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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • What a great photo. It doesn’t even look like DC to me.

  • Rave: Depart for London on Friday! Woot woot!!

  • Rave: find out the gender of baby today!! (but dang, this is about to get REAL)
    Rant: OB only delivers at Sibley and the more I read from other women, the less I want to go there (and share a room–gross).
    Rant 2: finding a new OB at the hlafway in the pregnancy that delivers either at WHC or somewhere in MD.

    • For what it’s worth, I delivered at Sibley last January, and we generally had a really positive experience. I too had my reservations about the shared room, and we ended up shelling out the extra money for a private room with no problems. I couldn’t imagine recovering from my unexpected csection with another person in the room. I thought about getting a new OB in the middle of my pregnancy, but honestly, there’s so much more to worry about and get ready for, I really didn’t have the energy.

      Word(s) to the wise, though. The private rooms are VERY small, so advise your guests to either way til you get home or only come one or two at a time. Also, make sure your pediatrician has privledges at Sibley, because the attending pediatricians are awful. We were told that our baby was starving/dehydrated/jaundiced because I wasn’t producing breastmilk fast enough, which was a bunch of hooey. I cried needlessly for days and had to stay and extra day because they wouldn’t discharge my son.

      • Good advice. We did not even know we were supposed to have a pediatrician lined up yet. I would also add that if you are having any indications of a troubled pregnancy don’t go to sibley because they don’t have the highest level neonatal intensive care.

    • My wife had both our kids at Sibley. I am reasonably certain that they have more private rooms than shared rooms by a wide margin and we got the private room no problem both times. I think Sibley is a great hospital to have your baby and they really cater to the baby business. We were visited by a concierge and they have a room service menu for the moms. You have to put in your request for the private room and it does cost more if you don’t want to take the chance of being randomly assigned to one. I always take the bird in hand.

    • Is there a reason for ruling out GW? Because I have heard nothing but good things about the OB group there. I’m with the midwifery practice so I don’t have any direct experience with the OBs, but word is that they’re all very good. There’s also a midwifery group at WHC if you’d be interested in that alternative. I’m with you about Sibley; I can’t imagine paying $600-1500 for a private room.

      Best of luck with your decision. I switched at about 28 weeks with my first and while it was a moderate pain in the butt, it was worth it.

      • Thanks everyone. I don’t mind paying the extra $300/night for a private room (Not happy about it but I think its worth it). Im just hearing from more and more women (and I think its due to the growing popularity of Sib) that there is a good chance of least sharing room for part of time (which also seems like a pain to get settled in and then pack up and move to another room, especially if recovering from C section). I just really want my husband to be able to stay the night as well. Hopefully my Dr today can calm my nerves on this. It just felt like something new and stressful to worry about regarding the birth!

        • The problem is you’re reading other people’s gripes, and people don’t publish much when things go smoothly — as they did for our 3 births, and our friends baby born at Sibley last week. Step away from the DC Urban Moms, and, besides, if things don’t go as anticipated, well, that’s parenthood.

      • gotryit

        My wife delivered twice at GW and was satisfied with the process. Great nurses both times – very helpful. And private rooms – I think all of them are, and at no extra cost.

    • I delivered at Sibley last year and had a pretty good experience. My labor and delivery nurse was so amazing that I sent the hospital a note a few weeks later to let them know how great she was.

      I had the same concerns about a private room. It was vital that my husband be able to stay over. The nurses told me that it’s very unusual to not have a private room available. I had no problem getting one and I’m so glad I did. My biggest complaint was the constant influx of staff in my room. I don’t really need a cafeteria representative asking me how the food is while I’m in bed topless trying to feed my baby. Maybe bring a “do not disturb” sign for the door to limit interruptions to the nurses?

    • If there is one thing that Sibley does well, its birthin’ babies. Plus they have one of the better – if not the best – NICUs in the area, should problems arise.

      • Actually, that’s not true about the NICU. Sibley has level II, while GW, G’town, and WHC have level III. God forbid it ever happen, but a baby theoretically could be transferred from Sibley to G’town before the mother is discharged from Sibley, meaning she can’t go with the baby.

        • This is what we were told. For real serious issues, baby goes by ambulance to G’town with Dad. This is the only draw back I can see to Sibley and if things are proceeding normally, I would tend not to worry.

  • RANT: The Gallery Place Chinatown entrance to metro didn’t open until 5:30 am, it is supposed to open at 5:15am. More money for lousy service. Way to go Metro.

    • Maybe it opened late because the station manager rode a Metro bus to work and the bus was late.

    • No wonder you are cranky. That is damn early.

    • I am guessing/hoping I have the same Maimouna…When is PoP going to do a post on you? Your talent and music more than deserve it. KH introduced us awhile back at one of your performances (Liv). Keep up the great work.

      If I have the wrong person, my apologies.

      • I’ve worked with Maimouna a bunch of times, and she’s the truth, and really good peoples. People don’t realize how much talent there is in DC!

  • RANT: Does anyone know what DC agency I should contact to have them send a “nastygram” to a resident that planted a tree in front of their home so close to the sidewalk that the limbs intefere with pedestrian traffic? Specifically, I am talking about a home on the 1900 block of New Hampshire Ave NW.

  • Rant: Paper fare cards. Tried to buy a smart trip card to have around for friends/family/visitors – found multiple metro stations with “out of service” smart trip machines, one CVS with no cards… it’s got to be frustrating to be a visitor/new to DC and try to get a smart trip card to avoid the buck penalty for every trip!

    Rave: Had visitors and family here this weekend and we had a wonderful time biking around the city, enjoying the (occassional) nice weather.

    Rave: Puppy sitting the best dog in the world :-D. I wish I could work at home – or bring the dog into work!

  • RANT: I made my “once per year” emergency trip to the Home Depot in NE Friday and was quickly reminded why I choose to drive the 15 extra miles to Lowes in Alexandria.

  • claire

    Rant: My landlord continues to hire incompetent and inconsiderate companies to work on the house, even after seeing the consequences of their shoddy work on multiple occasions (a tile floor that needed to be relaid three times in two years, for instance, and a ceiling leak that had to be “fixed” no less than four times). After months of rescheduling (including multiple occasions where I and/or my roommates were waiting at home for people that never showed up), people finally showed up to paint the house yesterday. Which I figured out when I was literally woken up at 7:30 yesterday morning to strangers directly outside my (second floor) bedroom windows. On top of that (who doesn’t ring the doorbell or call to alert the residents that you’ve arrived first?!), they majorly damaged the garden I’ve been working really hard on this year, pissed off the neighbors by making a mess on part of their porch, were spotted blatantly not working and just hanging out on our back porch, and didn’t even finish the job. It started raining so they said they were done and took off – not like they couldn’t have checked the forecast and seen very high chances of rain (and, by the way, many of the previous reschedules were due to predicted rain).
    Rave: Phew, felt good to rant about that.
    Rave: Only living in this house for one more month.

    • Sounds like some legitimate gripes there but I will say two things in the landlord’s defense. We tried to fix a leak in our roof about 5 times before we had it replaced. Finding where water is getting in is tough some times without ripping everything out – which we ultimately did. Also, if it is an older home where things are shifting around I have found that larger type tiling can need fixing on a fairly regular basis because the floors are not level. This was also a constant struggle for us.

  • Rant: The anti-Obama Newsweek cover. I’m boycotting those racist bastards!

  • alxindc

    Revel: Riding the Metro and hearing to the following lyrics “Let me be your conductor…”

  • Rant: Found a crack in my bedroom ceiling yesterday with rusty water dripping out. Landlady says her guy can come fix it… on Thursday.

    Rave: It’s currently not raining.

    Rant: Boss is coming in to the office any minute now.
    Rave: He’s not here yet!

    • You just reminded me of a nightmare I had last night that my ceiling was leaking in multiple places. So grateful it was just a dream.

  • Rave: Finally feeling less stressful and optimistic about the future.
    Rave: Having a great time hanging out with the boy on weekends.
    Rave: Possible job lead – trying not to get my hopes up too much, but fingers crossed!

  • Mega rave of the century: Job offer!!!!!!!

  • Rant: Too many Duvels last night while watching the Hunger Games. Monday hangovers are the worst.

    Rave: Overcast mornings that keep my dogs in bed instead of waking me up at 6 AM.

  • valentina

    Been laughing at this video for the past three days.


  • Rant: DC Office on Tax & Revenue keeps sending property tax statements/assessments to previous owner, despite the fact that they have the deed on file that says I bought it 2 1/2 years ago.

    Rave(?): Taxes come out of my escrow account anyway, so it’s not like I owe any penalties.

    • Make sure you get confirmation that it’s in your name and that all taxes are paid… A lot of people lose their homes because of older liens when houses get sold out from under them!

  • Revel: Not really anyone in the office today. Enjoying the quiet.

    Potential rant?: Boss back in office tomorrow after a long vacation. It will be a whirlwind of activity that could potentially really suck.

    Ravey-rant? Ranty-rave?: Am I too optimistic to think that it’s ok to continue striving to find a great-fit job? Job now is currently so-so. Started just putting feelers out there and response has been positive — yay for that. Boo that I really don’t want to change jobs, again.

  • Rave: Finally have a hummingbird hanging out in my backyard.

    Rant: Weeds & weed trees. I know it’s not a priority for many people but your weeds will become my weeds. And if you wait too long, the alianthus (stinky sumac) will be really hard to get rid of.

  • Rant: Overwhelmed with emotions the last couple days. And I imagine it will continue to be this way for a while.

    Rave: My mantra for the next…. however long it needs to be… failure does not equal weakness.

  • Rant: Lost my SmarTrip card when running on the Mall (darn shallow pockets!).

    Rave: Very helpful SmarTrip customer service staff who easily transferred my balance between the lost and new cards.

    Rave2: Nationals victories & going to the game tonight

  • msmaryedith

    emmaleigh, i saw this today and thought of you http://pinterest.com/pin/278097345711101652/

    revel: these cooler, drizzly days

  • Rant: neighbors using our trash and recycling cans. Clearly labeled with our house # and on our property. I KNOW how petty this is, and I have tried to talk directly with them, but there has been so much turn-over in renters in two houses on one side of us and four on the other that the message gets lost as people move out. I’m really, really tired of pulling out crap that doesn’t belong in one can or the other, or having to go search the alley for others because ours are full of your junk, all because you guys can’t/won’t keep track of your own cans or can’t/won’t call your landlord or the city to get some. Not to mention that I’m hugely pregnant so even reaching into the them is tough. You guys are going to drive me back to putting passive-aggressive notes on all our cans.

    Rave: it’s not hot. And I have the house to myself for over another week.
    Rant: miss my husband and the little guy. Two weeks is a long time.

    • Rant: People keep dumping their trash in the alley behind my house. Usually it’s just boxes and large trashbags that I reluctantly drag to the curb, but today it’s an old appliance that is too heavy for me to move.

    • We had the same problem and ended up putting padlocks on the trash/recycle cans.

      • My neighbors used to do it and there is nothing more annoying especialyl when you have your address painted all over the cans, so it is obviously not theirs.

        I let it go on for a couple months after I moved in, being the new guy and all. Then, I talked to each atleast three times in a friendly manner. They both complained that they couldn’t find their can, not getting at all that they were putting me out (could it be one of the 15 that are stacked up at the end of the alley perhaps?)I let it slide a few more times after that (they had been doing it now for ~5 months)Then, I started rolling the trash can up to their back door and dumping the trash on their steps.

        I only had to do that once per neighbors and amazingly they stopped.

        • Used to happen to me in VA. After the trash had been collected, my can would mysteriously be filled up with used diapers. WTF?

      • I can see being bothered when the wrong trash is put in the wrong can; or if someone is filling up your can so that you can’t use it. But I don’t see getting angry at the mere usage of your trash can by someone else.
        I would rather have people put trash in my can than dump it on the ground. There’s actually less trash swirling around the alley behind my house than there is on the street because people walking through the alley will put their trash in cans, as opposed to the people on the street who deposit cans, candy wrappers, takeout food containers on the steps of homes and on lawns.

        • If other people put trash LOOSE in your trash can (rather than bagged), there’s a good chance that it will still be sitting at the bottom of your trash can after the trash has been collected.

          And if there’s liquid, like a partly full soda cup, you could end up with sticky, nasty goo in your trash can attracting bugs and rodents, until or unless YOU clean it off.

          • And with smelly stuff like the diapers it’s not fun to have it sitting there for the next week until the trash is collected again.

            I know it makes no sense, but I’ve actually noticed more trash in my alley since I started keeping my cans back there. Some of it makes it into the cans but a lot ends up on the ground too.

          • Yeah, this is the problem–we have the smaller trash cans and a convoluted alley, so the collectors only take bagged trash. They don’t wheel the entire can over to the truck and then dump it; they’ll just leave the entire contents of the can if there’s loose trash on top. The recycling guys do wheel the cans over to the truck, but with that it’s more an issue of taking out a full container of recycling and consistently having nowhere to put it because they neighbors have filled up our big outside cans. We’ve also had the recycling guys not take a full can because there’s a bag on top that looks like trash, even if on closer inspection it’s actually all recycleables.

    • Tuesday is the recycling pickup day for my block.

      I came home last Tuesday night to find out that although the trash had been collected, the recycling was still in the bins. (Not just mine; everyone’s.)

      I opened my recycling bin to find my uncollected loose recycling on the bottom (D.C. asks that you NOT put recyclables in bags), someone’s loose recycling on top of that, and big kitchen trash bag full of recyclables — presumably belonging to that same someone — on top of that.

      I have a lot of recycling that I was originally planning on being able to put in the bin this Tuesday, but now I’m stuck with having to get rid of someone else’s recycling first. (Or with putting my recycling in a garbage bag and putting it on top of the bin — doable, but for recycling I try to re-use the bags after I’ve dumped the items in the bin for collection.)

      I don’t know why people do this; it seems to violate the basic principle of “Don’t mess with other people’s stuff.”

      • There’s a good chance that the recycling in bag contains envelope or magazine with person’s address…If they’re a neighbor, put the bag on their porch.

        • Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that… but I don’t really want to go through someone else’s beer bottles and whatnot to find the address.

          And also there’s no guarantee it’s a neighbor — I remember being shocked when I found out that 1) the condo building a West Coast friend of mine was living in thought it was “too expensive” to pay for recycling, despite funding a manned front desk, a gym, etc.; and 2) to get around this, the friend and spouse would put their recycling in a random house’s recycling bin a few blocks away.

          Maybe I will take out the rogue bag of recyclables, put my own recyclables in the bin, and then (if the bottom of the bag doesn’t appear to be sticky) sit it atop my bin.

  • not a rant/rave, but question: Has anyone tried applying for individual health insurance (outside of a job), and have any idea how long it takes to hear back from them?

    • My bf got Keiser a while back, and I feel like it was all done within 2 weeks. But Keiser seems to have their sh*t together.

    • I used a BCBS individual plan – it was about $200 a month. I think they had open enrollment once a year. They accepted you regardless of prior conditions, so it wasn’t a long process.

    • I’ve had an individual plan with Kaiser for years with no major complaints, other than that it is significantly cheaper for men to have individual healthcare than women (up until the age of 50 I believe).

      I don’t recall the application process taking very long but it may take longer if you have a lot of pre-existing conditions.

  • Rant: Forgot to copy my R/R and of course I now have to rewrite it.

    Rant: Spent all Saturday night/Sunday morning fishing but nothing was biting as I hoped it would.

    Rave: Spent Saturday night/Sunday morning fishing. I ended up with 2 nice bluefish (and a bunch of spot), one was 17.5″ and the other was 15″. The whole time there, I was the only person who caught anything with any size to it. I am also very happy that they did not bite through my leader, blues have razor sharp teeth and are very mean so don’t ever put your hand near their face if you want all your digits back.

    Rant/Rave: I caught an American Eel when I went by Kent Narrows for 10 minutes before coming home. That thing was pretty nasty looking and was heavy. Let’s just say I could deal with never catching one of those things again, mine had to be at least 2 feet.

    Rave: I found out about Kent Narrows, I had no clue it was like that out there. It seemed pretty cool so I will definitely come back to hang out one weekend. I also want to do some crabbing out there, I saw some huge blue crabs.

    Rant: Haven’t caught any keeper or close to keep stripers (Rockfish).

    Rave: Looking forward to my first keeper Rock.

    Rave: My fishing skills are getting better and better everytime I go out.

  • Rave: Since when did Nationals games become the most exciting sporting events in town? I guess having the best win-loss record in all of MLB helps, but the crowds are suddenly huge and really into the game, unlike in past seasons.

  • bfinpetworth

    Rave: Became a grandparent to a beautiful baby boy last week! Wow, what a wonderful feeling to hold this brand new little person.

    Rant: It no longer seems reasonable to live four hours away from the baby. I may need to start looking for employment in Pennsylvania!

  • RANT:
    The hair care professional are making moolah. The local barber shops are filled to the rafters with PG County patrons getting their back to school haircuts. Why is it that a 5th grader needs her nails done for the first day of school?

    If schools are so tech advanced, then why the need for notebook paper?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I didn’t bring my lunch and nothing near work appeals to me. This is why I normally bring my lunch. What was I thinking last night?

    Rant: I feel like I’m coming down with something. Bleck.

    Rave: The ‘rents are in town for the week!

    • I hate when that happens. All I have within reasonable walking distance is Subway, Quiznos, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Rice King, and an overpriced cash-only deli that isn’t very good. On the days I don’t have my act together with lunch I take the opportunity to do a mini-fast and drink a lot of herbal tea. Better than spending money on food I don’t enjoy.

  • Rant: Phyllis Diller died! 🙁 I Thought she’d outlive us all! Thanks for the laughs.

  • Rant: Was at the Barking Dog in Bethesda on Friday night for a show and the behavior of the crowd was atrocious. Since when is it okay to get completely trashed and have absolutely no respect for the people around you? My foot is bruised from being stepped on, my toe bruised from being stepped on by a platform shoe (!)…….ugh, the crowd was full of mid-to-early 20-somethings that have no clue how to act. One jackass actually jumped up with the specific purpose of knocking the disco ball down.

    Rave: Despite the crowd it was still a good show…!

    Rave: Had a really chill and laid back weekend overall. Lots of reading, relaxing, TV watching, roommate time.

    Rave: Roommates and I are having a house Olympics, in which we shall compete against another group house. Can’t wait!

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