left behind two small boys and a wife. His loved ones did not know that he needed help. Nobody did. Please take care of yourself and consult with a professional and tell a loved one. If you don’t have a loved one, this site will adopt you. There are a lot of good and caring people on here that now care about you and your health.

      • valentina

        Thank you everyone for your concern and kind words. I have been working with a therapist coupled with antidepressants for some time now and it was helping me for a while, but in these last four to five months, not so much and the thoughts of ending my life have come back stronger. I’m trying hard to hold on, but it’s getting harder everyday.

        • You need to address this immediately with your Psychiatrist (medication regimen) regarding your thoughts and ideations. These feelings and thoughts you are experiencing are serious and need to be addressed immediately, post haste between you and your care team. Please please please let them know today………..ok? and remember this, you are not alone and there are people that care for you deeply, please don’t forget that.

        • it may be the medication. go back to your doctor IMMEDIATELY. anti-depressants can have the opposite affect, so be sure to check that out. You have people who care about you. Just read above. Wishing you peace.

    • Could it be seasonal? I always become deeply depressed around this time of year, and I know I’m not the only one. August is such a wretched month. If it’s not seasonal or temporary, have you tried getting on antidepressants? They can make a huge difference for some people, but it will probably take a while to find the medication that works the best for you. Don’t give up!

      • valentina

        No,it’s not seasonal. I’ve dealt with mild depression for several years, however since I moved to DC seems like it has gotten worse. I’ve been thinking hard about moving back home to Arkansas, but jobs are so scarce I’m not sure moving home without a secure means of income would help anything.

    • Have you read Rob Delaney’s piece on depression and suicide? It’s really good.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry the suicidal thoughts are back. If you need a total stranger to talk to as a friend, you can email me: my user name @gmail.com. Take care of yourself.

  • austindc

    Rave: Dinner at Mama Chuy’s last night with friends. So delicious, and it was fun sitting by the upstairs windows and watching the downpour. I love that place.

    Rave: Wife packed a granola bar in my lunch. What a nice surprise!

    Rant: I’m sleepy.

  • Revel: I hardly took any leave last year and now have a ton to burn. So I randomly took today off which meant sleeping until 10am. Now what time is the Dark Knight Rises in IMAX?

  • Yesterday while playing futsal, I heard about a friend getting a warning for not having a club or the watch my car sticker. The warning was from MPD and supposedley you have to register your car in high crime areas, he lives in the U St. area. I can’t imagine the guy would just make this stuff up out of the blue but it seems so odd. MPD is really opening themselves up to a lot of liability if this is indeed mandatory. Has anyone else heard of this or have any insight?

    • Hmmm. I don’t know but that doesn’t sound right. This sounds like something that contains a grain of truth but has been mostly contorted in word-of-mouth transmission by people who didn’t really know what they were talking about. What’s a “watch my car sticker”?

    • ah

      Wait, isn’t pretty much everyone’s car already “registered”? It’s how you get a license plate, and it means the city has your VIN in its computer system precisely to help with recovery of stolen automobiles.

    • Allison

      This is a stretch of a guess, but here’s my take. The guy may be on probation or on release pending hearing or trial, and the judge may have imposed a curfew on him in the form of a court order to place a “watch my car” sticker on the car, which would effectively disallow him from driving at odd hours, or at least open him up to being pulled over and IDed.

      I’m not sure exactly how much leeway judges have in imposing these kinds of restraints, but I know that during arraignments I have seen judges tell people that they are ordered to stay away from “X number of blocks on either side of Blah street” until the date of their hearing and that they may be arrested if they go there, so I know they have wide discretion.

      • Allison

        Ah, just read the part above about the club too, so my explanation no longer makes any sense.

        Anyway, sounds like your friend misunderstood the police officer.

  • revel: such a fun weekend catching up with my old friends and randoms i haven’t seen in 10 years at my reunion.
    revel: beautiful weather. can’t wait for my run tonight!
    revel: everton beat man u!

  • Rave: The light in that picture is phenomenal!

    Rant: Contacts have been grating against my eyeballs since 7:10 this morning. Oh, how I wish I could afford Lasik!

    Rave: Overbearing co-worker is gone until next Monday!

    Rant: Computer keeps popping up ads for Clear Blue Easy pregnancy test. I assume it’s pigeon holing me because I was shopping for shoes? And not only that, it’s telling me I should purchase said pregnancy test on Amazon!

    Rave/Rant: FIVE COUPLES from my church have gotten engaged within the past 72 hours. FIVE! When will it be me??

    • I was going to post Rave #1 too! I’m sure most people will focus on the subject but the light in that photo really is lovely.

    • I SO wish I could afford Lasik. I only wear glasses, no contacts, though it certainly comes with its own inconveniences.

  • Rant: Feeling angsty and insecure lately, not sure what’s up.

    Rave, but possible rant: Heading home to Atlanta this weekend. Hopefully it will be a fun couple of days and not one of those trips where I’m reminded that my family is crazy and why I have issues.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Missed the President last night, even though he was practically in my yard.

    Rave: I missed him to see my parents and have a delicious meal that my sister cooked.

  • talula

    Rant: couldn’t sleep last night, and I’m in a terrible, cranky mood.

    Revel: The only thing that has made me smile today: http://dogshaming.tumblr.com/

  • Rant: Totally butchered one of my bluefish (the bigger one), I was trying to make steaks out of them so I could smoke them. Lesson learned, do not let the fish sit, cut while cold and firm. Pissed.

  • Rant: Nearly pulverized by a turning car while walking in the crosswalk at 3rd and E NW yesterday. Pretty sure this Mario Andretti was on his phone too, but he sped off too quick for me to get his plate number.

  • Rave: Last night’s dinner, crepes ratatouille with corn & blackberry ice cream for dessert. Love summer cooking.

  • Rant: The guy who waved “no no” with his index finger at me because I was in the “bus lane” that I had to be in to make my turn while he was walking in the middle of the street jaywalking. People never cease to amaze me.

  • Rant: Senseless violence like this – http://www.wtop.com/41/2506849/3-year-old-girl-among-three-shot-in-DC – and the other stories this week.

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