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  • valentina

    This is right next door to the job. I hope the food is good.

    • Heck, this is right underneath the job for me (I work in the building), so I am thrilled.

    • @valentina – one of my friends were in town and we randomly chose a place to grab a bite. We ate at the Maddy’s in Dupont and were pleasantly surprised. I’m not a foodie or food channel junkie, but their food definitely is delicious.

  • It’s nice to finally see some restaurants coming into this area–right now, the area bordered by 14th on the west, 9th on the East, mass on the north and H on the south is a virtual dead zone.

    • Agreed. The area you describe has been devoid of pretty much anything like this since Stoney’s moved a few blocks north. Post Pub is fine for what it is, I guess, but it closes so early.

  • Can’t come too soon. I hope the food is decent and the prices are reasonable.

  • I’ve been to the Connecticut Ave. location a few times, it’s a great place to watch a game or grab a couple beers. I’ve only eaten their once and it was a huge disappointment. They served us med-rare chicken wings that we promptly sent back and everything else was mediocre. In their defense the place was packed and it was during March Madness.

    Despite my poor dining experience I do think it’s a fun bar and I’m happy their growing the business (especially to a destination that seems to be lacking in nightlife).

    Good luck.

  • Look in the window, there are many, many taps.

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