New Orleans Poboy Shop Opens in Dupont

1205 19th St, NW

The New Orleans Poboy Shop has opened up at 1205 19th St, NW (just north of M Street.) You can see their menu here and specials here. Looking forward to hearing from the New Orleans expats to see if these are the real deal – we’ll revisit for a proper judging after they’ve been open for a bit.

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  • Big fan of this. Hasn’t this been in the works for a while, though? What was the hang-up?

  • This looks/sounds great!

  • burritosinstereo

    This looks totally rad, and the prices are really reasonable! An oyster po boy for $11, in Dupont?

    Utah, gimme two!

  • I, too, am looking forward to fellow New Orleans opinions. We’re difficult and don’t screw up a po boy… or gumbo… we’ll never forgive you.

  • From New Orleans. Got the fried shrimp. The bread was too dough-y instead of the lightly toasted way it should be. It’s hard to explain.

    but if you know what I mean
    then you are from New Orleans.

    And if that rhymed when you read it, then you aint’ from dere.

    • I’m also from New Orleans – the menu looked good, but I was wondering about the bread. So I’m sad that it didn’t impress you! I’ll still give it a go but I wish they would be open on weekends and later during the week – if you don’t work right there, it’s going to be hard to make their hours.

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