Garden of the Day (reader submitted)

A reader writes:

“My friend Melissa will be sadly leaving D.C. on Friday. She is a very loyal Lakers fan and has thus planted purple and yellow flowers in her garden. She lives in Shaw.”

If you have a garden (flowers or vegetable) you’d like to nominate please send a couple of photos to princeofpetworth(at)gmail and let us know what neighborhood it’s from.

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  • Friend of Melissa here too! She loves that garden and really hopes that whomever moves in (rumored to be Howard students) takes care of it like she did….I wouldn’t mind a change of colors.

    Finally just because we move have a lot of neighborhood pride….we’re in LeDroit Park, or as we fondly call it, the LDP.

    Miss you Melissa!

  • Emmaleigh504

    As an alum of LSU, I approve of these color choices. Very nice little garden.

  • Melissa, you have made this little corner of the LDP shine! Would never guess this is a rental 😉

  • Love that Howard students are moving in! Fitting transition for a Lakers fan!

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